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Aug 21, 2016 2:06 PM ET

Check Me Out – Unique check pattern scarves inspired by London, OUR EXCITING NEW COLLECTION

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 21, 2016

Unique check pattern scarves inspired by London


Looking at the way we connect with design and producing a range of products to be cherished for ever. Check patterns with meaning.

About this project

Check Me Out launched in September 2015 with the aim to connect people with design and share the journey from inspiration all the way through to production.

Holly has been working within the British textiles industry for the last 6 years and ever since leaving her textiles degree in 2009 she has wanted to use her design skills to produce something thought provoking and exciting.


The idea behind Check Me Out started when Holly was looking for a creative outlet and a subject matter to design for whilst working within an ethical labour standards consultancy. With her love of tartans and the stories behind how they relate to family heritage and clans, she took this idea and started to create personalised checks. She would take a photo of a friend or family member, extract the colours and create bespoke check patterns. Wanting to create a commercial product this later developed into creating a product more people could connect with and that is where the London check stemmed from. Using the iconic image of the London Underground Tube map, extracting the colours of the tube lines, she used these within the ‘London Check’.

Design Flow
Design Flow


When we launched, we designed and produced two beautiful scarves woven in Scotland byJohnstons of Elgin, who also manufacture the Burberry scarves. These scarves used all the colours of the tube map, one was double faced, meaning two different sides, and one was 100% cashmere. We have had some amazing feedback and some super happy customers, and this is why we need YOUR help to take us to the next level.

Our AW15 Collection
Our AW15 Collection


To take the brand to the next stage, we want to launch a new seasonal collection and for this range we would like to focus on menswear. After extensive research and peer reviews we think this is a great area to progress in to.

We have curated a more selective range of colours under the London theme and designed a range of new scarves. Working with a different weaver this season, Holly has been working with Drove Weaving for 6 years through her role at Dashing Tweeds. These weavers have been incredibly accommodating and this has enabled us to create an awesome collection of true and blanket checks bringing more variation and excitement to our offering this season.



Working with UK manufacturers is a key aspect to our process, and having the chance to learn and evolve with them has been incredible. They have aided us in creating something we didn’t think would be possible and we are really excited to put this range into production.


So if/ WHEN we meet our Kickstarter target, we can go straight into production. All the technical notes are in place and yarns on hold, so lets get ready to press GO to weave these scarves and all we need is YOU!



Exclusively for this campaign, we are offering a monogramming service for our rewards. Pledge for a personalised gift, and add the monogram of a loved one, or your own initials to customise your reward.

When the campaign finishes you can select what colour thread you would like, and will be given an option of fonts to choose from too.




Our funding target is £ 5,200. We have asked for this amount to help us pay for production to produce all your rewards, but we are also thinking about the bigger picture. We want to create more brand awareness to grow the business and we have also factored in support with marketing and PR, SEO and costs incurred with pops ups and selling at markets over the coming months, see below for a breakdown of what we trying to raise.




Risks and challenges

Obviously we are working as hard as we can so we do not have any hiccups along the way, and due to our historic knowledge and experience working within the textiles industry, we feel well equipped to tackle anything should it arise.

Weaving and textile production is an incredible skill and art, but things can crop up like threads breaking within production, or the scale of a product shrinking slightly more than expected within the finishing.

Our beliefs and perspective is to be honest and upfront about everything and communication is key! We will be keeping you all up to date along the course of the campaign and for the funders that join our community after the campaign too.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the project, designs, and rewards, I would love to discuss this with you in more detail as well, so please do get in contact –[email protected].

Contact Information:

Holly Pressdee

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