LOVE SEX FLEAS GOD deals with 'confessions' of a stay-at-home father - a moving eighty minutes of stirring theatre - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 20, 2016 12:21 PM ET

LOVE SEX FLEAS GOD deals with ‘confessions’ of a stay-at-home father – a moving eighty minutes of stirring theatre

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2016


Bruce’s grandmother ends up as his and his sister’s legal guardian. Because of his mother who made Scientology her calling, he attends over fifteen different schools, finally dropping out, becoming a hobo. He also discovers just how dysfunctional his uncles & aunts are. He overcomes these adversities growing up into a kind, generous, compassionate & fun filled father of two children & chooses to be a stay-at-home father. This is his story: you’ll cry; you’ll laugh; stirring empathetic stuff.

About This Project



A friend, Astrid gave me Bruce Clark’s book to read and before I had finished it I new this would work as a staged piece of theatre. It was something that would also benefit parents-to-be; young and older recently married couples who were contemplating raising children. It has turned out to be a moving eighty minutes of  stirring theatre. 



Love Sex Fleas God deals with ‘confessions’ of a stay-at-home father. Bruce, the protagonist in the play had taken his toxic childhood and turned it into a life where he has become one of the best fathers in the country. Inheriting his mother’s caustic wit and the ease with which to slaughter herds of sacred cows he will delight audiences at every turn. This is his story.


The Team

Before telling you about myself a little about my team: Working alone is hard work so I found Celia Musikanth who for many years ran the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. Celia has been directing my single-handers since 2012 and I am humbled to have her smile with me wherever I go in theatre. Bruce Clark met us last year and agreed to the idea of dramatising his unique story giving us many extremely useful insights behind the words of his book. Two people who have come an board as well are Susan and Douglas Maxwell who have offered to design all the art work needed to get bums on seats. All of them have agreed to do this fun work pro bono too! How cool is that? Obviously and this is why I have approached Thundafund should backers generosity exceed all expectations they will be handsomely rewarded. And me?

I am a professional actor who finds it hard to say no when someone wants some entertaining and ‘edutaining’ theatre presented for them. While I live in Muizenberg thinking of ways to create some entertaining works for the stage I also entertain two children and a partner for which I am handsomely rewarded with kindness, love, warmth and generosity. Now and then I fix a rusty-hinged window, bury the dog’s poo & take them for a walk. The latter usually when, at the end of a rehearsal period, I need go through my lines. Life at sixty plus is fun; I think the curtain has just risen and it’s time to be centre stage.

Contact Information:

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