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Aug 18, 2016 11:31 AM ET

Archived: THE Omnichannel Search Engine For Fashion + Style: As an Omnichannel Search Engine, Your Style Unzipped indexes all online + offline sources to create the ultimate in personalized customer experience

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2016

Your Style Unzipped Logo

Your Style Unzipped

Houston, TX 77019, US

Your Style Unzipped — THE Omnichannel Search Engine For Fashion + Style

As an Omnichannel Search Engine, Your Style Unzipped indexes all online + offline sources to create the ultimate in personalized customer experience.





From our destination website, users have access to endless global style content, all designer brands including new, emerging and established, and the largest directory of retailers, both online and street side that links with GPS technology. We are an information only, unbiased resource for “stakeholders” within the Fashion industry including retailers, brands and fashion media, and will sell analytical data to become invaluable partners with each individual company, no matter how large or small, new or established, known or unknown.

After two years of development, Your Style Unzipped launched in April, 2015. In three short months, have reached over 3M users, 200K click throughs/week, 90K user engagement through social media. The site has a bounce rate of 86% and a return rate of 85%.

We are seeking $500,000 in Seed funding for an 12 month burn rate. This raise will cover the completion of development of the Women’s site to include Mens wear, Children’s wear, Bridal and Maternity. Each category will have separate search and content, as well as back-end analytics and algorithms. Along with funding, we’re seeking strategic partners, well connected within the fashion, retail, designer brand or media industries who are willing and anxious to help us forge relationships industry wide, as well us help us hire the absolute best of the best in their business for our team.

Most of all, I’m looking for investment and strategic partners willing to roll up their sleeve, in order to make tremendous amounts of money in a relatively short time.

Products / Services

Omnichannel Search Engine for Fashion + Style Including Retail (online + off), Brands, and Fashion M

The core business of Your Style Unzipped is an information only search engine. However, the overriding goal of the engine is to maximize specific fashion oriented traffic usage to the site while providing neutral “utility” information to both consumers as well as the stakeholders within the fashion industry (retailers both online and street side, designer brands, fashion media). We will not offer “pay for placement” in any capacity, rather we will create fully customizable directories and listings for the convenience of the user. Most importantly, we will bring “street side” retailers to the online world, raising in-store shopping to another dimension. Using our mobile application, shoppers will be able to use our virtual fitting room to scan their body, scan bar codes, and see what items look like without trying on. Then, by accessing our store directory, users can make decisions and purchases all while standing in the store.



Chief Executive Officer
Susan Bruch

Susan BruchSusan grew up as the third generation in a 93-year-old, family-owned department store chain in Houston, Texas. Even though the department store chain was eventually sold to Stage Stores, it was her upbringing in the retail/fashion environment that would ultimately bring Susan back to this industry after a successful career in other areas.
After graduating from The University of Arizona, Susan began a 20-year career in sports marketing working for Lamar Hunt at WCT – the Men’s pro tennis circuit. After two seasons at The Denver Nuggets, Susan founded KapsMark, Incorporated, in 1987. The sports incentive and travel company worked closely with corporate sponsors like Coca Cola, American Express, Texaco, Frito Lay and many others in areas of hospitality, player appearances, corporate incentives and promotions, signage and comprehensive marketing. In 2013 Susan began researching the Your Style Unzipped concept.


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
2 years, 7 months1Other Retailing


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Contact Information:

Susan Bruch

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