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Aug 14, 2016 5:35 PM ET

Archived: L.T.’s Theory of Pets: A film adaption of Stephen King’s dark comedy about the biggest division in the world: folks who like cats and folks who like dogs

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2016

L.T.’s Theory of Pets

L.T.'s Theory of Pets project video thumbnail

A film adaption of Stephen King’s dark comedy about the biggest division in the world: folks who like cats and folks who like dogs.

About this project

So you come home from work to find that the dog’s just yakked in your slippers, the cat’s pissed all over the sofa and the love of your life has left you with a Dear John letter. 

L.T.'s Theory of Pets Official Poster
L.T.’s Theory of Pets Official Poster


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Lulu. The day the love of my life left me was like no other. I came home to find Lucy, my cat, greeting me at the door and a note from Lulu stuck to the fridge addressing me, and, as she not so affectionately called my cat, “Screwlucy”. I read the note as I made my way upstairs to our bedroom; I wiped my eyes and sat on the torn bed covers, thanks to her dog Frank or “Jack Sprat” as I called the menace…

Screwlucy (Cat) and Jack Sprat (Dog) are the sum of everything that went wrong in the marriage of L.T. and Lulu Dewitt. But to learn how this tragedy happened, I must first introduce you to ‘ L.T.’s Theory of Pets‘!

L.T. and Lulu
L.T. and Lulu

You see, ‘LT’s Theory of Pets’ is a humorous and tragic drama involving my wife Lulu and I’s emotional struggle after the familial addition of pets. When each of our birthdays came around, we gifted each other a dog and cat – innocent right? Well, each pet decided to form an alliance with the opposite recipient, challenging marital bliss and turning our partnership into a full out war between species. When it all ended I came upon a simple truth, that if your dog and cat are getting along better than you and your wife, you better expect to come home some night and find a Dear John note on the refrigerator door. 

On top of that chaos, it was the late seventies in Yorkshire and a serial killer was on the loose, targeting women. It was Peter Sutcliffe of course, The Yorkshire Ripper, whose presence created a tension that loomed over us all and I can’t stop thinking that he holds the final answer to the demise of the marriage of L.T. and Lulu Dewitt.

Serial Killer Peter Sutcliffe 'The Yorkshire Ripper'
Serial Killer Peter Sutcliffe ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’


                          Adapted from the Stephen King Story

This unique story, was first brought to life by Stephen King and adapted by screenwriterNeville Steenson. It ‘s in the realm of King’s other dramatic classics: ‘Stand by Me’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, and ‘The Green Mile’. So if you’re the type who loves your pet more than you ever loved your spouse, you will relate to this intriguing tale.


The full cast have been been appointed. 

And so, the award winning comedian and actor Patrick Monahan will play L.T. 

Actor/singer Jolene O’Hara will play his wife Lulu.

Michael McClare, veteran actor of both stage and film, will play the older version of L.T. 

Patrick Monahan will play L.T.
Patrick Monahan will play L.T.


Patrick Monahan. Comedian and Actor.

Audience favourite Patrick Monahan blends a high energy comedy style with hilarious and engaging topical and observational material. Known for working a room, Patrick is adored by his audiences with whom he makes an effortless connection! From February 2016 the family’s favourite funnyman (and occasional disco dancer) is on tour across the UK with his brand new stand-up show The Disco Years! Charged by Patrick’s memories and reminiscences of being an immigrant to Great Britain, this is a laugh out loud show that is both thoughtful and smart as well as brilliantly silly!

Early in 2014 Patrick took part in the hit family entertainment series ‘Splash!’ (ITV) and appeared on the brand new series of ‘Celebrity Squares’ (ITV). He was also seen on ‘Fake Reaction’ (ITV) and on ‘Man Up’ (Fox) and was a regular 2014 guest on ‘Not The One Show’(London Live). Last year Patrick could be seen as host of ‘Jongleurs Live!’ (Sky) and on ‘12 Again’ (CBBC/BBC2). Patrick was named ‘Britain’s Hardest Working Comedian 2015’ bywww.Ents24.com for playing the highest number of venues in the UK!

In 2012 he took part in Let’s Dance for Sports Relief on BBC, won Best Newcomer at theLoaded LAFTA Awards and Forth Radio Best Stand-Up People’s Choice Award for his hit show ‘Hug Me I Feel Good’. Winner of the 2011 ITV1 series ‘Show Me The Funny’ which led to the release of his debut DVD ‘Patrick Monahan Live’ (2 Entertainment)

Patrick’s natural ability and charm make him a natural choice to play L.T in this adaptation. He brings the perfect balance between humour and tragedy which drives the story and we are delighted to have him on-board.

Jolene O'Hara will play Lulu.
Jolene O’Hara will play Lulu.

Jolene is a Belfast born actor/singer who began acting professionally in 2010 and has been working constantly ever since. Spending time between London and her hometown, Belfast, Jolene has acquired a lot of experience in the business during this time.

Jolene’s theatre credits include; Aoife/Mary in I Never See the Prettiest Thing (Partisan Productions), Logainne Scwartzandgrubenierre in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Bruiser Theatre Company), Juliet in Romeo & Juliet (C21 Theatre Company), Little Red in Little Red Riding Hood (LANA Productions and C21 Theatre Company), Lucy in Scrooge’s Christmas (Ulster Theatre Company) and Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie (St. Agnes’ Choral Society).


Jolene’s TV credits include: Doris in the BBC’s My Mother and Other Strangers. Jolene can currently be seen on television in adverts for DOE road safety and Tourism NI. Other TV credits include; Mary Reilly in Marú (Stirling Productions) and the Demon in Paper Trail, a Short Film (by Neville Steenson).

                         THE CREW  

Interpreting the words for the screen is Director and Co-Producer Brian McGleenon, who has ten plus years experience in the film industry with worldwide distribution of his projects. Brian’s expertise and innovation for interpreting different genres has made him a respected addition to UK production company NI Screen (Game of Thrones).   

Damon Quinn, an Oscar nominated Producer for his short film ‘Crush’, has established himself as one of the most sought after producers in Northern Ireland. His hit television show ‘Give My Head Peace’ is one of Northern Ireland’s top rated shows. Working closely with the BBC on additional projects, his experience and keen eye for films with mass appeal make him a welcome addition to this production.  

Then of course there’s the man whose blown life into this project –Neville Steenson,Screenwriter and Co-Producer, he has over sixteen years experience in the motion picture industry. In addition to his screenwriting and producer credits, he’s also an actor who’s appeared in the hit television show ‘Game of Thrones‘ and the blockbuster film ‘Dracula Untold‘.

Risks and Challenges

Although we’ve planned ahead for the inevitable, anything can go wrong: An alien invasion , craft services could burn down, Frank (Jack Sprat) could come back to vomit some more in my slippers, while panting gleefully as I step in it – oy!

Honestly, as with any movie there are risks and challenges. The team associated with this project want nothing but the best and have gone above and beyond to ensure extra time for re-takes; acquire licenses and insurance and also, to make sure locations, crew, actors, and other production necessities are in place.

Their forty years of combined experience in cinema will deliver a powerhouse of trust, reliability and knowledge to lift this off the ground. We’re trusting in you to help bring King’s story to a wide audience and ensure that ‘L.T.’s Theory of Pets’ is a film that makes you want to keep your enemies close and your pets even closer.

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L.T’s Theory of Pets@LT_lifechoices



Risks and challenges

With every project there is always challenges and risks but with over forty years of experience we feel we are very well prepared to make this film.

We plan meticulously and always have a backup for each scene. When you are weather dependent on certain scenes it’s always best to have a contingency plan, a separate internal scene you can shoot if the weather is unworkable.

We will also allow for additional shooting dates if needed which reduces the risk of running over schedule.

Every aspect of the set design and costume design will be checked in great deal to make sure it matches with the time period. We will have the designers on set during the entire shoot to ensure any wear and tear is corrected right away.

The equipment used will be very high end and included in the rental fees will be insurance. This will ensure if the equipment is not working up to the highest quality it can be replaced quickly with minimal loss to production time.

The most important factor is preparation during Pre-Production. Making sure we cover as many possibilities and have a proper back up plan for each case ensures we will never be under-prepared for any outcome.


Contact Information:

Neville Steenson and Brian McGleenon

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