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Aug 22, 2016 4:07 PM ET

Archived: Arcimoto developed and manufactures ‘The Everyday Electric’ SRK three-wheeled vehicle, which is the first affordable, daily utility, pure electric vehicle

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 22, 2016

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Arcimoto, Inc.

Arcimoto developed and manufactures ‘The Everyday Electric’ SRK three-wheeled vehicle, which is the first affordable, daily utility, pure electric vehicle.

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Company Summary


Arcimoto developed and manufactures ‘The Everyday Electric’ SRK three-wheeled vehicle, which is the first affordable, daily utility, pure electric vehicle.

The SRK is the urban ride of the future for the global marketplace at a truly affordable base model price of $11,900.

It delivers full comfort for two passengers, a thrilling and stable ride experience, ultra-efficient operation, and unmatched maneuverability and urban parkability.

  • StagePrototype Ready
  • IndustryTransportation
  • LocationEugene, OR, USA
  • CurrencyUSD
  • FoundedNovember 2007
  • Employees18
  • Websitearcimoto.com


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    Founder & President

    Mark graduated from UC Berkeley in 1996 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. After 11 years in the computer games industry and a successful exit from his first startup, GarageGames, Mark has turned his entrepreneurial energy towards sustainable business development in Oregon.

    His current endeavor, Arcimoto was founded in October 2007 to design and build environmentally efficient solutions for transportation.


  • Douglas brings 26 years of corporate finance, accounting, and treasury management experience in companies across the entire spectrum of size from large publicly traded companies to start-ups in industries including data communication equipment manufacturing (AT&T Paradyne), fiber optic backbone construction (GTE and Genuity), bio-fuels manufacturing and retail (SeQuential Biofuels and Mana Fuel), and software (Garage Games).


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    Terry brings 27 years of manufacturing and engineering experience to lead Arcimoto’s production push. He was formerly the Engineering Manager/Deputy Ops Directory for JBT AeroTech, the VP of Product Design Engineering for Country Coach, and Chief Engineer for Peterson Corp.


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    Product Development Lead

    David brings 27 years of vehicle product development experience to the venture, including the design of the world’s first Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (GEM), vehicle power electronics development as the co-founder of Synkromotive, and most recently developing an electric microbus for developing nations from napkin sketch to full prototype in 6 months at Pangaea Motors.


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    Prototype Production Lead

    Joe brings 20+ years experience in product development and production to Armicoto. Joe’s tenure began in the United States Army where he helped Freightliner and Mercedes deploy the CSEE vehicle to the Armed Forces. He then worked at Marathon Coach to help develop and deploy $2M motor coaches to the wealthy and famous. He left Marathon at its peak to join Mark Frohnmayer, at Arcimoto, in 2007 to bring the electric vehicle to the world.


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    Mechanical Engineer Lead

    Jove brings 5 years experience in design & manufacturing of child transport and safety products at Burley inc, including R&D, design, durability/safety testing, and overseas volume manufacturing.

    With a passion for environmental efficiency, ergonomics, stress analysis, and aerodynamics, Arcimoto’s development project seemed a perfect fit.


  • Default avatar
    Jesse Fittapaldi
    Business Development Lead

    Jesse brings 16 years experience in engineering design & project management for primarily institutional projects including major health care, university, state, and federal construction projects.

    Moving Arcimoto from a prototyping company to a state of the art manufacturing company through a passion for team building, process management, maintaining future goals, effective marketing strategy and efficient growth tactics, is his primary focus.


  • Default avatar
    John Friess
    Sales Lead

    John brings 16 years of startup co-foundership and management expertise to Arcimoto. John has co-founded three startups to date with leading healthcare content/software entity (wired.MD), which was positively acquired in 2008 for $7.4M, a health and fitness system (journey gym), now sold in 20 countries, and Oregon’s first startup accelerator (Starve Ups), which has accelerated 115+ companies through the end-to-end startup lifecycle in 15 years.

Contact Information:

Mark Frohnmayer

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