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Aug 19, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Archived: Men’s Premium Jeans – Made in the U.S.A. – Never Hem Again™: 7 different inseam sizes “scaled” to fit you perfectly without the pain of seeing a tailor

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2016

Men’s Premium Jeans – Made in the U.S.A. – Never Hem Again™

7 different inseam sizes “scaled” to fit you perfectly without the pain of seeing a tailor. Premium quality denim, washes and sewing.

About this project

We’re so excited to launch our campaign and greatly appreciate everyone’s support! We are three co-founders, friends, and denim lovers living in NYC with backgrounds in ecommerce, retail manufacturing, and design. 

We’re launching our company, Scale Denim, to offer men a better shopping experience for premium denim jeans. With our jeans you’ll find your perfect fit at a great price without the hassle of visiting the tailor to get them hemmed. And they’re made right here in the U.S.A.


We’ve designed premium jeans for men that scale properly to fit you. Our jeans are available in 7 inseam sizes and 9 waist sizes. So no matter how tall or short you are, we will have jeans that perfectly fit your body through the waist, thigh, knee, and calf. 

No other premium denim brand designs jeans with as many inseam offerings.

Available sizes (left side)
Available sizes (left side)


We’ve spent months in product development testing our inseam design and the best fabrics from Italy and the U.S.  We’ve designed the fits, colors, weight, and look and feel of our jeans to be truly versatile. Wear them hanging out with friends, on a date, at work, or even class them up a bit with a sports jacket. You’ll always look and feel great in your Scale Denim jeans.

We’re launching with two fits (slim and straight) and two colors (dark blue indigo and jet black). Our jeans are made from Cone Denim fabric, makers of beautiful premium denim right here in the United States. The denim fabric is comprised of 93% cotton / 6% polyester / 1% elastane giving our jeans the right amount of stretch to be super comfortable while being durable.  The denim is medium weight (10.75 oz) meaning it’s not too light or too heavy.    

Slim Fit

The slim fit is a true slim fit jean.  It’s a mid to low rise jean that hugs your thighs through your leg down to the ankle.  The jean looks sleek while maintaining comfort.  So whether you’re rocking out for a night on the town or planning a date at the hottest Michelin rated taco stand, be rest assured you’re gonna look great.  


Slim Fit 360° View

Slim Fit 360° View

 Straight Fit

Our straight fit jean is a true straight fit. It’s a medium rise jean that’s all about comfort without sacrificing style. With plenty of room through the thigh down to your ankle, these jeans will leave you feeling like you’re dancing on top of cloud nine.


Straight Fit 360° View

Straight Fit 360° View


Premium jeans are defined by the fabric quality, the wash process, and the cut and sew precision. We’ve selected the highest quality denim fabric from Cone Denim and are manufacturing our jeans in the U.S., the world’s capital for premium jeans manufacturing. That means a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly wash, and a higher precision cut and sew process making the jeans a high-quality product while ensuring comfort and durability. 


Most men don’t know their inseam because it’s not a size dimension that is traditionally designed for (hence all the annoying hemming!). Your inseam is a simple measurement from the inside of your jean leg from the crotch all the way down to the bottom of the jean. Check out this great video below to see how to measure your inseam.

For a reference point, if you’re around 5’4 or 5’5 you’re most likely around a 28-inch inseam, and if you are around 6’3 or 6’4 you’re most likely a 34-inch inseam. 

For a little fun, check out the field research we did on how to measure an inseam:

 project video thumbnail


We know you are disappointed we’ve designed our jeans with only men in mind. However, our female friends who have tried on our jeans think they work great as a “boyfriend” jean. Give it a try or order a pair for your boyfriend, brother, or guy friend who’s been looking for an awesome pair of jeans.  

Female in Slim Fit Jeans 360° View

Female in Slim Fit Jeans 360° View



If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will send a survey to all our backers after the campaign asking them for their size, fit and color preference, and shipping address.

Delivery Timeline

The manufacturing process always has unknowns that can cause delays. We’ve included an estimated timeline below to give our backers an understanding of the steps it takes to make the jeans. You’ll be the first to know if anything changes. 


As early supporters of our jeans, we offer the best deals to backers of our Kickstarter campaign. Backers will be the first to receive our jeans and will be constantly updated on our production process. The money you pledge towards our campaign goes directly into the development and production of our jeans. For this reason, our refund and exchange policies for the Kickstarter campaign will differ from what will be available on scaledenim.com where you will pay full retail prices when they become available.


We reserve the right to deny any requested refunds. If we issue a refund, we will deduct 10% from your pledge amount because that amount has already been taken from your pledge as fees for the payment processor and Kickstarter.


We want you to be satisfied with your reward. If the product you receive does not fit, you may exchange it for a different size. For exchanges, you’ll have to send the product back to us at your own expense, however we’ll then pay for shipping the new product back to you. We reserve the right to limit the number of exchanges. 


Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge will be first to reach our minimum goal on Kickstarter and hopefully surpass it. There are many great Kickstarter projects and denim brands, however we believe we’re addressing a big pain point in the jean buying process that should make our premium jeans and Kickstarter project attractive to those who happen to come across our campaign. In order to drive people to our campaign we’ve reached out to family, friends, the press, and the Kickstarter community to help fund our project.

If we are able to fund our project, our biggest challenge will be on the production side to get the jeans made. We’ve already found a great factory in LA to work with and they have already provide samples for our jeans. However the manufacturing process always has unforeseen risks that we will have to account for, which could include a delay in delivery.

The founders of Scale Denim have deep expertise in ecommerce, retail manufacturing, and design. Given our 30+ years of combined experience, we are confident that we are well prepared to undertake the completion of our project and get our jeans and other rewards to you in the delivery timeframe we’ve allotted.


Contact Information:

Scale Denim

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