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Aug 19, 2016 10:01 AM ET

Archived: Growing a beard without beard balm is hard – Beard Balm makes it easy. It’s a simple, all natural blend of really high quality ingredients, carefully sourced and expertly blended to create a most excellent product.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2016

Beard Balm LLC

Beard Balm LLC Round 2

Detroit, MI



Hey Kickfurther fam! Awesome to be coming back for a second round after a very sucessful opening Co-Op. 

I know it’s still sweltering out there but beard season is just around the corner and we’re gearing up for a blockbuster winter. We have some awesome displays designed and ready for production. Made of recycled wood fibers, then pressed into a convenient shipping tray using only pressure and heat, these are likely the most sustainable displays on the market. Then we apply a foil stamped card with our branding so they really jump out on the shelf.

They ship with 3 of each of our products, a total of 12 cans of (frankly) the best beard conditioners you’ll find anywhere. We’re moving these displays through UNFI, the largest natural products distributor in the world as well as our own bike powered distribution within the city of Detroit.

Other Sales Channels: Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR), direct to consumer (US 70% and International 30%), direct wholesale (from barber shops to hardware stores…you name the spot and we’ll sell there)

We’re actively pursuing additional large chain (100+ doors) placements and continue to develop our local distribution which in Detroit alone averages an additional 35 doors per month.

About Beard Balm LLC

Beard Balm LLC runs a very small scale (180 sq ft) factory out of Ponyride, a co-working space in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Don’t let the size fool you! We can produce enough product in that little spot to float $5 million in annual revenue. As space is limited, we work on a “just in time” basis with our suppliers to bring in the cans, oils and waxes we use to craft Beard Balm. We keep it as local as possible, for example, we use Michigan beeswax and buy extremely high quality lanolin from the only domestic producer. When we do have to go overseas, we will only use products that meet the highest ethical standards. Our coconut oil, for example, comes from a processor in Sri Lanka founded by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company and is rated Organic and Fair Trade for Life. We’re a low overhead, highly focused brand, we have 4 products in distribution moving through natrual grocer channels in addition to smaller channels we developed as we grew. 

A little bit about the brand: 

Growing a beard without beard balm is hard – Beard Balm makes it easy. It’s a simple, all natural blend of really high quality ingredients, carefully sourced and expertly blended to create a most excellent product. We take great care to be good to the earth, our community, our employees and the network of suppliers and retailers that help make our operation hum. As our customers like to remind us though, the main thing is the beard and honestly, there’s no better product than Beard Balm.


About the owner


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Jon Koller, PE

Beard Balm is run by Jon Koller, PE. He’s a licensed structural engineer in the state of Michigan and has been growing beards since he was 15 years of ago. He is joined by a well bearded production team and a sales staff that is second to none. A small cabal of Detroit’s best business talent serve as advisors.



  • STEP 1 –


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We’re offering a co-op opportunity for a 10% profit on 3800 units of these beautiful display packs. To be clear, each display pack contains:

2 x Wood fiber displays with our branding

3 x Beard Balm 1.5 oz 3 x Naked 1.5 oz 

3 x Heavy Duty Beard Balm 1.5 oz 

3 x Heavy Duty Naked 1.5 oz 

These displays have shown an amazing ability to get product moving off shelves and into happy beards. They’ll be landing mainly at stores where we have robust distrubtion, ensuring that the value of the display endures the sale of the initial 12 cans.


Beard Balm 

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Naked Image title

Heavy Duty Beard Balm Image title

Heavy Duty Naked 

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Contact Information:

Jon Koller, PE

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