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Aug 17, 2016 2:08 PM ET

Archived: Arrivals is a project (an album, music videos, and live tour) sparking needed conversation about our stories, communities, and society

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2016

Arrivals – a brand new full-length studio album and tour!

Arrivals is a project (an album, music videos, and live tour) sparking needed conversation about our stories, communities, and society.

About this project

Hey. I’m jason.

Eight years ago, I got a degree in Philosophy from Yale.

Four years ago, I moved to Los Angeles to be a rapper. My mission: to speak hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.

Since then, I’ve made music and poems about family. Mental health. Superheroes. And hope.

These songs have reached 30,000+ people live, and 675,000+ online. They’ve started conversations around the world, from New York to Hong Kong to Tunisia.

My music has led me to partner with organizations like The White House, the California government, and the Urbana conference, where I’ve seen people:

  • Choose to seek help for depression
  • Change a college major to pursue a calling toward art and community service
  • Reconnect with faith
  • Commit to working against bullying in their schools.

For the last year, my team and I have been working on a new album that will take this impact to the next level. We call it:

Arrivals is a mixed media platform: music, videos, and live experiences that open hearts, start difficult conversations, and bring healing.

For the music of Arrivals, I teamed up with my college friend JOE KYE, one of Sacramento’smost respected folk/pop artists. Joe’s catchy indiepop melodies and sparse hip-hop drums made a perfect complement for my conversational, emotional storytelling.

Arrivals is an album of stories and journeys. Each of its ten tracks brings light to difficult areas of my life, and the lives around me: from struggling with financial stability and passion, to healing from depression, to learning the meaning of love.

This album is filled with community: producers LCKSMTH, Soul Catalyst, and DansonnBeats; and vocalists Olivia Thai, Ruth Cho, Peter Su, Jessica Louise, FUZZY,MattAlmodiel, and Chance Calloway. They’ve been contestants on The Voice/American Idol, Kpop producers, and social media stars – but, more importantly, we’re friends. Roommates. Family.

My team has planned out three high-quality music video campaigns that span the next year:

  • Live If I Breathe: Addressing depression, mental health, and healing.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen: Touching on the warmth of food and family gatherings.
  • I See (Little Sister): Speaking out on media’s portrayals of women.

We’ll also be releasing other videos, collaborations, and a webseries – all aimed at starting the conversations we need to have.

I’m going to be traveling around the country (LA, New York, the Bay Area, Denver, St. Louis, and more) to share my music. But it’s not just about my story: I want to hear from, and create with, you.

The Arrivals Story Night Tour isn’t the usual album release tour. Beyond promoting me and my music, I want to hear your stories and create songs and poems with you, on the spot.

I can’t do this on my own.

To launch The Arrivals Project, and start covering the up-front costs of producing the album, we need to raise at least $10,000. This will make it possible for us to create powerful videos and engaging live events, and bring them to the audiences who need them most.

Can you help me speak up?

Because you never know who might need to listen.

We’re excited to offer backers early access to the album, exclusive merchandise, and even opportunities to collaborate on personalized poems, freestyles, and songs!

The physical Arrivals album comes as a special-edition 22-page unbound magazine featuring 11 photographs from my childhood and travels, plus a digital download. Each image illustrates a track on the album, and is paired with a poem or story further exploring that song’s theme – onlyfound here, never to be reproduced elsewhere!

  • Booster – $1: I’ll personally thank you and shout you out on Twitter for your support!
  • Economy – $10: Be the first to get early digital access to the Arrivals album!
  • Economy Plus – $20: Get a copy of the special physical album/magazine shipped directly to you, signed by me! While you wait – listen to the Arrivals album via digital download.
  • Business Class – $35: Get an exclusive Arrivals merchandise (a t-shirt OR a hat and lanyard), and the physical album/magazine shipped to you! + Arrivals download.
  • First Class – $50: I’ll record a freestyle (45-60 seconds) just for you, on a topic of your choice! +Arrivals download.
  • Flight Crew – $60: Feel like a part of the crew with an Arrivals hoodie and the physical album/magazine! + Arrivals download.
  • Jetsetter – $75: Travel like a jetsetter with a drawstring bag filled with all of my albums (including the out-of-print THE UNCOOL, Much Love., MILLENNIAL, Some Day Soon…, and Arrivals) and Arrivals merch (hat + secret items). + Arrivals download.
  • Exclusive Flight – $100: I’ll write a custom poem, based on a topic we collaborate on together via email, and send you a recording of me reciting it! + Arrivals download.
  • Private Flight – $125: I’ll write and record a custom poem for you, and mail you a handwritten copy of the poem, along with a copy of the physical Arrivals album/magazine! + Arrivals download.
  • Chartered Flight – $200: I’ll handwrite a custom poem on a poster I design specially for you from a never-before-seen photograph that I took in my travels! Also includes full Flight Crew tier rewards!
  • Flight Instructor – $250: Let’s hang out for 60 minutes (either in-person or a one-on-one video chat): you can get my feedback on your art/music/poetry, talk about life, or just chat about justice, faith, and culture! + Arrivals download.
  • Co-Pilot – $350: Get the full Flight Instructor rewards – and one of everything: an Arrivals hoodie, t-shirt, hat, lanyard, pins, deluxe limited edition album/magazine, and other goodies!
  • Pilot – $500: Over lunch at my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles (my team will cover the meal, but not your travel costs! If you can’t get to LA, we can do a 90 minute video chat), we’ll collaborate on a short poem/song – then my team will shoot a video for it that afternoon! I’ll also hand-deliver you the physicalArrivals album/magazine and a t-shirt OR hat + lanyard.
  • Patron – $1000: I’ll write a custom song for you, including new music commissioned from one of myArrivals collaborators, and send you handwritten lyrics on a poster designed for you, along with a recording that you can use as you’d like! Also the full Co-Pilot reward.
  • Tour Sponsor – $1,500: I’ll fly to you (travel to and from your location is additional) and perform theArrivals album in full, plus hold a 30-60 minute Q&A/workshop! Also the full Co-Pilot reward.

In-flight service

Want to upgrade? We offer the following options:

  • Add $5 to any pledge including the physical album/magazine to upgrade to the deluxe limited edition – with a physical CD, two extra photographs, and two exclusive poems! (Limited to 100 copies)
  • More Add-Ons to be announced!


Breakdown of $10,000 goal:

  • Music Videos: $2500 each
  • Merchandise (cost of manufacturing rewards): $1600
  • Kickstarter fees: $900

Music video budget breakdown ($2500 total):

  • Gear and Equipment: $500
  • Director: $400
  • Producer: $400
  • Makeup and Wardrobe: $100
  • Camera Operators: $400
  • Locations: $200
  • Food and Hospitality: $100
  • Editor: $200
  • Actors/Talent: $200

Risks and challenges

We have already completed recording and mixing/mastering of the album, and physical merchandise is in production. in addition, our team has already carried out several similar projects prior to this. There is very low risk and challenge in the completion of this project and its rewards.

Contact Information:

jason chu

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