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Aug 18, 2016 4:44 PM ET

Innovative Cookware Solutions is a company formed out of solving common issue faced by the at home cook

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2016

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Innovative Cookware Solutions

Jupiter, FL 33469, US
Consumer Products

Innovative Cookware Solutions is a company formed out of solving common issue faced by the at home cook. Through innovation we will create products to fulfill consumers needs of solving cooking flaws where other products come up short.

In the period of 2014 to 2016 I conceived the idea of the Bacon Pan. After continuously being popped by hot bacon grease I thought there must be a better way. The concept of lifting the bacon out of the grease to flip then made sense. After numerous designs and prototypes, the Bacon Pan was create. By keeping the design both manufacturing feasible and simple for consumers the idea become an inevitable reality. I then filed for a provisional patent in December of 2014. The year 2015 consisted mostly of market research and the search for a reliable and well fitting manufacturing partner, while also working to better perfecting the prototype. I also working on perfecting AutoCad 3D drawings to accompany the prototype and the dimensions of the final product. After some talks with an agent in China, I did not see this contact as being capable to manufacture the product. Through more research however he was able to make contact with a product development company. This company was able to simplify the product development process and provide costs for tooling and production of the Bacon Pan. Because these cost are more significant than I could afford, I began presenting my business plan to investors in March of 2016.

Products / Services

The Bacon Pan

The Bacon Pan is a product that evolved from a well know problem associated with frying bacon. Grease splatters. While cooking bacon via frying pan a pool of grease begins to accumulate under the meat. This grease can reach temperatures upwards of 350°F. The curling of the bacon through the cooking process results in “pops” of the grease that can project from the pan up to 10 feet. These grease pops can come in contact with the skin causing unpleasant pain, scaring, and burns. Previously there was no way to prevent this issue other than a splatter screen, (which must be removed when the bacon is flipped) forcing users toward alternative methods of cooking their bacon that does not result in the optimal taste and texture. The patent pending two piece bacon pan allows the user to lift the bacon from the grease and have it rest above the cooking platform during the flipping stage. This process virtually eliminates any grease splatter and creates a safer and enjoyable cooking process.



Managing/Manager Executive Officer
Derek Monk

I am a motivated entrepreneur with previous ownership of the company Bahama Hog. Bahama Hog was a brand I created that targeted the fishing and spearfishing market in south Florida. I created designs that were copyrighted and printed on T-shirts. The primary sales channels included retail, online, and international trade shows. I have taken what I have learned from growing this business and applied it to creating Innovative Cookware Solutions. Other entrepreneurial aspects include maintaining foreign relationships and importing product from overseas to successfully sell here in the US. Everything learned will be applied to making Innovative Cookware Solutions and the Bacon Pan a big success.


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Derek Monk

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