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Aug 19, 2016 8:51 AM ET

Archived: Lam Cloud Management: We offer our clients single-source, seamless, end-to-end business and continuity solutions that are difficult and costly for companies to assemble on their own and from scratch

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2016

Lam Cloud Management

1 Farr View Drive, NJ 08512, US
Information Technology Services

Lam Cloud, based in Central New Jersey, combines business and continuity infrastructure, services, and expertise into an integrated whole. We present a boon to startups and established companies alike, combining tomorrow’s data center, disaster and workplace recovery facilities, permanent and flexible commercial office space, IT solutions and services, and expanded fiber network capabilities, and coworking environments, into a business-friendly environment. This enables us to offer our clients single-source, seamless, end-to-end business and continuity solutions that are difficult and costly for companies to assemble on their own and from scratch. By consolidating infrastructure, services, and expertise under one roof, we are able to save our customers incalculable time and resources in strengthening and streamlining their businesses and processes. Since sales began in August 2013, we are now proud to possess a growing satisfied client list that validates our innovative business model on a continuing basis. We now have an active lease pipeline that promises to accelerate our office rental activity in our 500,000 s.f. pilot office/data center building.

We are privately funded, but seek to connect with the crowdfunding movement in order to expand our capitalization and activities into the strengthening and replication of our facility model at strategic locations along existing and proposed internet fiber networks along the eastern U.S. seaboard and gradually, in widening radii from our origination point, Cranbury, NJ.


Products / Services

Permanent Commercial Office Rentals

Lam Cloud provides commercial office rental solutions in an integrated, next-generation, high end, corporate environment. We have inhouse and design/construction-partner resources to accomplish any needed office configuration. Typically, our customers are well into Technology and purchase a bundle which includes office space,, a cabinet (or more) of servers in our data center, VoIP phones, and Workplace Recovery desks, and Disaster Recovery Business Continuity solutions.

Disaster and Workplace Recovery + Business Continuity Solutions, and Consultant Services

Lam Cloud and its partners (Agility Recovery, Risk Masters, Continuity Centers) provides business continuity solutions, backed up by robust DR/WR infrastructure all located onsite at its strategic, hurricane- and storm-proof central NJ location.

The Domain: Worksmart Suites, Business Lounge, Coworking (Flexible and Virtual Office Solutions)

Recognizing that not every business requires a full-time commitment of single- or multi-year office rental contracts, Lam Cloud provides an a la carte offering of flexible office arrangements, ranging from a business sign and mailbox, all the way up to multiple-month flexible leases of private offices with associated team cubicles, VOIP phones, wifi and ethernet connectivity, and a full complement of Class A office amenities. All these services may be purchased online, on a website to be launched in January, 2015 (www.thedomaincoworking.com).

Data Center Colocation Services- Retail and Enterprise

Lam Cloud operates its own Mission-Critical Data Center retail and enterprise colocation facility onsite at its Cranbury pilot headquarters Technology Campus. Our data center is scalable, and our first 50 server cabinet suite is nearing 100% occupancy. The entire facility has capacity for up to 1800 cabinets. We have partnered with the Martin Group, a mission-critical Design/Build company that specializes in data centers. Inquiries are accepted online. Enterprise colocation should be available by mid-2015, in our first 500 server cabinet room (13,500 sf).

Diverse Fiber Connectivity Paths to Existing Points-of-Presence (“POPs”) for Mission-Critical client

Lam Cloud has teamed with powerful Fiber Network partners Cross River Fiber and Hammer Fiber Networks in the provision of diverse Internet paths that assure zero downtime for our clients’ mission-critical operations. Combined with our facility’s ability to accept a client’s server cabinets and our exclusive location in sparsely DC-populated Central New Jersey, Lam Cloud has “cornered the market” in providing an all-in-one diverse-path, Mission-Critical Data Center offering with business continuity features.

Major Conference and Trade Show Event Venue

Lam Cloud’s primary facility in Cranbury, New Jersey sports a 400-person, 30,000 s.f. Conference Center venue, with related food service and break-out room facilities. The space is available for single-event rentals, and catering services are available through Lam Cloud’s provider partners.



Lawrence Lam

Larry Lam earned his AB degree at Columbia University and his Master of Architecture degree from Yale in 1981, Larry’s entrepreneurial inclinations emerged when he opened his own architectural firm in 1990. He became increasingly interested in data centers as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology continually encroached on the architectural profession. With the Great Recession of 2008 and the wholesale abandonment of large industrial and office buildings, he further saw significant potential in re-purposing existing buildings toward data center and technology usage. Larry is well-versed at the intricacies of real estate, business and commerce, as well as complex multi-disciplinary project management and coordination. His 3 decade career accomplishments include design and construction management experience in successful commercial projects in the millions of square feet, requiring teams of numerous architects, engineers, consultants and contractors.


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Lawrence Lam

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