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Aug 18, 2016 11:51 AM ET

Archived: Joyce – Joysprings3 redesigns vintage party dresses into 3 different styles of skirts that have light weight crinolines attached or offers crinolines for purchase

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United States
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Joyce’s story

I’m Joyce Hawkins and I’m also JoySprings3. I live in Oakland, California but lived in York, Pennsylvania, with two hard-working North Carolinian parents, 11 siblings, one scary dog, one child, and the usual challenges of poverty versus upward mobility. We worked at young ages because money, food, clothing and time were scarce (housecleaner – age 12) and “junker” (today’s recycling or thrifting) before that and now. I believe, my keen eye and love for quality fabrics, personal style, fashion designers (Chanel/Dior/Pucci) and business activities began with these jobs.

I’ve earned 2 college degrees (BS Social Science/Sec ED &M ED Special Ed), and worked in corporate/real estate law, computer technology/office administration and academia. I’ve taken courses in millinery, business ownership, computer applications, and accounting. I’m a recent graduate from Urban Fire/Renaissance Center”s entrepreneur program. My challenge has been to create a vehicle for financial success and community investment that integrates my love for fashion and desire for social/political equity within a business community. 

This loan is special because:

It supports a women entrepreneur progressing her vintage clothing business.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

My training and my 10 years of business as Joysprings3 International (founded 2006) motives the move from Sole Proprietorship to Corporate status and from small, part-time operation to full time online store operation and direct design and sales of the Joyspring3 line, in collaboration with my daughter, Viveca, and others.

Joysprings3 currently sells quality, clothing, accessories and housewares (new/vintage/collectible) to individuals (performers, etc.), resell shops, (Crossroads/Buffalo Exchange), and the general public at fairs and flea markets. It operates out of Rio Vista, CA and from my current address.

Joysprings3 redesigns vintage party dresses into 3 different styles of skirts that have light weight crinolines attached or offers crinolines for purchase. Crinolines add a very feminine, yet comfortable flow to the garment. Whether high waisted, full length or raised by a series of attached under ribbons, each skirt can be dressed up on down by the addition of cropped tee shirts or free flowing interchangeable tops in multicolored and multi-patterned designs. The tops range in style from cropped or long caftan-like cover ups. Product uniqueness comes from the construction of the garments, hand tie dyed patterns and ethnic materials, ease of care and their mix and match flexibility.

Joysprings3 is the culmination of my lifelong love of fashion, design and personal styling and what makes it even more amazing is my daughter, Viveca’s, participation and our opportunity to benefit from the resources and mentorship of the Renaissance and Kiva community.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This investment will provide me with the opportunity to move my sales structure online. Vintage clothing is always in fashion but finding a profitable sales stream in today’s retail storefront marketplace is prohibitively expensive.

Working within the Kiva community will turn Joysprings3 International into a sustainable, profitable, community changing business entity that functions as an incubator for other marginal, displaced or financially struggling people with a dream. It will provide similar training and employment opportunities for young African-American women and other single mothers.

About Joysprings3 International

Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: More than 5 years

A loan of $6,000 helps provide working capital for the re-design, alteration and production of three vintage party dress styles..

Contact Information:


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