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Aug 11, 2016 7:18 AM ET

Archived: Stimulus Technologies (Stimulus) is a seasoned and proven technology service provider, specializing in technology services to businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

Stimulus Technologies Logo

Stimulus Technologies

Henderson, NV 890142045, US

Stimulus Technologies (Stimulus) is a seasoned and proven technology service provider, specializing in technology services to businesses. In 2011, Stimulus began deploying a captive Metro Ethernet network in the Las Vegas Metro area using proven wireless Internet microwave / millimeter technology.


With that deployment, the company occupies a unique position in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) as the superior technology services provider of services essential to the daily operation of business customers:
• High speed Internet connections,
• VoIP phone services
• Managed IT services

Stimulus’ specialty is highly responsive, state of the art, delivery of both the technology and on-call technology expertise that assures those business customers are able to operate with Internet, data and phone services:
• at lower price points
• at peak efficiencies
• with maximum flexibility
• without disruption
• with easy set-up

In addition, Stimulus’ ability to offer wireless Internet data, phone and IT management as a comprehensive solution package allows them to price, remotely service, control and distribute these services in a differentiated fashion that includes powerful competitive advantages.

Stimulus’ wireless Internet service delivers all the benefits of buried fiber cable and more and effectively leapfrogs the huge infrastructure construction costs of installing tangible fiber optic and copper cables. Combined with Stimulus’ lean, flexible, expert positioning, this allows Stimulus to take business away from the predominant cable providers of the same services. Wireless microwave / millimeter technology is a proven means of utilizing microwave towers and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) bandwidth assigned for data services. It is a technology that has been deployed successfully in various metro areas worldwide.

Products / Services

High Speed Internet

Stimulus Technologies provides High Speed Internet service for Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. With 18 years of experience in the technology industry, we have become a leader provider for small to medium size businesses around the Las Vegas valley. We strive to offer your company excellent customer service, on schedule installations, fast delivery, easy upgrades, affordable options and quality service guaranteed.


Stimulus Technologies VoIP phone systems and service has reinvented the way your business communicates. We use High Speed Internet connection accompanied by leading edge technologies including Linux, Asterisk, and Fiber Optic Networks to offer quality phone service for your business at an affordable price. We can bundle your phone service, internet and hardware into one monthly plan, customized to meet your company needs.

Managed IT Services

Stimulus Proactive Wellness Plans are designed to help your company get rid of the everyday IT pains. All businesses experience technology issues from computers and servers breaking to unreliable backups or not knowing if your computer is getting the latest antivirus and security updates.
With our Proactive Wellness Plans you get a full service experienced and professional technology team monitoring each one of your computers and servers, installing security and antivirus updates, processing your daily data backups and advising you when your computer has hardware or software issues.



President Executive Officer
Nathan Whittacre

Nathan WhittacreNathan Whittacre is the Founder and CEO of Stimulus Technologies; originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988, making our city his new hometown. Before becoming our leader, Nathan, a born entrepreneur, founded his first business at age 11 when he started and ran a candy store for two years from his home. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, Nathan founded Stimulus Technologies in 1995 with a goal to provide high technology solutions for his customers. His passion for innovation, analyzing hard issues, creating solutions and fixing problems has created a portfolio with a wide variety of Information Technology skills. When Nathan is not helping his customers or narrating stories of his missionary work in Peru, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, camping, running, biking, volunteering at church and flying his airplane.

Director Technology/Technologist
Brian Alwood

Brian AlwoodBrian Alwood is Stimulus Technologies’ Director of Technical Operations. He joined the Stimulus Technologies team three years ago bringing over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, management and customer service field. Brian attended UNLV for Computer Science and worked for Dell as a trainer for five years. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Brian enjoys taking into new complex projects, completing tickets and forming long term relationships with our customers. When he is not at work Brian likes spending time with his family, camping, hiking and biking.

Director Business Development
Carolina Davila

Carolina DavilaCarolina Davila joined the Stimulus Technologies team in early 2012 as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Her experience working with different industries allows her to understand and meet our customers’ targeted needs. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Carolina is bilingual in English and Spanish, she studied at El Britanico Academy in Lima. She moved to the United States in 2005 and relocated to Las Vegas in 2009. With over five years of experience in the marketing, technology, and management fields, Carolina enjoys working closely with customers, creating marketing campaigns and learning new technologies. When she is not writing, creating websites or speaking to our customers, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, cooking, and traveling to her native Peru when she gets a chance.

Director Accounting
Kauana Jackson

Kauana JacksonKauana Jackson is Stimulus Technologies’ Accounting Manager. She joined our team in November 2011, bringing over 15 years of management and financial experience with a bachelor’s in financial planning and counseling from Brigham Young University. Kauana’s knowledge and experience working with telecommunication companies allows her to offer exceptional customer service and understand our customers’ needs. Originally from Kailua, Hawaii, Kauana moved to Las Vegas in 1997. She received a master’s of business administration from University of Nevada Las Vegas. Kauana also spent time doing missionary work in Peru and loves Peruvian cuisine. When Kauana is not working with our customers or keeping us organized, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, playing tennis, cycling, sewing and reading.


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2 years, 6 months12Wireless Communications Services


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Contact Information:

Nathan Whittacre

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