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Aug 12, 2016 4:24 PM ET

Archived: A cute cat mushroom plush toy! Artist Stitchmind, a California based artist, designer and illustrator who focuses on artistic contemporary character design, is making a new character project: Mewshroom the Fungapuss

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016

Mewshroom the Fungapuss – a cute cat mushroom plush toy!

Artist Stitchmind is making a new character project, Mewshroom the Fungapuss. Join him in making the plush to start things off!

About this project


The Mewshroom are lost! Will you help me find them?
The Mewshroom are lost! Will you help me find them?

Hello! I am Andrew, also known as Stitchmind. I am a California based artist, designer and illustrator who focuses on artistic contemporary character design. My creativity has produced hundreds of gallery quality artwork, high end graphic design, and a successful line of merchandise based off my character creations. I’m an independent versatile creative whose work has been shown and sold internationally around the world.

I make a lot of art.
I make a lot of art.

Some of you may be familiar with my work, particularly one of my largest design projects called “Cockblock”. A character concept I designed and featured in several comics, art and popular plush toys.

I am here because I need funding to start my next large character project which I have named Mewshroom the Fungapuss. The funding for this Kickstarter will assist with the creation of plush doll versions of Mewshroom which will help me get the kick start I need to continue developing the character.



Mewshrooms are magical fairy creatures that have come to our world out of curiosity. They are playful and happy creatures that hold within them fascinating yet eerie mystic powers. Drawn to humans and life, they will bless anyone who pampers and spoils them with luck, joy, and prosperity. However while their appearance may seem disarming do not be fooled! The Fungapuss posses both the predatory ferocity of the majestic cat as well as the decomposing poisons of the cunning mushroom. Woe to those that dare to treat the Mewshrooms with disrespect. 

No one is certain for sure where the Mewshrooms came from or what they are truly capable of, But perhaps these questions are best left unanswered, for those that have ventured out to find the real truth have never been heard from again….

The Mewshroom also are great friends with their best buddy the Cockblock Dolls!



Images are all sample prototype, finals might have slight changes
Images are all sample prototype, finals might have slight changes

 The Mewshroom plush will be a 6 inch tall minky and polyfiber plush doll with embroidered designs and black safety eyes. The plush will feature all the details I have created in my illustrated character artwork including large colorful heads, perky ears, four nubby feet and my favorite detail a little sporepuff tail. The classic doll will be featured in red color. But I will also have “variant” editions of the Mewshroom in a variety of other colors so people can harvest the Mewshroom that suits them best! All colors will be available if minimum funding goal is reached.


I’ve been an Artist for many years now and have a strong record of successful creative project launches.  I put a high amount of effort and energy to make sure all my art and products are of the highest quality. A character launch like this has been planned meticulously to ensure a satisfying project for my audience while being a strong challenge for me as a creative individual.  

Several successful works
Several successful works

Mewshroom has been a project I have been working on for many years in the background of all my other art. I originally created it as a compliment to my Cockblock project but after I realized how much story I wanted to tell. I decided to focus on developing one character at a time. Now that several years have past Cockblock has a solidified artistic theme I feel now is a great time to bring one of the other characters up to join in my character creation campaign. Your pledge will be a great help in further developing Mewshroom.  Later on, much like my other projects, I plan to incorporate Mewshroom into several of my other creative mediums such as comic art, animation, and games. The fun all starts here! Your help can lead to wonderful things.

I offer a large selection of rewards for those willing to pledge in my project.  In addition to listed rewards, all backer names will be featured in a special credits section on the Fungapuss website.

You can pledge a light amount here and get small items such as digital downloads, a sticker of the character and a high quality enamel key chain featuring epoxy coating.



 Get all the goods with the plush for a pledge of $35.

Those that are interested in my illustration work can pledge for an exclusive limited edition Mewshroom print that I will make available only through this Kickstarter.(Image of the artwork will be available during the campaign).


I also offer double versions where you can get an extra Mewshroom doll using a slightly smaller pledge amount. 

 For those with less wall space who are interested in just the Plush, I have a variety of options for just a Mewshroom. As mentioned before, larger pledges can obtain more Mewshrooms for proportionally lower pledge amounts and I will even throw in one of the stickers!




For anyone interested in in also getting some valuable fine art by the artist. I will be making a limited edition run of silkscreen prints that will be hand made by me featuring all new Mewshroom artwork. This art will be different then the smaller print so you get two different pictures. 


Finally a Kickstarter is no fun without large and extravagant rewards at the end.  I am offering one of a kind original artwork and commissions for higher tier pledges.




 Here’s a quick rundown of the tiers if you get lost up there:


Add-ons are additional items you may purchase in addition to your chosen reward. Add-ons are available to backers who have pledged $25 or more. 

 Select an add-on by doing the following: 

 Click the “manage your pledge” button on the project page.

 Increase your pledge by the amount needed to claim the add-on(s). 

Save your pledge. 

 You don’t need to change the tier that you originally pledged at, but you do need to message me what you intend to add so I know what you want.


Stretch Goals will be further explored if funding reaches a satisfactory point. Initially the first few stretches are estimated as follows:

 Funding reaches $7600:

 I will produce an exclusive kickstarter only pinback button of Mewshroom and will give one to ALL backers that pledged $10 and up that already have rewards coming to them. 

Funding reaches a higher amount then that: 

 I will create another additional Mewshroom Artwork and do a postcard printing of the art. The postcard prints will be given ALL backers that pledged $10 and up that already have rewards coming to them.

Funding reaches am even higher amount then that:

 I will plan a wide range of new rewards including enamel pins, more stickers, larger print sizes, and the possibility of additional Mewshroom character breeds.

Help find us! Pledge now!
Help find us! Pledge now!


Risks and challenges

I am asking for $6000 minimum to help with the expenses of the project. Mewshroom plush production is very well solidified with a strong timeline plan. There will be few risks to backing this project. The doll’s design and its variants have already been prototyped and market tested successfully. Full production of the project is ready to go and all I need is this funding to assist me with my investments and endeavors to complete the last few steps. Funding for this budget will help with plush and reward production with a slight amount also going into kickstarter fees, shipping, and taxes. Rewards will come to you after a little bit of time from project closing as production has to be completed and artwork will have to be drawn.

Shipping :
Any backers pledging for physical rewards will need to be charged a small shipping fee. Since my artist website already features an established shipping system I will ship all my rewards at a reduced shipping and handling fee as an incentive for backers. Estimated shipping costs will be around $3- to $9 for domestic USA orders while international orders will be around $10 to $20 USD.

Please consider backing this project. As a small independent artist even the smallest pledge (or social media share) can really help make a difference. Your support will be greatly appreciated. I have spent many years working with my artistic style and character design and can assure you that this character will stand out with its high quality, and developed context. Mewshroom will be a lovable favorite in your collection and hearts for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration,

Contact Information:


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