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Aug 15, 2016 7:06 PM ET

Archived: Tracy Todd is a woman who will touch your heart. Her inspirational memoir, Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragon, is an honest and intimate look into the life of a South African quadriplegic.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2016

Brave Lotus Flower Rides The Dragon

Tracy Todd is a woman who will touch your heart. Her inspirational memoir, Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragon, is an honest and intimate look into the life of a South African quadriplegic.




Help us raise the funds to have Tracy Todd’s inspiring memoir published.

Why Tracy has chosen the book title BRAVE LOTUS FLOWER RIDES THE DRAGON…

Tracy means BRAVE.

Lian, my second name, is of Chinese origin, and it means LOTUS flower. My journey is representative of the Lotus flower that germinates in the muddy sediment of a swamp and pushes up through the murky water to seek the light and eventually blossoms into something beautiful.

I RIDE through life in a chin-controlled, battery-powered wheelchair.

Becoming paralysed has to be the most terrifying DRAGON I’ve ever faced, and my memoir shows how I tamed it enough to live with. I wish I could say that I’d slayed it, but taming it comes close. Also, Dragon NaturallySpeakingsoftware enables me to write without hands.

Tracy’s story …

I may use a wheelchair to get around, but it is most certainly not what defines me as a woman.

Lives can be changed in an instant. For Tracy Todd, that moment came in April 1998. She had walked out of her home with her husband,holding their baby on her hip and dragging a suitcase packed with beach clothes. Seven weeks later, she was pushed through their front door in a wheelchair, unable to move anything except her head.

Everything had changed.

She reconstructs the horrifying moments of the accident, and her memory of the split second when she realised that her neck had broken and that from this moment on, everything would be different.

We follow her through the first awful days and weeks of her rehabilitation, when she began to learn that everything she’d taken for granted before was now beyond her reach: she couldn’t, at least initially, breathe without assistance, talk, or eat, or evacuate her bowels. When, at her own insistence, she was put in a wheelchair, she fainted repeatedly. She hoped to die.

But eventually she went home. Ramps were built. Showers were adapted. Her one-year-old son learned that his mother was different. And her husband at first rejected and then abandoned her.

Against all odds, Tracy chose to live – and to do so independently. Divorced, and living on her own with helpers, Tracy learned to turn what had appeared to be a life of humiliation and victim hood into one in which she took charge of her choices and learned what options were available.

She has become an accomplished and much-sought-after public speaker, inspiring many with her story. She lives an independent life in Mbombela. She has played a significant and critical role in raising her son.And most significantly, she has found love and emotional fulfillment.

Her story is engrossing, emotionally engaging, humorous and sometimes frustrating, but it never fails to inspire.

Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragon is an honest and intimate memoir that looks into the life of a South African quadriplegic. Many people have never met a quadriplegic and have no idea how to respond when they do. Tracy’s candid details of how she has coped, physically and emotionally,with various day-to-day activities like eating, reading, writing,communicating, bathing and going to the toilet, as well as her romantic and sexual experiences, lays it all bare.

Tracy Todd is a woman who will touch your heart.


Milestone 1 – R45 000 (This is our tipping point, if we reach this goal then the project is A-GO!) : Tracy will complete her manuscript and it will be edited (both structurally and copy-edited) by a professional book editor. Her manuscript will be made available as an electronic PDF.

Milestone 2 – R65 000 : Tracy’s manuscript will be typeset and proofed, digitized and uploaded as an e.book on Amazon.com, ready for download. And a professional book cover will be designed.

Milestone 3 (OUR DREAM GOAL) – R100 000 : Tracy’s manuscript will become a physical book and copies will be printed! Brave Lotus Flower Rides the Dragonwill be stocked on bookshop shelves country-wide, ready to inspire the thousands of people who read her story. And if we overshoot Milestone 3, more copies of the book will be printed.










The Team

Tracy and Tracey – both equally determined to see this memoir in print.






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