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Aug 16, 2016 1:38 PM ET

Craft & Co – Artemis Distilled Australian Gin is a classic juniper gin inspired by history, cocktails and the scientific method

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016

Artemis Gin

Artemis Distilled Australian Gin is a classic juniper gin inspired by history, cocktails and the scientific method.


Derv is a scientist and Sebastian is the house distiller at the Craft & Co and loves all things booze, especially researching and viewing history through the prism of cocktails. They have both been slowly steeped in the alcohol industry in one way or another for more years than they would care to remember, and the step to creating their own spirit is a small one.

Every bottle of Artemis Distilled Australian Gin is proudly distilled by Derv and Seb in Collingwood, Melbourne at the Craft & Co.





The Gin


Artemis is a fresh juniper forward dry gin, with traditional and modern botanicals adding complexity and balance. Our namesake Artemisia fills out the middle palate, then we use a little local eucalyptus to boost the juniper. There’s lots of sweet spice flavour including nutmeg and cassia, then savoury notes from grains of paradise and Thai red ginger. The clean finish is juniper and bright citrus from native finger limes and coriander. Artemis is bottled stronger than usual at 44% alcohol to give the juniper a little extra punch.



We got our early recipes from old gin manuals ofthe 1800s and adapted these to include some uniquely Australian flavours and modern distilling techniques. Artemis Distilled Australian Gin is a traditional London Dry style, with some amazing Australian botanicals to add subtle power and complexity to the classic flavours.


Artemisia, our namesake botanical, is the dominant flavour in dry vermouth, and our gin is the perfect drop for a classic Martini. Artemis is the ancient Greek goddess of purity, wilderness, mountains, and fertility. She was a huntress, and protector of nature, famed for her precision and purity. We think she is the perfect inspiration for gin!


Artemis is glorious in a Martini or G&T, but the clean juniper and spiciness of the Artemisia really shine in Derv and Seb’s favourite cocktails, the Negroni and the White Lady.





Artemis gin is made in collaboration with The Craft & Co. distilled in small batches in the beautiful 180lt hand beaten Carl copper pot still. This is a gentle still, with 3 plates, that hits the balance retaining the character of the botanicals and control of the process.


We distil using a traditional one shot method, all our botanicals are macerated then distilled in tiny batches. Each batch takes a few days of maceration and two days to distil. You can’t rush our gin, the traditional batch method takes time, and every step is done by our hands.



The scientist and the bartender


Derv left bartending to become a Scientist and like the rest of her scientific breed she enjoys mucking about with things to see how they work. This means making an amazing gin by exploring the science of flavour and trying out an uncommon business model to take Artemis Gin from a crazy idea all the way to sending the liquid in the bottle to you!


Seb has spent his entire working life in the liquor industry. He has condensed all his skills to become the the house distiller at The Craft & Co, where he runs experimental distillations and collaborations. The temptation to make his own Ginwas too much and he has given in.


Derv and Seb bring complimentary ways of thinking to crafting their gin; history, cocktails and science. Over the last few months Derv and Seb have been running micro-distillations in the front window at the Craft & Co, using the scientific method to refine the recipe from a shared inspiration, to a list of ingredients.



The business


Artemis gin is not a traditional business, we’re building a sustainable and resilient small business that means we can concentrate on what we love, creating the very best gin possible. Artemis Gin is a place built from slow craft, attention to detail, and the time to explore and experiment with flavour.

It’s just the two of us at the moment so when we need help we are very lucky to be surrounded by extraordinary people. Without our friends and family there is no way we could have made this come to life. We never dreamed we would need, let alone employ, a designer and video editor. Until now we did not appreciate the depth of talent and professionalism that dwells in our circle and have developed a new appreciation of the everyday working lives of our friends. So whenever possible, Artemis supports people and businesses who are local so we get spend our money with friends, and expand all of our horizons.

We have the opportunity to make Artemis Gin a resource which is why we are blogging our distillation process, including trouble shooting our draft recipes and basically sharing how and why everything is done from beginning to end. We also want you to join us and help us to create our experimental editions.


It is against the law to supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.
All deliveries of Artemis Distilled Australian Gin must be received and signed for by a person over the age of 18 years.

All orders for pick will require photo ID.

We are unable to post to PO Boxes.

Victorian Producers Licence:

Gypsy Brewing Co. Pty Ltd.

Licence number: 32604444

How The Funds Will Be Used

So far we have used our savings to seed Artemis and we want to grow our tiny business so we can reach our goal of owning our own distillery in 1-2 years. So far we have funded everything ourselves which means we could make a beautiful gin, design our label, and purchase everything needed to get that lovely liquid into a bottle including buying 1100 bottles at a time! Your generosity now will go directly to making our first batch of gin and for that support you will get a bottle of the first batch of Artemis Gin!

The Challenges

We’re all ready to go to make our first batch of gin, but we need your support to take Artemis beyond our first run to become an exceptional local spirit. We need as many supporters as possible to taste and share our gin, because we know that once people try it, they will come back for more.


Contact Information:

Dervilla McGowan

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