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Aug 17, 2016 7:47 PM ET

Archived: Inspiration Through Poetry is unique in a very special way – each poem included in this book was inspired by something or someone and includes the backstory of how each and every poem came to be

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2016
It is with great joy that I present my book ‘Inspiration Through Poetry’ to you.
It is with great joy that I present my book ‘Inspiration Through Poetry’ to you.

About this project

My Project….. My name is Brenda Joy Gilmore and it is with great joy that I present my book ‘Inspiration Through Poetry’ to you. So why am I utilizing ‘Kickstarter’ to fund my project????? And I quote:

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you”…..by the late Maya Angelou.

Yes, I believe that Kickstarter is the platform that will allow me the opportunity and means to launch my purpose in life.

My Purpose….. It is my passionate desire to be an inspirational blessing to all who seek comfort, encouragement, hope, joy and peace through my gift of writing. I want to inspire children, teenagers, young adults, adults {single and married}, parents, students and educators. Simply stated, my inspiration is all inclusive. …..Yes, my passionate desire is my purpose!

My Book….. ‘Inspiration Through Poetry’ has been a constant labor of love for me. What started out as a compilation of eleven poems in 1992 grew into a compilation of thirty-four poems in 2013. Again, not only is my book a true labor of love but it is also unique in a very special way. You see, each poem included in this book was inspired by something or someone {i.e. children, joyous occasions, unfortunate incidents, the gift of life, expected/unexpected death, personal life altering experiences, etc.}. As such, my book includes the backstory of how each and every poem came to be {i.e. the context}. It should also be noted that each poem is accompanied by personally selected beautiful/breathtaking photographs.

Chapter Breakdown…..

• Chapter One:     Encouragement {four poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Two:    Grief/Loss {five poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Three:  Guidance {four poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Four:    Life {three poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Five:     Love {four poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Six:      My Family {six poems, backstories and images}

• Chapter Seven: Self-Reflection {seven poems, backstories and six-images}

*Acknowledgements {one poem, backstory and image}

Additional Highlights…..

• landscape pages {11 x 8.5} • seventy-two pages {cover to cover}

• thirty-three full-color photographs/images

• a powerful dedication page which explains the overall concept of my book

Illustrations…..  All of the images included in my book were taken by Mr. Paul T. Schmitt; whom I fondly refer to as Mr. Photographer Extraordinaire. I have known Paul since 1992 and it was during a random conversation that my poems met his images. I must say…..it was love at first sight. You see, although photography is Paul’s hobby {I still believe it’s his passion} he offered to share some of his stock with me. In short, Paul has an eye and the ability to capture those shots that take your breath away. And for the past twenty-four years, with the exception of three images used from my own personal stock, Paul has provided all of the images for my poetry. And yes, I must admit that I still get excited when Paul shares new stock with me; like a kid waiting to open a gift on their birthday.

My Decision to Self-Publish…..  As some of you may know, poetry is one of the hardest genres to publish. And while some literary agents make it clear that they do not accept queries for poetry, others are hit or miss. Not only that, I was told by one publishing company that I would have to change the overall format of my book {i.e. portrait instead of landscape, white page instead of colored pages, smaller images instead of larger images, etc.}. Yes, I was expected to change my entire book; to make it fit into someone else’ box. Thus, self-publishing is the only route left for me to take.

Again, my book is a true labor of love and is unique in a very special way. As such, I have decided that funding my book through Kickstarter because publishing a high-quality inspirational book is a costly endeavor. And after two years of attempting to fund my book myself, I have decided to welcome others to help me reach my goal. With that being said, I am hoping that everyone that reads about my project will help me bring my purpose to pass.

My Goal…..  My campaign’s project goal is $6,599. Again, I am talking about a high-quality, full-color and photography filled inspirational book. Reaching my project goal will allow me to purchase a starter batch of books. I expect that at least 50% of my stock will go towards fulfilling the fundraiser rewards. Thus, the remaining books will be sold online with the profits going back into my self-publishing business {i.e. printing costs for additional books, marketing, shipping, etc.}.

$5,390.00 – Layout, Printing, Binding and Packaging

$645.00 – Estimated Shipping/Included in the Reward Amount {USPS Priority Mail}

$314.00 – Estimated Kickstarter Hosting Fee

$250.00 – Unforeseen Miscellaneous Fees


That Is All For Now….. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my project. Now I hope that you will take it a couple of steps further {i.e. select a reward and share with your friends}.

Risks and challenges

Risk and Challenges….. My book is ready to be printed. With that being said, once my target goal is attained or exceeded, the printing company will be given the green light.

Contact Information:

Brenda Joy Gilmore

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