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Aug 19, 2016 4:14 PM ET

Archived: OffHand Gear’s mission is to create products that are functional in their purpose while mirroring the unique, beautiful and sassy urban style of the women who inspire our designs.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2016

OffHand Gear, LLC

OffHand Round 1

Mesa, Arizona



With a large increase in sales this year over last year, we are looking for the support from the KickFurther community to help increase inventory levels to accommodate our customers during the 2016 fall and winter season. Currently, year to date, we have exceeded all of 2015 years sales and based on 4th quarter sales percentages of 2015 expect this fall / winter season to be a great growth potential for the company!    

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About OffHand Gear, LLC


 OffHand Gear‘s mission is to create products that are functional in their purpose while mirroring the unique, beautiful and sassy urban style of the women who inspire our designs.

We are an industry leader in creating trendsetting products that thoughtfully consider women’s needs and desires throughout the design and manufacturing process. We are proud to say that every item we produce is crafted right here in the USA, and we are committed to keeping it that way!


NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag)

DNORB Limited Edition 2015esigned by a woman shooter for women shooters, the NORB stays slim while having room for a large wallet, touch up makeup, hair ties, phone and of course everything you need for the range: pistols, mags, ammo, eyes, ears and even your cleaning kit! No, we didn’t make room for the kitchen sink, but who needs one of those at the range?

Our Original NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) was 8 months into the design phase.  Being a woman, I dissected my range bag and created a list of why it was uncomfortable and difficult. I then took that list and went to the drawing board to not only solve the problems I faced, but also make it durable enough to last.

With it’s durability, interior organization, new fabrics and now also leather our NORB is destined to become more then just a range bag.. Expect to see it on campus’s, at the grocery stores and can be incorporated in your daily work places.


Art for the AR15 platformImage title

Our unique hand guards are designed with women in mind, they are made using 6061 t6 aluminum, giving it durability while also being very light wieght. To acocmodate the woman shooter, they also feature a smaller diameter (2″ exterior / 1.75″ interior) than other hand guard accessories on the market along. The beveled edges and arei pre-drilled and are ready to utilize on a picatinny rail (sold separately). This allows for mounting accesories along the top or bottom for all your scopes, flashlights, etc.

Currently offered in 6 different designs – each available in 3 sizes.



About the owner


OffHand Sandi


Hi KickFurther friends, Sandi here, owner & product designer at OffHand Gear.  I started the OffHand Gear brand out of the inability to find products that both accomodated my lifestyle and my needs. In addition to pursuing a hobby and self protection training in the firearms industry. 

Since the I started in April 2012 we have grown from 3 sassy t-shirt graphics to an array of products that include t-shirts, range bags, range mats & increadiably unique AR15 hand guards.  We are proud to be an industry leader in the womens market and set ourselves appart from others by keeping OffHand Gear stylish, feminine and unique without giving up its core purpose, rugged functionability made right here in America.


Product Info

All OffHand Gear brand of products are proudly made right here in the USA! 

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Our USA Made tee blanks are purchased from American Apparel and Royal Apparel, with our graphics printed by a professional screen printer right here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We use a water based ink printing system that becomes a part of the tee instead of sitting “on top” of the tee, this process gives our tee’s a very high quality feel and comfort.

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Our gear and bags are manufactured using fabrics made here in the USA and sewn by professional based here in Arizona and California.

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Our AR15 hand guards are also USA manufactured by a company in Idaho.  We work closely with them to make sure our design ideas not only are unqiue to the industry but also durable, lightweight and comfortable to use.  They are made from aircraft grade aluminium. Our heaviest design weighing only 11.6oz.  The process in which these free float hand guards are manufactured is only available through the company in Idaho. These designs are exclusive and unduplicatable by our compitition.  

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