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Aug 16, 2016 10:30 AM ET

Whirly Golf™ is designed to help make the “Game of Golf Grow”, by getting kids and charities involved

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016

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Whirly Golf

Issaquah, WA 98029, US
Consumer Products

Whirly Golf™ is designed to help make the “Game of Golf Grow”, by getting kids and charities involved.

Our initial product looks like a castle and gets kids and adults of all ages engaged. We have 3 different color schemes that correspond to the charities represented. A small amount of each sale will go directly to the charity.
1.Red-White-Blue for the Wounded Warriors and the USA (when we go to different countries we will make the product the same color as their flag)
2. Pink for cancer
3. Orange is being negotiated.



We are starting in the US, then to the Asian market, and then Europe. It is extremely easy to get interest because every country wants to grow the best golfers and they already have training facilities in place. To show you the magnitude of Whirly Golf™, at the PGA Show we got an order for a container full of units by the Kenya government.

So far, we have invested just under $900,000 and have everything in place, we just need the final $300,000 to redo our molds, purchase inventory and obtain a worldwide patent. We even have a pending sale to a major US sporting goods store for 10,000 units and much more. (This 1 sale nets us $350,000)

We were contacted by representatives of Arnold Palmer who might become our Global Ambassador. He is waiting to see the final product. (If he does become our Global Ambassador the Orange color will be for his Children’s Hospital.)

We have a PPM ready for your review and are open to any kind of funding. You will find we are able to repay your investment quickly. We anticipate to have your investment back to you within a year of first sale and a 10 time return in 5 years.

When you visit our website www.WhirlyGolfLimited.com please have your sound on so you can hear our introduction by Jim Kelly of ESPN.

We look forward to having you join our quality team. We have everyone and everything in place. Besides the financial benefit you will gain access to special golf courses, gratification and

Products / Services

Castle model

Please check our website for design and photos.
We have engineered detailed changes in our PPM.

The castle model stands approximately 4’6’’ and extends out 36’’ and weighs approximately 14 pounds. Our cost landed in the US is around $35, we will wholesale for $65 and retail for $99.

It is made with a high density polystyrene that has been designed for us, to flex with the force of a real golf ball, have fantastic UV characteristics and able to handle both hot and cold weather.

We are also going to include a stuff sack to store all the parts, a 1′ by 2′ hitting mat and 12 Whirly balls. (3 blue, 3 pink, 3 orange and 3 white)

Whirly ball

Our proprietary practice ball is engineered with marble powder, 2 different types of nylon and a fiberglass composite.
It simulates a real golf ball without the liability. It even has the clicking sound and the same distance up to 50 feet of a real golf ball. You will also be surprised how much like a real ball that it putts.
The ball has been designed to break up if the child swings too hard. Instructors love this ball and its characteristics. There is no other ball like it!
We are going to start with 4 colors: blue, pink, orange and white.

Note, our castle model is designed to accept the force of a real golf ball.



Review, Whirly Golf Executive Team document.


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Hap Self CEO [email protected]

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