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Aug 18, 2016 10:58 AM ET

Archived: Drone Labs, LLC – Drone Detector® protects people and property from drones. Through detection and electronic warfare (EW) countermeasures we can quickly and safely remove the threat posed by recreational and commercial drones.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2016

Drone Labs, LLC Logo

Drone Labs, LLC

Austin, TX 78704, US
Business Products & Services

Drone Detector® protects people and property from drones. Through detection and electronic warfare (EW) countermeasures we can quickly and safely remove the threat posed by recreational and commercial drones.

Drone Labs is a drone detection and countermeasure company. We are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering accurate drone detection, excellent service, and a reasonable price.

Drone Labs is established as a limited liability company owned by its two co-founders. The company will be managed and directed by Zain Naboulsi, a veteran developer with over 20 years of experience, and Phil Wheat, an experienced software architect and robotics expert with over 20 years’ experience growing technical startups. Naboulsi will serve as the company’s CEO and Wheat as the company’s CTO.

Products / Services

Drone Detector®

Drone Detector® alerts customers to the presence of drones through multiple layers of protection: audio, radio frequency, video, thermal, and radar. Once detected, our countermeasures will defeat the drone using a variety of techniques including jamming and drone hijacking. Today we implement audio and radio frequency detection with video, thermal, and radar on our roadmap. Additionally, our countermeasures are due to be implemented in early 2016 with appropriate funding.



President Executive Officer
Zain Naboulsi

Zain NaboulsiHealthy mix of executive management experience in building and operating technical companies as well as being a technical resource to large organizations. Passionate about identifying technology-enabled disruptive solutions to under-served markets. For over 20 years Zain has been working with the latest technologies. He’s been a business owner, developer, software consultant, and educator since 1995. He currently is the Co-Founder and CEO of Drone Labs, LLC the creators of Drone Detector®. Zain also writes the Drone Detector Blog where he discusses issues in the emerging drone detection market.

Vice President Executive Officer
Phil Wheat

Phil WheatPhilip Wheat started out in development back when you learned from Compute Magazine (by typing in the code) and had to know something about soldering to expand your memory with most computers. It brought him to the attention of Texas Instruments, which called him to their Dallas campuses and enabled him to work with the early stages some of the groundbreaking technologies that are in use today, such as ASIC design, DLP manufacturing, DSP development, and floor and wafer fabrication systems (plus some other things he still can’t talk about). He spent several years at Catapult Systems as their most demanded consultant, being called in to Microsoft to do briefings regularly. He then worked with the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism group as the Community Architect Evangelist for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Some of his personal projects include Embedded Systems, Knowledge Management, Augmented Reality, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems.

Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Michael Boggs

Michael BoggsMichael Boggs is the Chief Operations Officer at Drone Labs, LLC. Additionally, he leads the Supply Chain Management and Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Assessment practices. Prior to joining Drone Labs, he was a Co-Founder of the Stunsl Group, which was established in 2006. In addition to the 5 years of consulting experience with the Stunsl Group he has over 20 years of experience in the grocery and semiconductor industries holding leadership roles in both. Mr. Boggs has focused his knowledge on supplier development, supplier management, business performance improvement and new business development which has included organization development and support contract negotiations. He has also helped a number of start-ups get off the ground, both for profit and non-profit.


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Zain Naboulsi

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