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Aug 15, 2016 6:15 PM ET

Archived: Research in High Temperature Superconductivity: There is demand for cost-effective, non-polluting technological advances that the only viable answer is superconductivity. I have found a 3-letter equation describing superconductivity at room temperature without using exotic materials.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2016


Do research in High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS).


I am an independent person not asociated with an educational institution or government agency. 



My goal is to get a minimum of 1000 000. The funds will be used to do research in High Temperature Superconductivity(HTS), rent space, buy or rent testing equipment, or hire someone to help me. I need your help to bring this exciting project to fruition.

Disclaimer: the amount of funds or legnth of time spent researching HTS with my 3-letter equation does not guarantee, specifically nor it implies, that the end product will result in a working prototype.



There is a demand for cost-effective, non-polluting technological advances that the only viable answer is superconductivity. I have found a 3-letter equation describing supercoductivity at room temperature without using exotic materials. With this formula, superconductivity can be achieved using existing materials and technology making manufacturing cost-effective.

Ever since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911, scientists have been involved in research attempting to find superconductivity at room temperature. For years, Government funding and the private sector from many countries have spent millions of dollars in research every year. The research focuses mainly in finding and manufacturing exotic materials for electrical current to travel with negligible or no resistance at all. The absence of resistance ensures that regardless of the size or length of the medium no heat is generated, thus no amount of electrical current dissipates during the transmission. Some advances have been achieved but superconductivity at room temperature remains elusive.

The expected benefits from comercializing superconductors will improve efficiency in virtually every aspect of our technological society such as; trasportation, aerospace, wireless communications, satellite communications, space exploration, energy storage, power generation and transmission, electronics, computing, medical devices, and the development of enhanced superconductors. These technological advances should be cost-efective and environmentally friendly.



In theory it does work. The actual equation is E/R = i but the left side of the equation is expressed in an alternate form getting rid of the resistance R completely. This formula does not need exotic materials to be developed. And it should not be expensive to develop a working prototype. Therefore, the research should corroborate my theory.



I am a mathematics enthusiast. In my spare time I do research in mathematics. I have found answers to mathematical mysteries that are considered to be four-letter words in science. For purposes of credibility that I truly do have a simple 3-letter formula describing High Temperature Superconductivity, I will publish directly to the public eight manuscripts changing the status quo in mathematics and physics. The titles and sequence of releases are:


1) The Imaginary Number i is Real. Using only basic algebra, I prove three different ways that the square root of a negative one is not i. It is actually a real number. Therefore, imaginary numbers do not exist. This manuscript was updated on July 07, 2016 at 6:45 pm.  Download afree manuscritpt at  http://pdfsr.com/pdf/imaginarynumber.pdf.  An addendum has been posted at http://pdfsr.com/pdf/imaginarynumberisrealaddendum.pdf

2) General Logarithms. I prove that log(-x)=log(x) without using the absolute value notation. I also solve for the negative base of a logarithm. I solve and explain the meaning of  1=0. Its proof is included in The Reflection Method manuscript.

3) The Reflection Method. I introduce a new mathematical approach explaining “non-sense” or unbalanced answers such as 1=0 and 1=2. These unbalanced answers are more prevalent on the unit circle and in sinusoidal waves.

4) Complex Equations. I show how to apply  the new value for “i” in homogeneous linear second-order equations without turning them into complex equations; for complex equations do not exist. I introduce a new formula to find two distinct equations having identical roots aiming in opposite directions. One is the equivalent of the “imaginary” roots and the  other one has real roots.

5) The Zero Concept. This is pure mathematics. This new concept explains origin of the structure of homogeneous linear second-order and higher order equations, having symbolic coefficients. One basic structure has the potential to become an infinite number of unique equations.

6) Period and Frequency. I introduce a new approach to find values for the period t in equations such as  ay”+by’+cy=0 and ay”+by’+cy=e^(2t). And explain the relationships between periods and roots.

7) Relativity is Relative. I discovered an alternate formula, The Principle of Motion, to explain Special Relativity and General Relativity, where the speed of light is not a limiting factor. The Principle of Motion proves that the Fundamental Energy Density of the Universe is 1 or 1 J (Joule).  And also explains why subatomic particles “disappear”.

8) Perpetual Motion. It’s just that. After the release of the Imaginary Number i is Real manuscript, you should be able to figure it out, both mathematically and graphically.

All manuscripts are self-contained.

The publishing of manuscripts is contingent upon the succesful reaching of the fund-raising goal stated for each consecutive paper shown below;


(Currency is in Great Britain Pounds (GBP) )

1) The Imaginary Number i is Real_______0

2-General Logarithms___________________100k

3-The Reflection Method_______________100k

4-Complex Equations___________________100k

5-The Zero Concept____________________100k

6-Period and Frequency_______________150k

7-Relativity is Relative________________150k

8-Perpetual Motion___________________300k



Many campaign fund-raisers offer perks to motivate contributors to support their causes. The most valuable perk is the actual release of my mathematical discoveries to you. Once a manuscript has reached its fund-raising goal, it will be available in pdf format for anyone to download it FREE  of charge.

The releae of my manuscripts will forever change the way science will be taught in the future. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics textbooks will be rewritten from the ground up. Such changes will have a major impact in future technological advances, the world’s economy and our society as a whole.

Financial support is not the only way you can help. You can support my project by using social media to let students, your colleagues and other institutions know of this exciting project.



The actual perks are the publishing of my mathematical findings. The perks associated with your pledges are offered only as acknowledgements that your pledge has been received.

Disclaimer: an effort will be made to send out all perks associated with your pledges, however, I am not responsible for the mail system misplacing or not sending out your perks  once they received them from me.  Any particular perk will be send out only once.


You can order your t-shirt by describing the design. These images are for reference only.











Please become part of this exciting life-changing event by pledging today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  All manuscripts are self contained and are free of charge. You can copy and share them in any format. You can also support this project by sharing with members of your clubs and scientific societies.


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