Afterball® by Grifman: Creative solutions for your favorite gear and how you want to wear it. Phase One focuses on launching the Afterball® Cap (Capless). “Patent Pending” - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 23, 2016 7:39 AM ET

Afterball® by Grifman: Creative solutions for your favorite gear and how you want to wear it. Phase One focuses on launching the Afterball® Cap (Capless). “Patent Pending”

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 23, 2016

Afterball® by Grifman

Afterball gives you creative solutions for your favorite gear and how you want to wear it.

About this project


Grey Capless      Blue Capless
Grey Capless Blue Capless


Afterball’s® mission is to bring to market styles consumers want but don’t currently have a solution for.

Over the years, I have watched how people like to wear apparel and accessories. Everyone has access to the same types of clothing, but choose to wear clothes in their own unique way.

Afterball® takes some of the most popular products in the clothing industry and creates practical alternatives to fit consumers’ personal styles.

Whether it’s for a fashion statement, comfort or showing support for your favorite team, Afterball’s® solutions will have a special place in consumer’s lives.   


                         Turn the accessory and apparel industry backwards!

Afterball® will win market share in the accessories and apparel industry by introducing fresh new categories. Afterball® will aggressively engage with its target consumers through a direct digital conversation and precise product seeding. 


Phase One focuses on launching the Afterball® Cap (Capless). “Patent Pending” 


Grey Capless
Grey Capless



Blue Capless
Blue Capless

The Capless will create a new accessories category that will rival the entire baseball cap industry.

Baseball Caps are one of the most popular accessories in the world. In 2015, sales of baseball caps exceeded $2 billion in the US alone. Not only do millions of people own multiple baseball caps – many of them wear a cap every day. 

Everyone that has worn a baseball cap has at some point, turned it backwards – for many reasons: 

  • Comfort 
  • Fit 
  • Function 
  • The visor just got in the way 
  • Or most importantly…personal style 

The design is simple! With the Capless, you don’t need to worry about what to do with the cumbersome visor.

The Afterball® Capless gives you everything you want from your baseball cap minus what you don’t want. If you are a sports fan looking for a cool accessory to wear that promotes your favorite team, the Capless brings you functionality and style that works as well at the game, as it does after. 


The Afterball® Capless is the answer to how you want to wear your favorite gear. 

Development and Manufacturing 

In order to bring the Afterball Cap to market, we need to cover: 

  • Materials: recycled fabrics, tags, packaging 
  • Labor 
  • Processing fees 
  • Shipping and handling 
  • E-commerce site maintenance 

TOTAL: $25,000

Together we can revolutionize the industry and change the game!

Let’s make it happen!  

  • Back this project NOW! The earlier you contribute, the better chances are for this project to take off.  
  • Share my story & project. #afterball  
  • Follow Afterball on facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter.



Together, we will make the case that the Afterball® Capless should be an officially licensed product of Major League Baseball.

Whats around the corner?

Over the next year, Afterball® will also launch three (3) additional apparel and accessory items that will have the same functional and fashionable style that consumers want.

Again, this project won’t happen without your support!  

We are thrilled to launch this project and bring our products to the masses. If you’re passionate about sports and want to upgrade your fashion IQ, you will love what Afterball® has to offer.  



Risks and challenges

I absolutely have no doubt I will be able to take the Afterball® Capless to market with your support.

When our project is completely funded, there will be no risk associated with a late delivery. My team has been working with trusted partners in the clothing manufacturing industry. We have spent countless hours planning for and managing the logistics. We are proud to say that all manufacturing and distribution points in our supply chain are solid and dependable. We will deliver on time!

After delivery, the balance of the funds from our campaign will be directed towards working with photographers, graphic designers and national retailers, to build the Afterball® brand authentically.

Although we have successfully developed prototypes and have sold this product in local markets, this is our first national product launch. We have tested dozens of design iterations and fabrics. We have refined our manufacturing processes and worked with a few manufacturing partners. With that said, we make these two promises:

1.Quality: We have found the right manufacturing partner, one that has been in the clothing apparel business for 20 years. We guarantee the quality of the product. But for any reason your Capless isn’t up to par, send it back and we will replace it immediately!
2.Communication: During the campaign and after Capless goes into full production, we will keep the lines of communication open. If we anticipate any hurdles, we will contact you immediately.

Contact Information:

D. Alexander Griffin

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