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Aug 20, 2016 3:00 PM ET

Archived: The Underground World News: Support Independent Journalism & New ‘Live Stream’ News Outlet! Get the uncensored news from the streets that the MSM Will Not Cover!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2016

The Underground World News


Support Independent Journalism & New ‘Live Stream’ News Outlet! Get the uncensored news from the streets that the MSM Will Not Cover!

About this project

 This is a project we are launching in hopes to keep ‘on the streets’ journalism alive. We are a group of independent journalist, live streamers and media producers that  have worked for years to try and cover all the key events that the Main Stream News Will Not Cover! 

 Our biggest obstacles are what most Main Stream reporters take for granted, and that’s the cost of Basic Travel, Lodging and Equipment to get the job done. These costs are covered for the Main Stream reporters by Big Money, but has become the number one obstacle for Independent Journalists Like Us. 

 Our goal is to raise enough money to be able to have a person on the ground quickly for any big event. We are often stuck in a situation where we have to try and raise money and support at the last minute, and that process sometimes takes a lot of time. If we can establish funding, we will then be able to quickly have a journalist on the ground if needed. In reporting and getting key news, being able to move quickly means everything. We will also be able to make sure we are streaming in the best quality at all times and it will give us a chance to help teach and train other new Journalists. We can assure that each member has the available tools and funding to simply be able to get the job done. 

 Our team is dedicated and has worked for years doing what we do with little to nothing, except the backing of those that believe in us. The reality is that if we don’t establish a solid plan, we will never be able to compete with a Controlled Main Stream Media and Their Equipment.  We need to be able to provide a solid stream, no matter how chaotic or how many people are around. To do so we need to get some new equipment and services to even be able to compete. With this being the first of four phases, we will address other situations as we approach them down the road. Our biggest issue is having money on deck to be able to get a Journalist to any breaking scene. Being able to just get to these places is key.

 If we can reach our goal, we look to change the way live stream journalism is done all together. We are targeting coverage of the 2016 election debates and other key events before years end if we can achieve our goal. Without the backing of the people, True Independent Journalism will Die in the streets. 

We hope that with your support, we can reach this goal and start bringing forth new exclusive news and live streams. I will continue to update along the way, and want to thanks everyone that believes in us. 

We will Not Let You Down ~ The Power Is In The Hands Of The People! 

                                                                            Much Love, 

                                                               The Underground World News

Risks and challenges

We Strive to Overcome Adversity Every Day. With a positive outlook, we can work to fix any hurdles we may cross along the way!

Contact Information:

Justin Knight

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