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Aug 12, 2016 6:47 AM ET

Archived: Knapp Made Products, Inc.: This Co-Op is being backed by purchase orders. Our CM Scrubber is going into Bed Bath & Beyond. Yes, that Bed Bath & Beyond.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016

Knapp Made Products, Inc.

Bed Bath & Beyond Purchase Order Inventory

Lynn MA



We are glad to be back with our second Kickfuther campaign. This Co-Op is being backed by purchase orders. Our CM Scrubber is going into Bed Bath & Beyond. Yes, that Bed Bath & Beyond. The order/supply chain is happening in 2 stages. The first stage will put the Knapp Made CM Scrubber into 200 Bed Bath & Beyond stores, 24 CM Scrubbers per store, 4800 total units.  The second stage will put the Knapp Made CM Scrubber in all 1000+ Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Please see “About Bed Bath & Beyond” below.

This campaign is for the capital needed to manufacture the 4800 CM Scrubbers for the first stage purchase order from BB&B. In our discussions with BB&B we know that we will be recieving a purchase order with a September 15 delivery date. We have 45 day terms with the BB&B buyer. We will be paid in full by Bed Bath & Beyond on or about November 1, 2016. 

In addition to BB&B, we will recieve purchase orders from Amazon Vendor Central. This is a side of Amazon that most people do not know. This is not selling “on” Amazon, this is selling “to” Amazon. When you see “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” it means that the manufacturer is an Amazon Vendor.  As an Amazon Vendor we receive purchase orders from Amazon. They purchase wholesale. They own the product. Amazon pays like clockwork in 60 days.  When Amazon Vendor Central places an order there is a shipping window of just 4 days, beginning on the day they send the PO. Therefore, we need inventory ready to go for Amazon Vendor Central purchase orders.

In addition to the 4800 CM Scrubbers for Bed Bath & Beyond. This offer includes funds to manufacture and have on hand 2200 CM Scrubbers reserved and ready to ship for Amazon Vendor Central as the purchase orders come in.

Kickfurther Buyers will be kept up to date with incoming purchase orders from Amazon Vendor Central and the success of the purchase orders with BB&B. Buyers will know the dates of invoices we send and the dates that payment will be recieved from BB&B and Amazon. We expect to repay this offer well in advance of the repayment schedule.


About Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) has everything you need to play “house” for real. It’s the nation’s #1 superstore domestic retailer with more than 1,000 BBB stores throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The stores’ floor-to-ceiling shelves stock better-quality (brand-name and private-label) goods in two main categories: domestics (bed linens, bathroom and kitchen items) and home furnishings (cookware and cutlery, small household appliances, picture frames, and more). BBB also operates 270 Cost Plus and World Market stores, and three smaller specialty chains: about 80 Christmas Tree Shops; almost 100 buybuy BABY stores; and 50 Harmon discount health and beauty shops. Source: Hoovers.com

About Knapp Made Products, Inc.


Knapp Made Products introduced the CM Scrubber – Chain Mail Scrubber for Cast Iron Cookware to the American kitchen in the summer of 2011. Oddly enough, Chris Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine and America’s Test Kitchens on PBS was our first online customer. A few months later our CM Scrubber had a spot in the Equipment Corner section of Cook’s Illustrated. We sold 1,300 CM Scrubbers in the 3 weeks before Christmas 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

Cook’s Illustrated did it again in the July/August 2016 issue. The magazine is mailed to 1.2 million subscribers, with an additional 500,000 copies on newsstands. Also available to the 2 million monthly visitors to cooksillustrated.com.

We have always generated direct-to-customer retail sales through Amazon FBA on our own web site. Two years ago we began the process of greatly expanding our market base with a commitment to wholesale activity.  This activity has proven very sucessful. We now sell wholesale to 120 cooking shops nationwide, adding 3 or 4 new accounts each month. We have become full status Amazon Vendor – that means that Amazon sends us POs, we send Amazon product, and Amazon pays our invoices in 60 days. 

And the big guys are coming on board. Bed Bath & Beyond is about to issue the first purchase order for our products. BB&B will start us in 200 stores, projected to go into all Bed Bath & Beyond stores for the 2016 holiday selling season.

Our manufacturing source is solid and secure, a mid-sized housewares manufacturer in China. The director of the manufacturing group recently came to us in Boston to secure our business well into the future and to emphasize thier comitment to our partnership. Because of the quality of this relationship we have a 14 day spread from initial order to delivery at our New Jersey distribution center. 

The distribution chain is unmatched. Fusion Fulfillment of Brick, NJ receives our shipments from China, and kits for reselling both retail and wholesale. All orders, retail and wholesale, ship within 24 hours of arriving at Fusion Fulfillment.


About the owner


My name is Larry Knapp. I do two things very well – create and sell. After film studies at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, I built my first ad agency in 1980. There has been a lot of TV, film, radio and print since then. Specific to Knapp Made Products, my talents have created exposure for the CM Scrubber in the New York Times, Family Circle Magazine, Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, America’s Test Kitchens Radio & TV, the Rachel Ray TV Show, among others.

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From Cook’s Illustrated Magazine:

“Since soapy water can strip the seasoning off of cast-iron cookware, our standard cleaning method is to heat a little oil in the pan, add salt, and use this coarse paste to rub away cooked-on food. The CM Scrubber by KnappMade ($19.98) promises to make scrubbing cast-iron cookware (and all other cookware surfaces except nonstick) easier. We passed this 4-inch square of stainless steel chain mail over a cast-iron pan encrusted with charred bits of sausage and another that we’d used for frying bacon. The linked steel rings effortlessly lifted away any stuck-on bits without damaging the pan’s finish. The scrubber itself took some scrubbing to become completely grit- and oil-free for the next use, but it dried quickly and didn’t rust. We’re even fonder of our cast-iron skillet now that we have a faster, tidier cleanup tool.”


Contact Information:

Knapp Made Products, Inc.

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