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Aug 17, 2016 12:59 EST

Modbook Inc.: We make the Mac tablet that Apple won’t — a full-featured, all-in-one pen tablet convertible for power and performance dependent Mac users

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2016

Modbook Inc.

Modbook Inc.

We make the Mac tablet that Apple won’t


We make the Mac tablet that Apple won’t — a full-featured, all-in-one pen tablet convertible for power and performance dependent Mac users.

These users, desperate for workstation-class mobility solutions, represent a $1.8b global market opportunity that iPad and other tablets can’t address. Only our latest flagship product, the Modbook Pro X, unlocks the maximum workflow fluidity these users require for optimum productivity.

Led and advised by former Apple managers, Modbook has successfully established a strong brand with a proven record of manufacturing and shipping Mac-based solutions, and has built an active business platform powered by a reliable, flexible and scalable ecommerce system serving customers in 70 countries to date.

The Pro X has stirred intense media and consumer interest. Supported by $403k in pledges brought in by our Kickstarter Top 100 success, the world’s only Mac tablet convertible promises to quickly make headway in this high-profit-margin market.








Modbook CEO Andreas Haas last Manager of Newton Systems Group at Apple


A. Haas begins development of first-generation Tablet Mac

AUGUST, 2004

First-generation Tablet Mac, Axiotron Modbook, wins Best of Show at Macworld Expo SF


A. Haas takes Axiotron public

AUGUST, 2008

A. Haas and Steve Wozniak debut first 15-inch Tablet Mac concept at Macworld Expo SF


A. Haas begins development of Modbook Pro

MARCH, 2011

Modbook Inc. established


Modbook Pro debuts to enthusiastic media and customer response

JUNE, 2012

Modbook Pro orders begin with launch of ecommerce platform


Modbook Pro ships


Modbook begins domination of page-one Google SERPs for “modbook” and “mac tablet”

MAY, 2013

Kickstarter for Modbook Pro X launches with $150k goal

JULY, 2014

Kickstarter for Modbook Pro X closes with $403k pledges


Modbook Pro X development undergoes revision to expand support for more Apple base systems

MAY, 2015

Modbook Pro X development complete

JUNE, 2016

Begin sales and marketing preparation for Modbook Pro X launch in Q4

JULY, 2016


I’m a gadget guy so I love to collect new, interesting things… and what an incredible device this [Modbook Pro] is.
Steve WozniakCo-Founder Apple Inc.
Steve Wozniak
The power and mobility of the Modbook Pro are a game changer for me.
Kody ChamberlainProfessional Illustrator & Comic Book Artist
Kody Chamberlain
Nothing compares to the power of a MacBook Pro and a Cintiq in the form of a Modbook Pro in one’s hands, anywhere you go.
Tommy CastilloProfessional Illustrator & Comic Book Artist
Tommy Castillo
Forget the Microsoft Surface: the Modbook Pro X is a Mac/iPad hybrid … the only way [it] will ever become a reality.
Cult Of MacWeb Publisher of Apple-related Insider News
Cult Of Mac
The hardware is impressive, feels sturdy and durable. The Modbook Pro is a remarkable achievement and perfect for those who demand portability.
TechCrunch#1 Web Publisher of Technology Industry News
We have always been impressed by the Modbook. Sturdy and strong. Great for creating design work on the move.
MacWorldPreeminent Web Publisher Dedicated to Apple
‘Modbook Tablet Is a Designer’s BFF.’ Impressively versatile… formidable engineering kung fu.
WIRED MagazinePremier Emerging Technology Magazine
WIRED Magazine


Andreas Haas

Andreas Haas

CEO, Co-founder and Lead-Engineer

Andreas held various management positions at Apple in Europe, including the Newton Systems Group, Apple’s Portable Product Lines, and Professional Desktop and Server Systems. He launched the first Mac-based tablet as CEO of Axiotron, which he took public in Toronto in 2008.
Contact Information:

Andreas Haas

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