8 Seconds Glasses Relieve Your Eyes from Computer Strain and Save Your Eyes from Visual Dysfunction and Risk of Blindness; Indiegogo Campaign Launches Sept. 1 - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 15, 2016 12:00 PM ET

8 Seconds Glasses Relieve Your Eyes from Computer Strain and Save Your Eyes from Visual Dysfunction and Risk of Blindness; Indiegogo Campaign Launches Sept. 1

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2016


The proverb says that necessity is the mother of invention and it was necessity that drove me to invent 8 seconds.


Like so many others these days, I’ve spent all my working life peering at computer monitors. At the end of each day my eyes always hurt and the world around me faded into a blur.


My eyesight finally deteriorated so much I could no longer work in the IT industry. That was when I decided to create special eyeglasses for office workers, to help protect and save their eyesight when working at the computer.


I had a degree in biology and my thesis was partly about the eye structure, so I was off to a good start.


Our eyes are designed for active movement and looking into the distance.  However, when you work at a computer, you focus on small letters on a monitor close to your eyes. This causes you to slowly and intensely move your eyes as you read text lines. This is quite unnatural for the eye.


Many people are not aware of what can happen when their eyes are under strain.

An existing eye problem can worsen and lead to very serious cases like retinal detachment and blindness. I witnessed a close relative suffer all of these horrors and their suffering was one of the reasons I wanted to help others.


With a team of highly skilled designers and engineers, we were able to develop unique and eye-saving eyeglasses that would help relax the eyes. “8 Seconds” – that’s what we’ve called these life-changing glasses. This high-tech gadget was designed to achieve maximum quality, be aesthetically pleasing, provide sight preservation and offer maximum comfort to the wearer.  8 Seconds is also highly reliable and durable.


8 Seconds is the only system designed to relax the eye. This gadget fights eye-strain immediately and does not try to compensate for defects like ordinary glasses do. Our gadget interacts with the internal eye muscles and instantly relieves stress and eye fatigue pain in just 8 seconds.  Yes, in 8 seconds your pain will disappear and all you will feel is relief, joy and pleasure!


The 8 Seconds eye gadget brings back a natural working rhythm to your beautiful eyes. The lenses are designed in such a way that you can see the world around you as if it were far away. It’s like looking into binoculars in reverse. The specially-designed demagnification lenses makes the eyes look into the distance and this helps relieve the tension caused by viewing a monitor at very close range.


The specially molded shape of the glasses and the gently shimmering lamps at the edges enables the eyes to quickly and actively move at the sides, allowing the eyes to rest naturally after intense and slow reading of small letters.


8 Seconds is very comfortable, simple and convenient to wear and use. At specified intervals in the office or at home, you need to wear them for a short time and do light enjoyable exercises, moving your eyes and looking near and far through these special demagnification lenses.


We’ve designed and analyzed dozens of different designs to get the best possible outcome. The designs have been printed on a 3D printer and engineered and verified in test environments. They feature the best electronic components and most reliable and stunning parts.


After much deliberation we arrived at what we consider is the best shape for the glasses – very smooth, pleasant to wear, and compact. The form perfectly coincides with the shape of the field of view. This is done to achieve maximum efficiency, comfort, quality and best results. The high-quality plastic body, pearly-white in color with a golden hue, looks very elegant, smooth and enjoyable to touch.






8 Seconds are very sophisticated, durable, lightweight and convenient to use.

8 Seconds glasses are very easy to handle. You have only two stylishly-designed buttons that are light to press. The larger button is used to turn the glasses on and off, and to select programs. The smaller button is used to set a reminder interval.


The user can operate the device from a bright screen that fits perfectly into the curved body of the eyeglasses while displaying the colours beautifully.



On this color screen, you can select one of 16 programs. In any situation you can always choose the most suitable program for stress relief, sight preservation and ultimate relaxation for your eyes.


There are three main types of programs: morning, office and evening programs.

The morning programs are active and energetic. Use them to charge and prepare you for the day ahead. They feature rapid eye movements with intense viewing at short and long distances. These glasses have all you need to adequately train and properly warm-up the eyes, leaving you in a good frame of mind to face your working day.


The office programs are for short relaxing breaks in between your work. All office programs are short in duration – from as little as 30 seconds. This is to preserve your eye-health without interrupting your work day. The programs offer pleasant relaxation exercises in restful shades of green to relieve eyestrain caused by computer screens.

The evening programs come in blue tones and are slower. They provide a calming effect. These evening programs are aimed at achieving a deep, gradual and slow relaxation of the eyes and generate emotional well-being.


The duration, time remaining in current program, program name, battery charge level and time remaining before the next exercise are all displayed on the colorful screen. A blinking icon shows that you have connected the charger successfully. A smoothly running marquee displays a detailed description of the selected program.

In each program, the eye muscles are trained evenly to achieve the best effect and an optimal result.


For maximum comfort and convenience, the 8 Seconds system has a sensitive proximity sensor that starts the eye relaxation program automatically when you put on the glasses, and stops when you take them off.


The tinted glass is elegant and smoothly shaped, matching the shape of the field of view perfectly while the translucent hi-tech glass covering provides relaxing twilight for the eyes. The covering is very strong and stylish.


The lenses light up in sparkling shades of red, blue and green. As we mentioned earlier, the reds, which are for morning programs, help to wake you up. Green colors, specifically for office programs, are to relax the eyes. The blue-colored evening programs are to calm you down.


The light and compact lens system can be easily and conveniently adjusted to fit the shape of your face, your nose, and the distance between your eyes to ensure that your 8 Seconds is a perfect fit for you. The lenses on all our 8 Seconds glasses are designed with the highest quality and reliability in mind.


The flexible cushion, made from very delicate and soft hypoallergenic, transparent silicone, is illuminated by a gentle blue light during the training program. The cushion wraps around the face leaving you with a pleasant feeling of softness.


8 Seconds is a powerful gadget that relaxes your precious eyes. The small button activates reminders and allows you to set the reminder interval.


There are 8 convenient reminder intervals, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

The glasses remind you that it’s time to train by blinking a light and playing a musical sound.


You can also set it to just silently flash so that, if you are in a quiet office, the sound doesn’t distract your colleagues.


If you are a left-handed person, you can easily rotate the image by pressing the two buttons at the same time. This will make it convenient for you to operate the device with your left hand, and as most left-handed people know, there’s not much technology out there that’s user-friendly for them.


The soft and flexible transparent handles enable you to adjust the position, holding the glasses gently on the face without pressing on the temples.


Magnets are a convenient way to secure the handles, for storage and while wearing. The inscriptions “left” and “right” are written on the handles but this is for information rather than instruction, as they will not attach if you try to put them on the wrong side.

When carrying the eyeglasses, the handles can be quickly detached from the body of the glasses and fastened inside.



8 Seconds glasses are powered by in-built, lightweight, compact and very durable batteries. The glasses can be connected to a computer and charged via a USB port through our custom-built cable.


We all know how frustrating it can be when the charger port of a mobile phone wears out, thereby weakening the contact and causing faults when trying to charge it with a charging device.


8 Seconds is fitted with a unique magnetic charging port. This super port doesn’t break or wear out, giving you convenience, reliability and long-term, trouble-free operation. Just like the handles, the charging port can only be connected the correct way. The charging port is so convenient and trendy that it’s simply a pleasure to connect!


Apart from displaying the charging process on the screen, the light next to the power port indicates the charging process in red or green, depending on whether the power cord is connected and whether the battery is charged.


It took us many months, literally working day and night to come up with an excellent design in order to make 8 Seconds as convenient and beautiful as possible. We worked hard to make sure that only the highest quality electronic and mechanical components were used to make the glasses durable, lightweight, comfortable, stylish and reliable. Fortunately, we have been able to achieve all these goals.


The gadget has a simple, good-looking and user-friendly mobile app, where you can easily evaluate your visual acuity and keep statistics – just like when visiting a highly qualified doctor.


With one simple movement on your mobile phone, you can open the familiar eye chart on our website 8seconds.us, from any computer in the world. Then, in the mobile app, specify the distance from your face to the screen and try to correctly read the letters of different sizes by pressing the appropriate buttons on the smartphone screen.


This app also has a unique system where you can login into the site on any computer by using your phone, without having to enter your username and password. You only need to face the phone camera to the screen and scan the QR code on the website with the mobile app. The eye test will then run immediately with your individual profile on that computer and your phone.


If you are a computer-savvy person and would like to create your own personal exercise program, or you would like to pleasantly surprise your girlfriend or friends, there is an attractive and user-friendly program editor, where you can easily create your own training program and upload it to the eye gadget. You can even write your name on the glass screen in the program so that other users know about you. Then, in the form of a file, you can share the program with other people, or upload it on the web.

Just imagine how the beautiful 8 Seconds glasses will instantly turn you into the center of attention among your colleagues at work!


8 Seconds is perfect not only for yourself, but for all the people who matter in your life. It’s a practical way to show your friends and family how much you care about them and their health. The gadget is a very appealing and useful gift that won’t easily be forgotten. The receiver will always remain grateful to you.


The eyeglasses come with a sky-blue cover of soft velvet fabric to protect the glasses.

Indiegogo gives only the most intelligent, brave, quick and confident people a chance to get a high-quality and vital product long before most other buyers, and at a much better price.


Additionally, you can easily save even more if you make a group purchase together with your friends.


Only Indiegogo visitors will get exclusive models bearing the inscription ‘8 seconds exclusive’ on the body and having longer warranty and larger program memory. Other buyers will only have the inscription ‘8 Seconds eye strain relief’.  Imagine how remarkable you will appear at the office among your colleagues, who will then also want the eyeglasses!


We worked strenuously for nearly two years to design the most beautiful and highest-quality product possible. We selected the most convenient and smoothest shape for the body, chose the most durable and best-looking materials, looked for the most reliable engineering solutions, and used the most advanced electronic components. We never compromised on the quality of design, materials nor functionality of the product. All this was done to ensure that you get a product of the highest quality, beauty and maximum utility.


8 Seconds is a complex, carefully designed high-tech gadget, featuring the highest quality in every technical aspect. As you can see, the price is much less expensive than the usual price for such products but this price is only for Indiegogo members and is available only during the advertising campaign.


The prototype of this gadget has been tested successfully and has already helped dozens of people. The system truly works. At the end of an intense day, when you feel tired and your eyes hurt, you put on the glasses and in a few seconds your pain will have disappeared. And if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we will give you your money back.


8 Seconds is your new best friend, protecting your eye health today and every day. 8 Seconds will always help you fight eyestrain, relieve stress and relax your eyes!



We are a team of highly skilled designers and engineers. We worked strenuously for two years and chose the most durable and best-looking materials, looked for the most reliable engineering solutions, and used the most advanced electronic components to ensure that you get a product of the highest quality, beauty and maximum utility.


Contact Information:

Artem Muravev
[email protected]

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