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Aug 16, 2016 12:09 PM ET

Archived: FLAVORVANIL LLC – 30 years of experience in Vanilla sourcing supply and application: With Vanilla TemptationTM, you can tailor your Cup Flavor at home, at the office or at your working place or even when traveling

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Miami, FL 33129, US
Consumer Products

30 years of experience in Vanilla sourcing supply and application . Start marketing , an individual serving stick 100% natural Vanilla , to Flavor c coffee cups, cappuccino Cafe Latte , Machiatto , Cup of tea etc… It’s not a Flavor syrup . It’s only 3 ml of Natural Bourbon vanilla , No Sugar , No colorant , No Additive .
350 Millions of Coffe cup a day consomption in the U.S . Out of this number 35% are drinking Flavored Coffe = 122 Millions a day . Vanilla Flavor is #1 Flavor
for 42 Millions a Day . With Vanilla Temptation TM , You can tailor your Cup Flavor , at home , at the office or at your working place or even when traveling .

14 individual sticks are packed in an elegant box . It’s a Natural Vanilla Flavor as big as you may have been dreaming about .

Products / Services

Natural Vanilla Flavor

Natural Flavor with application in individual drinks , which include Coffee cups , tea cups . cold drinks , with also extended application in pastry and dessert .



President Business Development
Marc Colin

Marc ColinFLAVORVANIL LLC , was initially founded to supply major Extract Manufacturing industry with high grade of Vanilla as a supply source directly from producing country in Indian Ocean . The last 3 years after studying the strong development 60% / Year , of premium coffee and individual capsule . like K Cup , Nesspresso , etc…
the Flavor segment is only occupied by the Flavor Syrup , mostly produced by 3 companies , with the same low ingredient . Individual serving is out of question . Syrup is sold in bottles and serving recommanded is minimum 3 pump shots per drink which is => 30 ml / drink , versus Vanilla Temptation which is 3.ml/ per serving.
Flavor profile is much higher , 100% Natural and NOT with other Natural Flavor (WONF) .


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
7 years 3 Beverages


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Marc Colin

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