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Aug 12, 2016 10:39 AM ET

Enbluetec – Premium Power Solutions for Mobile Devices: We are quickly becoming the specialists for premium and innovative mobile charging solutions at home or at the office.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016


Premium Power Solutions for Mobile Devices


We are quickly becoming the specialists for premium and innovative mobile charging solutions at home or at the office. (And we’ll throw in unbeatable customer service while we’re at it).

We also received major media attention when we promoted our products at the 2015 Apple Watch premiere event in San Francisco.

To keep up with demand following our Kickstarter, we opened online stores in the US and Germany and are still growing rapidly. Our vision at Enblue is to become a global market leader in the consumer electronics space, known for our innovative, user-friendly, and premium products. We will soon expand our online business into other key markets like Australia and the Middle East, and even enter the brick-and-mortar retail space as well.

ENBLUE Image Video from michael schoening on Vimeo.

Read on to see all the amazing Enblue products including our upcoming releases!


The core of Enblue is a seamless combination of:

We not only want to create innovative products, but a new experience in the consumer electronics market — one that’s fully focused on the customer.  

So far, we’ve been extremely successful doing exactly that — we proudly boast aless than 2% return rate!


These claims aren’t us just blowing smoke up our you-know-whats, they’re backed up by excellent reviews from media outlets and customers.


You’ve heard a lot about our products. Now see them for yourself:

For the 2017 product line, besides the new W2 and W3, we’ll also release two new products, including a smart workstation!

SMARTOO Mobile Travel Desk
A novel solution for every business traveller, SMARTOO features a removable power bank, is lightweight, foldable, fits to any two-handle suitcase, and comes with an integrated smartphone/tablet stand. SMARTOO launches in October and is currently US patent pending. Now you can always travel smart.

SMARTOO – The smart travel desk from michael schoening on Vimeo.

A beautiful module concept for hotel and office applications.  Endless configuration possibilities.  Attaches to a wall or desk with an easy to use magnetic system and shows no cables. We’ll be launching the TRABALUS at CES Las Vegas in January 2017.

TRABALU Indiegogo (7180D4E2-6DED-41F8-AB7F-A5FE625C8EB1) from michael schoening on Vimeo.

Premium One W2 and W3, model 2017
They already set  a footprint in the industry. Now we are taking our best sellers to the next level. More features, including a removable module for traveling, handcrafted leather applications, an innovative adapter height adjustment system (pat.pend)  and other options will offer the user an unparalleled experience.


The first step towards our goal of becoming a global market leader was our hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. We raised $200,000 from 1,600 backers.In July 2105, we shipped 3,500 units around the world to Kickstarter pledges and online store pre-orders.

To keep up with the demand after Kickstarter, we opened two online stores, one in the US and one in Germany.

Our next step is setting up a distribution network. We have received many requests so far and have designed our upcoming products to be capable of mass production. In maintaining our commitment to superior customer service and premium products, the key issue for us is to build long term partnerships and secure ongoing quality with our manufacturing and distribution partners.

We want to bring Enblue products to retail locations as well, especially specialty and smaller retailers, and even enter the hospitality industry, selling to hotels. Lastly, we plan to expand internationally. UAE, Australia, and South America are our next targets.

In all ventures old and new, we will be the consumer electronics industry’s mobile charging specialist.

In January 2017, look for Enblue at CES in Las Vegas where we will be premiering the TRABALUS and other cool innovations!


Michael previously co-founded Distec.com, a creator of global premium outdoor advertising products. Distec landed big contracts like the bus shelter advertising boxes and the new yellow cab advertising designs in NYC before Michael sold his company to a competitor in 2011.

Enblue was born when Michael was looking for a charging solution to organize his family’s devices at home. He couldn’t find a suitable product on the market so he decided to design and make one himself.

While on a business trip in September 2014, driving from LA to San Francisco, Michael listened live to the Apple announcement of the Apple Watch and realized there would soon be a need for a combined iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock. The Premium One line was born. In March 2015, before Apple first showed the Apple Watch to the world, Enblue was already handing out brochures with our upcoming products to the journalists waiting outside.

Michael’s strong background in sales and engineering has led Enblue to great results so far and his vision and passion continue to drive our company towards market dominance.

Marion has been married to Michael for 15 years. She oversees logistics and social media for Enblue.

Michael has been in sales his whole life. He is the salesman who could sell a freezer to an Eskimo. He currently runs his own lighting businesses.

Keith has worked with Michael for many years. He is a Belgian native, now living in Melbourne, Australia, and currently working as a sales representative for a medical machine supplier. Keith will run our new Australian online store, due to go live in September 2016.

Leo is a specialist in wood fabrication, and our man for fast prototype production. Using wood will be one of our key product elements in the future.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Enblue!

Contact Information:

Michael - Founder

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