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Aug 19, 2016 8:00 AM ET

Archived: Make A Difference – Fund #NewsThatMatters This Election: Bring voices of sanity and solutions to this election through “the most widely used independent news service you’ve never heard of.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2016

Make A Difference – Fund #NewsThatMatters This Election

Bring voices of sanity and solutions to this election through “the most widely used independent news service you’ve never heard of.”

About this project

“A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both” –James Madison

Together we have a powerful microphone for those who can’t or are afraid to speak for themselves – you can help us cover these key issues in an incredibly important time in our nation’s history.

Official Campaign T-Shirt Design
Official Campaign T-Shirt Design


Thanks for visiting our page, and read on to find out how you can be part of a pioneering media solution. PNS brings voices of solutions and compassion to 50 Million people per week through 1,000s of other newsrooms, without fanfare or fuss.

Since 1996, we’ve been lifting up the voices we long to hear on most mainstream media. If you’re anything like us we crave news that has more substance and backbone than the latest gotcha headline. We cover the stories of the hard working immigrant who risked his or her life to come here, the everyday struggles of a stressed out mother in a working family, stories of the person who’s tired of shootings and is actively working on sane gun laws that protect us all, and the passion and watchful eye of the nature lover protecting our earth and all that live here with steadfast dedication. Let’s face it, There are systemic reasons why these important stories get trumped by celebrity outfits and Chicken Little the sky is falling garble.  Six major corporations control all mainstream media.


Craigslist all but annihilated the classifieds section (newspapers lost their bread’n’butter here), the big technology companies inhale the majority of the advertising revenue that used to go to local news outlets, and the far fewer newsrooms that still exist HAVE to sell “if it bleeds, it leads” headlines or they die. Period!

That includes online media as well, where more people consume more news on their phones, and tablets. The trend was obvious two decades ago, (after the Telecommunications Act of 1996) and since then we have been providing news that matters to a growing network – now over 8000 other news outlets across the country. We bring the news that reaches you on your radio, websites, TV, podcasts and print publications.

News that not only covers the problem but offers REAL solutions that can bring us together for a common good instead of further driving us apart.

So far, we’ve been funded mostly by grants, gifts and memberships from nonprofits. Make history with us by backing this campaign – where EVERYONE can be a philanthropist.You’re not just backing for a cool reward although we do have some. There used to be the newsboys selling on the street corner, then it was a subscription to the New York Times or your hometown paper, and now we’re pioneering a new model of journalism where you can fund coverage of the issues you care about – that may show up on 100s of other news outlets. That’s right. We’ll put all of the money you give us towards the topic or topics you care about most.

Why Now?

This election year, it is even more important to bring voices of sanity and solutions to some of our most contentious issues as our nation makes decisions affecting generations to come.

During this election season our goal is to produce and distribute 72 stories through our well established media outlet network. These stories will focus on Economic Justice, Reproductive Rights, Immigration, Gun Violence, Transgender Rights and Climate Change. Highlighting real people, these stories will bridge and deepen the public conversation, creating a more informed citizenry when most voters are making decisions on these key issues.

Become a part of the solution – the more money we raise, the more voices we find, the more stories we can tell!

Thank you, from the bottom of our “Rosebud” hearts!

Please leave us a comment or send us a message so we know which issue you want to support.



Immigration: Coverage on immigration to the United States. Questions about the size of inflows, the role of immigrants in the labor market, enforcement and humanitarian admission policies and path to citizenship. Our goal here is to report and educate in a way that provides you, the voter with enough information to have a meaningful conversation within your sphere of influence.

Reproductive Rights: Coverage on reproductive health, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system, including the capability to reproduce, and the freedom to decide if, when, and how often to do so. Let’s face it. Babies are going to keep being made. Let’s put some actual facts in front of the voters to influence their decisions on how those decisions come about.

 Economic Justice: Coverage in terms of distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within society. Our goal is to create an opportunity where each person can create a sufficient material foundation upon which to have a dignified, productive, and creative life beyond economics. The American Dream in a material sense.

 Gun Violence: What IS sensible regulation to keep appropriate firearms in the arms of appropriate people who don’t shoot up our schools, places of worship, our homes and wherever two, three or more are gathered? Today’s public charade of a debate needs to change to a real conversation focused on real solutions. If you’re tired of shootings in our country back our campaign and tell us you want your money to go to this beat.

Criminal Justice: Criminal justice reform in the United States is a type of reform aimed at fixing perceived errors in the criminal justice system (yes, there are errors in the system). Goals of such reform include addressing the racial disparities and inequities, overall decreasing the United States’ prison population, reducing prison sentences and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders. Crazy Fact: Did you know America imprisons more of its population than all of the other countries in the world combined?

Climate Change: Small changes in the average temperature of the planet can translate to large and potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather. Because so many systems are tied to climate, coverage on a change in climate can affect many related aspects of where and how people, plants and animals live, such as food production, availability and use of water, and health risks. Like it or not this issue affects us all. No one wants to live in a bacon fryer if we don’t have to. We’ll dish you the facts to keep it cool.


Transgender Rights: Issues transgender and gender nonconforming people face–workplace discrimination, securing identity documents, finding competent healthcare, family and parenting issues, combating violence and to be an advocate for full inclusion and equality. Regardless of your view on transgenders, we are talking about people. Fellow humans. Fellow Americans who just like you want to live a happy and fulfilling life not inhibited by archaic legislation.

Founded by former Reuters’ producer Lark Corbeil, our editorial team welcomes experienced newsroom broadcasters, refugees from print and passionate newcomers – inclusive and committed to social mission journalism. 

Risks and challenges

Our producers are ready and raring to go once the funds are raised! One ongoing challenge we face is also our strength – to reach the widest possible audience we allow other outlets to mix and mash and take credit for our content – that means other media outlets really appreciate us and it’s also difficult to get the credit we deserve, and therefore the funding.


Contact Information:

Public News Service

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