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Aug 16, 2016 5:20 PM ET

Archived: Beverly – Most products cater to one particular hair texture. Beauty Brat LLC formulates its own products that cater to all hair textures – shampoos, conditioners, creams and gels and top-selling Moisturizing Butter Cream

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United States
Newport News, United States / Cosmetics Sales
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Beverly’s story

I was born in Richmond, VA but raised in Lancaster, Ca. The transition from Virginia to California was rough, especially since all of my family and friends were in Virginia. However, it was a hard decision my mother had to make to provide a better life for me. Being raised in a single parent household, I witnessed my mother doing everything she could to provide for me. She was definitely a great role model that helped mold my future. When I turned 18, I decided to spread my wings and fly. After many years of “soul searching”, I finally ended up in the career that I am in today; Hair styling. Hair is my passion! I’ve always felt that my purpose in life is to help others feel good about themselves. This field gives me that gratification.

My life hasn’t been the best, but I have made the best of it. I used my struggle as motivation to get to where I am now. During the year 2011, I made a lot of life changing decisions. That year was a huge turning point for me. I decided to make a change and get out of an abusive marriage. It was a tough decision that had to be made for the sake of me and my son. After my divorce, I moved back to Virginia to have a fresh start at life. Since the move, I have made so many positive steps forward towards my dream. My dream is to one day own a full service spa and salon. Accomplishing that dream will also help me accomplish my goal of being a role model for my son. I want him to be able to understand that no matter what struggles you may face in life; you can still achieve your dreams! 

This loan is special because:

It supports a single mother on the way fulfilling her dream of a full service spa and salon

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

As a hairstylist, I have noticed a lot of my clients have a dry scalp issue. In 2013, I created my own moisturizing cream for the scalp. I started using it on my hair and then used it on my clients. After a couple of uses, my clients would come back and ask me about the product I used on their hair. I informed them it was something I created and they begin asking if I sold the product. Once I saw the huge demand for it, it motivated me to do more research on hair care products. I’ve noticed that there are many products that cater to one particular hair texture. However, there aren’t many products that cater to all hair textures. That’s where Beauty Brat LLC comes in. After months of late night researching and taking up Science as a major, I began to formulate my own products that caters to all hair textures. Since then, I have created shampoos, conditioners, creams and gels. My top seller is my Moisturizing Butter Cream.

The biggest challenge for my company at the moment is being able to purchase inventory. I have personally funded my business from the ground up, using all of my savings. Now, the demand for products is becoming higher than the supply. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with the demand with little funding to back me up. I also don’t have the employees to help produce more products due to limited funding. At the moment I am doing all of the work from formulating, to packing all by myself. My dream is to one day have a full service spa with a fully functioning warehouse that will allow me to produce massive products to be sold all over America in various salons and retail stores.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan would be a great asset for my company. It will help generate more revenue, which will contribute to the stability of my home. The main purpose for starting my own business is to be able to provide for my son as well as become a motivation for him.

With this loan, I would be able to purchase more and better equipment to provide superior and fast packaging for my products. Along with the equipment, I will also be able to increase my production volume by purchasing additional inventory. The remaining balance will go completely to marketing tools that will help expand my business by spreading word of mouth via marketing tools. Below is a complete breakdown of funds needed.

Equipment: Manual Filling Machine (To fill product containers)- $200.00 Digital Scale: $50.00 Mixer: $100.00 Bunsen Burners and Beakers: $150.00 Working Table: $45.00 Refrigerator for Chemicals: $85.00 Total: $630.00 Packaging Supplies: 24 Purple Disc Top Bottles $ 15.82 8oz 24 Black Disc Top Bottles $ 15.84 4oz 24 Clear Jars Lined Lids $ 18.79 4oz 24 Black Jar Lined Lids $ 25.22 4oz 24 Purple Serum Top Bottles $ 27.70 2oz 25 Purple Mailers $ 9.08 4×8 Gift Bags $200.00 Totes $150.00 Total $ 462.45 Labels: $139.99 Laminate: $60.00

Inventory (To Make Products): Olive Oil $6.98 8oz coconut oil $11.86 29oz Grapeseed Oil $5.32 8oz Seasane Oil $7.88 8oz Shirts $300.00 Decals $60.00 Total $392.04

Neem Oil $10.69 4oz Black Castor Oil $10.69 4oz Apricot Oil $10.69 4oz Glycerin $10.49 4oz Polysorbate 20 $8.10 4oz Carbomer 940 $10.25 4oz Jojoba Golden Oil $7.11 4oz Neem Oil $6.11 4oz Macadamia Oil $5.20 4oz Castor Oil $5.79 4oz Aloe Vera $5.45 4oz Triethanolamine $9.75 5oz PEG-75 Lanolin $5.70 2.5oz Sodium Hydroxide $9.85 1lb Tea Tree Essential Oil $5.74 1oz DMDM Hydanotin $9.99 1lb DMDM Hydanotin & Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate $34.03 2.0oz Denatured Ethanol 90% $16.16 8oz Shea Butter $5.17 .34lb Shea Butter $12.99 18oz Castor oil $5.49 4oz Coconut Oil $7.99 12oz Avocado Oil $6.99 4oz Almond Oil $4.99 4oz Grapeseed Oil $4.99 4oz Tropical Passion Fruit $5.99 30ml Peppermint Oil $7.99 1oz Rosemary Oil $7.99 1oz Orange Oil $4.99 1oz Dionized Water $0.49 1 gal Distilled Water $1.00 1 gal Bhringaraj Oil $10.95 4oz Healthy Hair Oil $11.95 4oz Avocado Oil $8.98 8oz Sunflower Oil $3.98 8oz

PVP $8.30 4.4oz/125g Sulfosuccinate $18.90 33.60oz/1L Propylene Glycol $3.10 4.2oz/125g Ceteareth-25 $5.70 4.4oz/12g Paraben-DU $5.80 2.0oz/60ml PEG-40 Hydgrenated Castor Oil $4.10 4.4oz/125g PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate $4.30 4.2oz/125ml Triethanolamine $3.10 2.0oz/60ml ICE Conditioner $4.20 4.4oz/125g Quaternium-31 $7.90 4.2oz/125ml PEG-150 Distearate $4.70 4.4oz/12g Guar Gum, Catonic $10.50 4.4oz/125g Behentrimonium $5.50 4..4oz/125g Cetyl Alcohol $3.90 4.4oz/125g Polyglucose $5.70 8.4oz/250ml Potassium Sorbate $4.10 4.4oz/125g CreamMaker CAT $6.30 4.4oz/125g Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine $29.90 33.6oz/1L Polysorbate-60 $4.50 4.2oz/125ml Acrylate Copolymer $7.50 1.8oz/500ml Coco Betaine $9.30 16.8oz/500ml EDTA $4.90 4.4oz/125g Glycol Stereate IP $10.50 17.6oz/500g Provitamin B5 (d-panthanol) $8.30 2.0oz/60ml Citric Acid $4.30 4.0oz/113g Cyclo-Dimethicone $8.90 4.2oz/125ml Poylquaternium-10 $10.30 4.4oz/125g Cocoglucose $11.95 16.8oz/500ml Glycerin $2.70 4.2oz/125ml Jojoba Protein HP $8.70 2.0oz/60ml Orange Lemongrass Blend $12.80 2.0oz/60ml Argan Oil $11.90 4.2oz/125ml Keratin Protein $7.95 2.0oz/60ml Wheat Protein $6.60 2.0oz/60ml Lupine Protein $9.50 2.0oz/60ml

Marketing Supplies: Flyers: $63.00 Brochures: $98.00 Facebook Ads: $100.00 Website: $260.00 Email: $120.00 Business Cards: $100.00 Total: $741.00

FULL TOTAL: $2796.80

About Beauty Brat LLC

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 3 years – 5 years
Website: beautybratpro.com

A loan of $3,000 helps purchase new equipment, increase inventory, as well increase volume sales.

Contact Information:


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