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Aug 12, 2016 5:36 PM ET

Archived: Dominican Republic – Axcelyn Milag: A loan of $8,700 helps to pay for higher education costs.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016

Axcelyn Milag

Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic/ Higher education costs
Borrower image

Axcelyn Milag’s story

Axcelyn is a student of International Business. She is requesting a loan to be able to pay for her education expenses. This is her story: My name is Axcelyn. I am 17 years old. I live with my mother in the Luperón development of the city of Santo Domingo.

I wish to take an International Business course at the University Acción Pro Educación y Cultura (APEC) since it gives me the opportunity to help my country to grow. This course has a large field to exploit so they need young people available to give the best of themselves and I consider myself to be one of them.

With the opportunity to acquire the loan, I would be collaborating with my mother to be able to pay for the education expenses since, for all of our bills, we have only my mother’s salary and it is not enough. If I don’t get the loan, I will not be able to study at said university and I would have to look for a job to help my mother to then see how I can gradually take some subjects.

My goals are: obtain the degree of Bachelor of International Business to then obtain a good job, to get a Master’s and keep studying since knowledge is power. 

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This loan is special because:

It covers the full tuition and repayments don’t start until student graduates. 

Kiva staff 

More about this loan

The education loans administered by FUNDAPEC can have loan terms of up to 12 years, which includes a grace period of up to 5 years. The grace period includes the time during which the student is enrolled at university. During the grace period, the borrower is not required to make any repayments, and the lenders will not receive any repayments. Please make sure loan terms and repayment schedules suit you before lending.


FUNDAPEC is a student lending organization headquartered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Its vision is to broaden access to education for all Dominicans, and offers financing to everyone from high school students to graduate students to afford tuition and educational supplies like laptops. Kiva lenders’ funds are used to help students pay for their educations. These loans are post-disbursed, and will not be provided to students until they are fully funded by Kiva lenders.

A loan of $8,700 helps to pay for higher education costs.

Contact Information:

Axcelyn Milag

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