Secure Online Payments and Eliminate Passwords Forever: Our patented Qkey replaces the way we shop online with a more intuitive mobile experience that is as safe, natural, and familiar as purchases made at brick-and-mortar stores. - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 12, 2016 7:21 AM ET

Secure Online Payments and Eliminate Passwords Forever: Our patented Qkey replaces the way we shop online with a more intuitive mobile experience that is as safe, natural, and familiar as purchases made at brick-and-mortar stores.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016


Secure Online Payments and Eliminate Passwords Forever


uQontrol is eliminating passwords forever. Our patented Qkey replaces the way we shop online with a more intuitive mobile experience that is as safe, natural, and familiar as purchases made at brick-and-mortar stores.

Just as Chip and PIN secured offline credit card transactions, Qkey protects all youronline transactions with the same technology, while providing greater functionality during the online shopping experience.


Passwords are meant to protect our sensitive data and information from those who wish to steal or exploit it. But here’s the (somewhat ironic) rub with passwords: they’re easily stolen.

Let’s face it: passwords suck.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft continues to be the #1 consumer concern regarding passwords.

70% of all bank card fraud is online.

64% of consumers are extremely or very concerned
of having their sensitive information compromised.  

Don’t we all deserve a more secure online experience? The market is inundated with “virtual” solutions that don’t adequately address the root cause of online privacy, namely passwords, keyloggers, and browser hacks.

“Does anyone really want Google Chrome to save their password?”


Qkey removes payment card data, passwords, and other personal data from your computer, browser, and web servers, and securely stores it all on the encrypted digital Qkey stored in your pocket–using the same Chip and PIN techology that secures your credit cards.

The Qkey is a physical piece of hardware that has its own secured browser and software built in. Simply shop online as you normally would, but never have to enter or remember passwords or payment information again!  

Qkey provides customers with a more secure online experience by eliminating the points of attack in which you are most vulnerable to potential hackers.

6 Steps to Security

Qkey looks like… well, a key. When you go online, take it from your pocket and plug it into your computer’s USB port. Or if you’re paying on your mobile device, Qkey will communicate with your phone using NFC.

1. Insert Qkey into the USB port of the computer.

2. Enter the verification code provided with your key (just like when you get a credit card).

3. Set your 4-digit (minimum) pin number.

4. Enter in all your payment info (credit/debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Google Wallet, etc.), and all shipping locations (home, office, family members, etc.).

5. Select your favorite retailers and your preferred payment method/shipping for each. Qkey will store quick link icons of their websites.

6. Within the Qkey browser, shop as you would normally shop. And in the process, 

Turn a card-not-present transaction into a card-present transaction…

Turn virtual security into physical security…

With Qkey.


After completing our MVP in mid 2014 and our hardware and security software integration in Q1 of 2016, we’re currently ramping up for the release of our beta. We estimate that the full product launch will happen in miid to late Q2 2016.

We have qualified our production partner with first article and beta builds and started high level discussions with numerous potential distribution and co-branding partners.

We have also conducted numerous consumer surveys spanning university students to blue and white collar professionals. The surveys provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the form, fit, and function of product. 

We have secured a design patent and numerous utility patents pending for the security framework, Chip and PIN key, and mobile pin pad.

Even though in “stealth” mode, we have been approached by one of the largest airlines in the US and have a request for a meeting by another to discuss private white label keys for their frequent flyer credit card holding customers.

We are also in discussions with a large bank and international security company that have reached out to us with significant interest. Other discussions include working towards an LOI with a regional bank to take this product to their customer base.

We have significant manufacturing partnerships in Asia and are in discussions with one of the world’s largest EMS companies who is currently competing for our manufacturing contract.

Up next: Successfully launch the beta and full product online, with a co-branded banking partner beta to run in parallel, and retail placement positioned for the 2016 holiday season. This retail push will be directed to high-end electronic retailers. We are also in discussions for growing our customer base through corporate relationships such as antivirus, monitoring, and malware protection software services.


Christopher Maus, CEO
Mr. Maus brings 25 years of experience in healthcare, IT, consumer product startup, and marketing to uQontrol.

Prior to founding uQontrol, Mr. Maus was founder, chairman, and CEO of LifeNexus, Inc. where he created the Personal Health Card, raised over $14 million, assembled a key management team, and established key strategic relationships including Visa and Mastercard.

Mr. Maus also founded Lifestream Technologies, Inc. which became the largest supplier of home cholesterol test devices. He was also responsible for taking Lifestream public on the American Stock Exchange, raising over $65 million and steering the company to a 6,846% five-year revenue growth and awarded the prestigious Deloitte Technology “Fast Five Hundred” award, placing 24th out of 500 of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 2004.

Prior to Lifestream, Mr. Maus founded Solaire Sun, growing the company from zero to $20 million in sales in 18 months.

He founded uQontrol on the belief that privacy is a basic human right and that each and every one of us should decide what information should be publicly available and what is not.

Tim Cahill, COO
Mr. Cahill is a proven leader with 20+ years experience in developing corporate operations and supply chain management solutions, specializing in small to mid-size consumer product companies. Most recently, Mr. Cahill was Senior Director of Global Logistics & Operations for Tactical Inc., the world’s leader in tactical apparel, gear and accessories for law enforcement and public safety operators. Under his guidance, the company revenue growth ranged from $30M to $200M+ in annual sales.

Noah Coad, Acting CTO
Mr. Coad brings 15 years of leadership in the software development industry to uQontrol. As a Program Manager at Microsoft, he designed and oversaw the development of advanced software development tooling and core feature sets for the Visual Studio Team System platform, including managing the product release details for a 1,200-person product, and shipped three versions of the product over six years.

He has also served as CTO for LifeNexus Inc. before founding Infinitum Development, which builds leading edge mobile device applications and advanced web and cloud applications utilizing open source technology stacks. He holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University and has published a book on advanced software team tooling and techniques.

Brett Sweezy, CFO
Mr. Sweezy, is a CPA with over 20 years experience in all financial aspects with both public and private companies. Prior to uQontrol, he was the CFO of a startup medical IT company, President of an international resort development company, and CFO of a publicly traded medical device company. In his most recent position, Mr. Sweezy facilitated over $50 million in debt and equity financing and moved a private company to the AMEX Public Exchange.

Contact Information:

Christopher Maus - CEO

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