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Aug 15, 2016 4:51 PM ET

Archived: Digital concierge for the $26 billion U.S. nightlife market: Discotech is an app that allows you to search, discover, and RSVP to the hottest clubs, lounges and live music events—it’s the Kayak.com for nightlife

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2016


Digital concierge for the $26 billion U.S. nightlife market

Discotech is an app that allows you to search, discover, and RSVP to the hottest clubs, lounges and live music events—it’s the Kayak.com for nightlife. Before Discotech, the only way to get into the best clubs was through club promoters—middlemen who get paid on commission and take their large cut of fees. With Discotech, you can now browse through dozens of clubs, book your tickets, and enjoy the night seamlessly.


Ian Chen


We’re taking nightlife from promoters and putting it back in the hands of club owners and their avid customers. It’s a win-win scenario for both customers and clubs who are now finally able to track their guests and aren’t losing money to dispersed middlemen. What Kayak.com did to travel agents, Discotech is doing to club promoters. We will be the mobile ticketing platform handling every entrance into the $26 billion U.S. club market and beyond.


  • 120+ nightclub clients; 50% client growth since last year
  • 10-15% commission per customer; $300K+ in monthly bookings
  • 3x revenue growth year over year
  • 65,000 clubs and bars in the U.S. that can benefit from Discotech
  • 64,000 registered users


Ian and the team at Discotech have developed an innovative, revenue-positive business. The team has disrupted the large nightlife category and is poised for growth. They are great at UI and growth hacking. They have also pivoted well to include nightlife ticketing.
Matt Thompson

Founded in 2012 by three UC Berkeley alumni who were tired of being exploited by club promoters, Discotech serves as a one-stop “virtual concierge” that helps users find events, buy tickets, book tables, and RSVP for guest lists.

I’ve never met a team that hustles harder than Discotech. These guys know their problem, know their market, and are relentless in building the relationships and products that will solve a two-sided pain point. And as they gain scale, their two-sided platform only becomes more valuable and defensible.

Stuart Landesberg

Founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative

The Nightlife Market is a Mess

The 65,000 clubs in the U.S. depend on club promoters: middlemen who take their cut of the pie and operate primarily through word-of-mouth. These 100,000+ individual promoters are difficult to manage, unreliable, and impossible to scale.


Problem: Promoters Don’t Work


  • Independent and take large commissions
  • Can only promote a few clubs at a time
  • Difficult for customers with no contacts to get access
  • Pricing is unclear and often expensive



Solution: The Kayak for Nightlife


  • Scalable, with already 120+ clubs available in one spot
  • Pricing is predictable and transparent
  • Clubs can track customer count and prepare appropriately
  • Uses data analytics to track customer preferences


How it Works

Discover Events


  • All available club events in one list
  • See where your favorite DJs are spinning
  • Check out where your friends are going

    Browse Clubs


  • Filter by music type, bottle price, closing time, etc
  • Make table reservations easily
  • Get rewarded for frequent bookings

    Book Immediately


  • Sign up for free/discounted guestlists
  • Buy tickets directly on your phone; no printing required
  • Show your phone at the door for easy entry

    We’ve Grown 3x Our Revenue Yearly

    We’ve grown our club partnerships over 50% in the last year and had 5,000 new registered users in June alone. And we’ve doubled our booking amount since 2015, of which we earn up to 20% on commission.

    120+ VENUES

    We’ve partnered with the best clubs in the U.S. We have 7 of the top 10 clubs in the country. Just download Discotech and browse the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


    Our Deck



    The nightlife space has long been plagued by inefficiency and non-transparent pricing. As avid nightlife customers, we here at Discotech have firsthand experience with the frustration and disappointment that comes with promoters and the traditional nightlife system. From these negative experiences, we realized there was an opportunity for a technology-driven company to streamline the process and bring transparency to nightlife.

    Over the last few years, our team has validated the concept and we have proven that the business is viable. By focusing on delighting our customers, we have grown past 65,000 registered users – primarily via word of mouth. In March of this year, we were able to achieve monthly break-even, and our revenues have continued to grow month over month since then. We have demonstrated that our model works, and now we are looking to scale the business by increasing our marketing and improving the platform via a larger engineering team.

    Going out with your friends is fun, however planning a night out is anything but. At Discotech, we believe that the nightlife industry is overdue for disruption and that a technological overhaul will solve the major problems in this space. We invite you to join us now as an investor and help us bring about the much needed change in this industry!

    Much love,

    Ian, Mark, and Ian



    Ian Chen

    Formerly in Private Equity at Bain and The Gores Group. Speaks fluent Mandarin with a degree from Berkeley in Business and Industrial Engineering.

    Mark Wu

    Founder of online lead gen company. Formerly at Zoosk. Alum of Univ. of Hong Kong and Berkeley.

    Ian Bushong

    Formerly at image sensor architecture and design company Ambarella. Engineer at Zoran. Intern at NASA’s Ames research center. Berkeley alum.
    Contact Information:

    Ian Chen

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