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Aug 17, 2016 3:27 PM ET

FLAyK is a mobile/web app that revolutionizes how families manage their day-to-day lives by creating an easy to use, interactive central hub to organize daily tasks, lists, events, and life in general.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2016


Newport, RI 02840, US

FLAyK is a mobile/web app that revolutionizes how families manage their day-to-day lives by creating an easy to use, interactive central hub to organize daily tasks, lists, events, and life in general. Flayk – because life happens

Flayk makes managing family life easy. Events are entered into a shared family calendar but unlike other apps, Flayk allows for easy intra-family communication without back & forth group texting. The ability to ‘Flayk’ an event insures If someone can’t complete it, someone else knows to pick it up. Moms get support as kids earn points with completed events. Flayk allows families to incentivize tasks, juggle multiple families and provide flexibility for when life happens.

There are tons of organization apps made for the “perfect” family, but none have a thought-out set of features that allow a family to react when ‘real life happens’. Calendars that are read-only reminder tools don’t allow flexibility when unforeseen changes occur. Moms do it all or serve as ‘reminder-in-chief’ as kids aren’t incentivized to help keep the family on plan. Stressing if there is backup coverage when an event changes can ruin family time.

Flayk. Just as every snowflake is unique, Flayk’s unique set of features provides the avenue for every family – perfect or not – to plan ahead and motivate reliability, while recognizing that not everything always goes to plan. Flayk helps build a strong family ecosystem based on
visibility around upcoming events, cooperation and reward in sticking to the plan, and peace of mind that if plan changes, Flayk will help us get through it.

Products / Services

Family Calendar

easy to use family calendar that allows a intra-family viewing and updating. Unlike the other read-only calendar apps, Flayk knows things will change. Events are created with the ability to set as recurring and set up multiple reminders for all.

Lists can be updated on the go as everyone can add / delete items and all have access so no more forgetting of the kids forgetting equipment for practice

Events can viewed in Daily view or Monthly view to see what ahead

Flayk feature

The Flayk feature allows a family member to “flayk” on an event due to an unforeseen change in plans. (I can’t pick up daughter at soccer due to working late). All family members are alerted and when another member picks up the event (Dad can step in), everyone knows that the back up plan is set without back & forth lengthy group texting and confusion around which field or what time. (all event details move with the event)

Rewards System

Flaky allows Mom or Dad to assign rewards and points so kids are incentivized to help out around their events.

50 points for remembering piano lessons motivates the child to insure things run smoothly.

At 500 points, he /she can pick what we have for dinner Friday night or what movie we watch. (rewards can evolve as responsibility increases)

Flayk 2.0 will tie rewards to Google Pay and Apple Wallet so children’s smartphones are the conduit for weekly / monthly allowances

Multiple Families

Flayk allows you to maintain up to 5 families – all on one screen. Between extended families and nannies and dog walkers and sitters, we all have families beyond our the ones under our roof.
Color coded by family, no more trying to keep it all straight across multiple calendars; Flayk manages you to logistical bliss, no matter how extended your family is.



Chief Development
Mike Seeger

Mike Seeger

Consulting Development
Axial Agency

Axial is a leading edge full-service digital agency that has partnered with Flayk since inception. From strategy to design to the technical development, Axial has helped Flayk focus on creating an app that is both extremely user-friendly and delivers more than expected

Contact Information:

Chief Development - Mike Seeger

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