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Aug 12, 2016 9:30 AM ET

Archived: Nava Pets is an all-natural pet care company. Our commitment is to create solutions in an Organic, Eco-Friendly manner to resolve common pet issues.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016

Nava Pets, Inc.

Organic and All-Natural Pet Care

Orlando, FL


Nava Pets is coming to Kickfurther to help our business expand by funding a starter fufillment inventory for our newest buyer. We were selected recently to be a DSV for Walmart.com.  The funds would help us to prepare and be ready to sell and go live end of August. With the Kirkfurther community, we would be able to have access to a potential cusotmer base of 140 million online, through Walmart.com. These funds are essential to increasing sales, establishing partnerships with buyers and developing track records to streamline placement in their stores.

About Nava Pets, Inc.


Nava Pets is an all-natural pet care company. Our commitment is to create solutions in an Organic, Eco-Friendly manner to resolve common pet issues. All of our products are safe, non-toxic and gentle to use. Nothing but the best in organic, human, and food grade ingredients are used in all of our product line. 

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At Nava Pets, we follow the highest standards in manufacturing through USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny, and GMO-Free practices. Our story begins in 2011 with my daughter’s dog Maxie; she had severe skin allergies and flea/tick problems. Much of what was applied on her was not effective and her condition became worse. I wanted to find products that were designed that could be beneficial for any type of coat or breed and work effectively without the chemicals. This planted the seed in creating my first product and now has blossomed to a full product line for companion animals. Pets are truly a big part in many families and I love to educate, advocate, and share the benefits of helath and wellness for pets! Our goal is to continue to grow in this booming niche of Natural/Organic products and lead the pack while bringing these wonderful alternatives to mainstream retail. 


About the owner


Jean Young is a retired school teacher, mother, grandmother, and pet enthusiat who started this company based upon her daughter’s dogs skin problems and wanted effective solutions without toxins or chemicals. In 2013, those ideas came to life and have blossomed ever since. Her team enables her to bring the vision and passion in creating a product line that she believes is truly making a difference in the lives of many pets and their owners. 

We manufacture a line of Organic Pet Care Line and All-Natural, Human Grade, and Grain Free Pet Treats. At Nava Pets, our mission is to provide health and wellness products for your best friend, naturally! This is a certified MBE, and Woman-Owned business since 2013.  We launched the 1st USDA Organic Dry Conditioning Shampoo Line for Pets. Our products provide true chemical-free alternatives, for pets and their owners.

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Contact Information:

Nava Pets

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