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Aug 16, 2016 3:08 PM ET

Archived: CardioWise, Inc. is a cardiac imaging analysis company that simplifies the diagnosis of heart disease, provides access to the diagnosis, and improves standards of cardiac care, while reducing the cost of healthcare

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2016

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Cardiowise Inc.

Fayetteville, AR 72701, US
Medical Devices & Equipment

CardioWise, Inc. is a cardiac imaging analysis company that simplifies the diagnosis of heart disease, provides access to the diagnosis, and improves standards of cardiac care, while reducing the cost of healthcare. Leveraging its cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform technology, CardioWise provides easy to interpret 3D color maps of heart function to cardiologists and patients on any mobile device over a secure portal.
There are several major challenges in imaging, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD):
• Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world.
• Diagnostic imaging is subject to interpretation, and errors in diagnosis & communication.
• There is limited access to images and reports for referring physicians & patients.
• Clinical practice guidelines need new metrics.
• Healthcare costs are increased since unnecessary procedures are performed.

CardioWise quantitative analysis solutions can help to meet these challenges.
• Screen high-risk patients for early signs of disease. Global heart function in early stages of disease can appear normal while having areas of damage that can spread if not treated properly. CardioWise analysis can detect these early damaged regions, monitor them closely for onset of irreversible injury and allow timelier surgical referrals.
• Simplify diagnosis of CVD by providing heart functional analysis in a 3D graphical format that is understandable to cardiac surgeons, referring physicians & patients.
• Provide access to physicians and patients so that cardiologists, referring physicians and patients can make informed decisions about their care.
• Improve Standards of Care by introducing regional quantitative analysis of cardiac function that indicates to cardiac surgeons when the intervention needs to take place to prevent onset of serious disease.
• Reduce CVD healthcare costs by providing guidance for cardiac surgeons to perform needed procedures & eliminate needless ones.

Products / Services

CardioWise Cardiac Analysis

CardioWise Technology
CardioWise Cardiac Analysis is a highly accurate mathematical model of the heart that measures strain in 4D and compares it to a strain database of healthy hearts at 15,000 points. Results are displayed on any mobile device in an easy-to-read, quantitative, 3D color model in which blue indicates normal heart function and red indicates abnormal function. CardioWise analysis was developed over 12 years with $16M in funding from the NIH at Washington U. Cardiowise has continued to develop its service through a Seed round of $550k and an NSF SBIR grant of $180k by adding the cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) capability. CardioWise analysis software technology is a platform technology that can be applied to image data from other cardiac imaging modalities that will extend the analysis product to additional market opportunities in the future.



Director Executive Officer
Omid Mogahdam

Omid Moghadam is an inventor and serial entrepreneur with 22 years of experience in commercializing new health technologies. He is the CEO of Ascendant Dx, a firm developing clinical tests based on newly discovered protein biomarkers. Prior to Ascendant he was at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Biomedical Informatics, where he focused on applications of genomics in clinical practice. Previously, he co-founded ventures in genomics (Xovo & Intel Genomics) and electronic health records (Dossia). In the past, he has held executive positions with CGI and Kodak, where he spearheaded innovations in cardiac imaging, cryptography and digital photography. He is Chairman of the Board of Ascendant Dx, and CardioWise, and serves on the board of NanoWatt Design, Osteovantage, and Health-e Pty of Australia and advisory boards of Life Time Health Diary, and Mymee.com. He has served as an advisor to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California Healthcare Foundation and Children’s Hospital Boston.

Director Executive Officer
Calvin Goforth

Calvin Goforth, Founder and CEO, VIC Technology Venture Development. Dr. Goforth has extensive start-up company development experience in founder, investor, board member, and executive roles. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Subsequently, he took a position as an Assistant Professor at the U. of Arkansas where he received the school’s Halliburton Outstanding Researcher Award in Mechanical Engineering for three straight years before leaving his faculty position to form Vector, Inc. to develop PC-based controllers. Product sales ramped up quickly and the company was sold at the end of its second year of operations. Dr. Goforth’s experiences with Vector and other technology companies led him to found VIC. At VIC he developed the company’s virtual enterprising business model to support the development of technology start-ups. VIC now has four branches across the country and is supporting a portfolio of high impact companies.

Chief Executive Officer
Jack Coats

Jack Coats is an entrepreneur and executive with 30+ years of experience in medical device and medical imaging companies specializing in imaging, software, radiation oncology and nanotechnology characterization and commercialization. He has an MS in Physics from the Univ of Missouri and has completed an MBA executive course at the Wharton Business School. As VP at Varian Medical Systems, Jack drove the development of the integrated systems solution. As President of Nucletron Inc, he established a groundbreaking strategy to develop innovative products that enabled body-site specific treatments for breast, prostate, and rectal cancer. At FEI Co, he led the NanoBiology group into a premier market position in characterization of nano-based biomaterials. He established Xradia as the imaging technology leader in osteoporosis research. At Vision RT, Ltd, the leading supplier of imaging equipment and software for image-guided radiation treatments, he serves on the Board of Directors

Chief Technology Officer
Geoffrey Dalbow

Geoffrey Dalbow, CTO, is a proven executive and healthcare technology innovator with extensive experience in the research and development of imaging solutions for the detection and diagnosis of disease. Geoffrey was able to introduce breakthrough imaging and therapy technologies that transformed the way healthcare is practiced. Geoffrey has guided startups to IPO, and led acquisitions of symbiotic technologies to round out a product portfolio, so as to achieve first-to-market and often market-leading status. He led R2 Technologies a computer-aided image detection, Software as a Service company to a successful exit through the sale of the company to Hologic for $220 M on $45 M in revenues.

Chief Engineering
Ammar Darkazanli, Ph.D.

Amma Darkazanli is a proven leader in developing mission critical software; FDA Compliant software with expertise in MRI software analysis and Agile Software Development.
At Varian Medical Systems he served as Sr. Director of Software Development; at Roper/CIVCO he was Dir. of Software Engineering; at Boston Scientific he served as a Software Fellow with primary responsibility for Design Assurance of complex system design. He was also Software Manager in charge of application architecture in enterprise Class III medical devices using agile methodologies at Boston Scientific.


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