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Aug 14, 2016 5:02 PM ET

Archived: WORLD POETRY SLAM CALLS KYLE LOUW – Kyle Louw is an internationally recognised spoken word artist who resides in Cape Town, South Africa

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2016


This South African born and bred boy inside the body of a man, wants to compete at the Individual World Poetry Slam. I have the necessary paper work (poetry joke), you could make this mic knights dreams come true.

About This Project

I have known about the Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS) for as long as I have been kissing the microphone.
I wanted to enter time and time again but always managed to psyche myself out.
This year I am finally ready to swim with the spoken word sharks.

I have spent the last 2 months in India alongside Ikenna Onyegbula – 4 times Canadian Slam Champion + World Poetry Slam Champion.
He has been slowly mentoring and molding my mind, India has helped too.

Ikenna Onyegbula and I, currently on artist residency in India. Running poetry workshops, performing and becoming best friends.

Track Record

Kyle Louw is an internationally recognised spoken word artist who resides in Cape Town, South Africa. Kyle’s journey began when he stumbled across aSuli Breaks video back in 2012. Kyle instantly jumped onto the poetry platform by popping his performance cherry 2 weeks later at a local Slam den.

In record breaking time Kyle went from that first shaky sharing to representing his province in the 2nd annual South African National Slam. He has lifted 5 Slam Championship titles and remains the only poet to hold a belt from each major Cape Town based movement. He has also managed to squeeze in a Best English Poet award, a TEDx speaker spot, was recently crowned 1 of 200 Young South Africans of 2016 and his poem can be seen looping the Cape Town International Airport as it welcomes travelers from all over the globe.

Brands I have had the honour of working with.


“I found that his conversational style is by no means ‘conventional’ and that is exactly what sets him apart, his performances are raw and passionate and the vulnerability he portrays on the stage is unmatched. He has the ability to address each audience member individually allowing them to take whatever it is they need from his words which in turn transports listeners outside of their norm. When he speaks people stop and listen.” – Roundhouse Theatre, United Kingdom

“There’s a silence in the air, one that isn’t awkward, but one that allows for reflection.” – Men’sHealth

Why iWPS?

I want to spread my wings, it has been a dream of mine to share on the American stage and I finally feel ready to do myself, and my country proud.

Funding & Milestones

Tipping point: Return Flight + Registration Fee.- R15 000
Dream Goal: I dont have to sleep outside- R25 000

The Team

“For those who know me, you know that poetry and I argue, a lot. We are siblings fighting over the last slice of apple pie, to proud to admit defeat and to stubborn to apologise. We butt heads, but when the lights dim and the house quiet’s you will find us, laughing at one another’s jokes, embracing as if we are all that remain in the universe…”

Contact Information:

Ikenna Onyegbula

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