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Aug 14, 2016 9:03 AM ET

Archived: I’m Kota Wade (Team Gwen from The Voice and SteamFaerie on YouTube) and I am here to fundraise for my first solo EP!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2016

Kota Wade EP Kickstarter!

I’m Kota Wade (Team Gwen from The Voice and SteamFaerie on YouTube) and I am here to fundraise for my first solo EP!

About this project

Hey everyone! 

My name is Kota Wade and I am SO excited to be raising money to fund my next EP! If you don’t know me, I am a singer and songwriter, YouTuber, and professional weirdo. On YouTube, I post music, makeup and fashion videos on my “Steamfaerie” account and host Seventeen Magazine’s “17 Daily” YouTube show. In 2015 I auditioned for NBC’s The Voice Season 9, turned three judge chairs, and eventually joined Team Gwen Stefani. I am the owner of Amplyfi, a successful all ages live music venue in Hollywood, where the likes of Seal, Echosmith, and Willow Smith have played. Finally, I am the lead singer of Bad Wolf, an award-winning indie rock band. 

Performing my audition song "Bring It On Home To Me" on The Voice!
Performing my audition song “Bring It On Home To Me” on The Voice!

 If you can’t tell, I LOVE music and I am constantly working on new projects! My latest release is a 5 song visual album that draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and other fairytales. Each song will be reimagining a chapter in my life, including my depression, anxiety, love, and struggles as an artist. Additionally, the songs will all have accompanying music videos to enhance the magic and help tell the story in a more beautiful and complete way. 

 This is a really ambitious project, but believe in it so much that I wanted to turn to my friends, family and fans to help make it a reality. I am looking to raise $30,000 to produce the 5 songs, to film 5 videos, and to help provide all of you wonderful people with fun rewards for donating! Depending on your donation, I might Skype with you, take you window shopping, perform a live set or broadcast a makeup tutorial with YOU as the star!


Here are all the costs for my EP: 

 -Studio Rental: The place where we make the magic happen! 

-Producer: I am working with the amazing Tim Atlas from The Voice to produce the EP! 

-Musicians: Other amazing artists who will play instruments/ sing with me! 

Producing/Engineering/Mixing/Mastering: We need awesome people to handle the technical aspects of the music in order to make it shine! 

-Album Printing/Artwork: If you know me, you know that I am putting a lot of time to make sure the physical copy of this album is visually stunning! 

-Video Producer/ Director: We need to have someone who is going to bring these amazing video concepts to life! 

-Kickstarter Fees: 5% of our total raised goes back to Kickstarter and there is a 3-5% payment processing fee for every contribution. 

-Rewards: It’s gonna cost a little bit of money to make and ship all of the fun gifts for all of you!

Thank you in advance!

I am really looking forward to beginning work on this EP and can’t wait to start recording, but first I need your help! Any contribution brings me closer to my goal. Check out the perks, watch my video and get excited – I know I am! 



Want to learn more about me? 

Check out my YouTube Channel!

Read more about Amplyfi!

Watch my audition for The Voice Season 9!

Listen to Bad Wolf, the band for which I am the lead singer!

Read my profile in LA Weekly’s “Best of LA”!

Risks and challenges

As I’ve already put tons of my time, energy, passion, and hard work into this project, it would be a huge disappointment to be unable to finish recording and filming what I have started. All of the music has been written, but if the funds do not come in, I won’t be able to release the songs the way I envision them. My followers have supported me for so long that my main goal is to produce a product that I can proudly share with them, and unfortunately that won’t be possible without getting this project fully funded.

Even if the project gets funded, there will still be obstacles, such as scheduling crews for each aspect of the project (ie recording, filming, producing, editing) which is a challenge I am ready to face and tackle! I am fully dedicated to making this project a success, bringing my vision to life and nothing will stop me once I am fully funded!

Contact Information:

Kota Wade

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