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Aug 12, 2016 7:07 PM ET

Archived: Adventures of Camo & Larry- This book series is geared towards helping kids going through rough times. Possible TV series later on!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2016

Adventures of Camo & Larry

by Levi Walter


This book series is devoted to helping struggling kids and needs money for development and advertising. Possible TV series later on!


About this project

Adventures of Camo & Larry is geared towards helping kids going through rough times. The project will be a book series that has many different motivational adventures that the two main characters go on. The project will highlight on the problems people have in life and give motivation on solving them. It will let kids and even adults that need a pick me up know that when you’re strong and able anything is possible. I was that kid going through rough times at a young age struggling with anxiety and depression. I wish when I was that young their had been a series around like Adventures Of Camo & Larry to help motivate me to know that things would get better. The stories told in the series are perfect for everyone of any age. When there being portrayed as cute animals it makes it even more appealing and easier for kids to understand. I hope that you will help me on my adventure in making Adventures of Camo & Larry the new go to story book series for parents to read to their kids, and help me change the world. When a TV series happens someday you will be able to say that you helped with that and when you see the reviews and see kids smile you’ll sleep well at night knowing you indeed helped change the world to. Thank you!

Contact Me @ leviwalterbusiness@gmail.com

Risks and challenges

My first project was Camo The Pup a book geared towards helping struggling kids. The book was at first not going to be published but with my persuasion I was able to get the contacts I needed to make it happen. After being published however I had no money for advertising and i na crowded market that is everything. I didn’t give up though as Im now embarking on the adventure of a series. To avoid not having money for advertising and to develop it Im seeking this crowd funding and Im asking others to join in my vision. To me being qualified to overcome problems is being the person to not give up fighting them. Ive fought my battles and still do and will fight no matter what to make sure this series gets out there and helps struggling people. I could face problems that are small but even if I did I would never let that stop me from getting this series out and making sure everyone that helped with funding is gifted. I would solve them through reevaluation and extensive thought and analysis. I want to change lives and together we will.


Contact Information:

Levi Walter

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