With PreVisionX, anyone with access to the web and a smartphone can buy, sell, deliver, and take full advantage of a mobile service with the same ease as sending a text message - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 11, 2016 8:30 AM ET

With PreVisionX, anyone with access to the web and a smartphone can buy, sell, deliver, and take full advantage of a mobile service with the same ease as sending a text message

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016


Providing on-demand services with the tech foundation they need




Welcome to the on-demand economy: we know what we want, and we want it now.

On-demand apps like Uber and GrubHub have brought an incredible selection of services right to consumers’ fingertips; however, even more remain unrealized due to financial and business obstacles.  At PreVisionX, we’re moving the on-demand economy forward with our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology platform that any mobile service provider can use at the core of their business.  No matter if you run a major corporation, or a small meal delivery service – our technology can make you a part of the on-demand revolution.

Our prototype is ready and the need for our product is proven, so it’s time to realize your vision with PreVisionX!


What an incredible time it is to be a consumer!  As smartphones continue to be adopted at breakneck pace, the capability that they have to make our lives easier is improving by the day.  The on-demand economy is the force behind this revolution – supported by the cloud and mobile app technologies that make it possible.  With pioneers like Uber, GrubHub and Airbnb showing how valuable on-demand services can be, many entrepreneurs are now gearing up with innovations of their own and need the technology to make it happen.  But, despite the services’ lucrative potentials, the on-demand economy isn’t catching on at expected rates. Cash-stripped on-demand startups and established small businesses are forced to spend big on technology to effectively bring their services to market – something that prevents them from entering this new economy.

PreVisionX’s Mobility as a Service platform solves this problem.  It goes a step beyond existing online technology trends like SaaS, BYOD (bring-your-own-device), and geolocation services by enabling the rapid creation and operation of any new on-demand mobile service without software development.

With PreVisionX’s on-demand technology proven and in place, competition in the maturing marketplace will instead be based on business model, branding, and customer and worker acquisition, not on the ability to fund and build technology.  We create an outstanding opportunity to empower service providers with a networked technology platform – giving them the freedom to focus on their business not on technology development.


Want to have on-demand capabilities, but are unable to offer them yet?  We’re a network Mobility as a Service platform that can be easily accessed by any service provider, their agents and their customers.  The technology we provide works in any mobile market – from roadside repair to truck brokerage, via home care.  We’re here to reduce the cost of transacting on-demand business and to improve on-demand service quality for everyone – enabling consumers to find the best possible mobile service provider (for the best price) while bringing service providers more customers (and getting them paid quicker).

Like Amazon and eBay providing online facilities for anyone selling goods, we empower mobile service providers with a networked technology platform – giving them the freedom to focus on their business and not on technology development.

PreVisionX provides free access to its platform and does not charge the typical 20% to 30% of a job’s cost for introducing the consumer to the service provider – so the consumer pays less and and the service provider earns more.

With PreVisionX, anyone with access to the web and a smartphone can buy, sell, deliver, and take full advantage of a mobile service with the same ease as sending a text message.  As standard ERP solutions have replaced bespoke custom applications, our technology will become a standard mobile solution in all markets. Examples include:


At PreVisionX, we aren’t just another on-demand company or an app developer looking to capitalize on the on-demand opportunity.  Instead, we enable inspired individuals and companies to bring their innovations to fruition – allowing them to provide their services without an upfront investment in technology.  All it takes is 30 seconds and a smartphone (or web browser) to get up and running on the PreVisionX Mobility as a Service for free.

Our Research and Development team has created powerful patent-pending technology that makes the MaaS platform simple and useable by any community, individual or business for any mobile service.  It supports the complete “lifecycle” of the job – providing a seamless connection between the service provider and consumer from start to finish.  Take trucking for example.  Shippers often sit on cargo loads as they struggle to find carriers to pickup and deliver.  Small carriers struggle to find good work.  Using our technology, these carriers would be made aware of ready cargo in their area, be able to select the most profitable load from a mobile device, and then deliver it and get paid by the shipper on the same day.  All the while, the shipper is able to monitor and control everything that’s happening to their loads from one place.

Not only can we support any mobile service industry, but the workflows and processes that we can support within each industry are limitless.  We cover everything from simple, stand-alone phone-based business processes to complex scenarios involving multiple external systems and third parties with an interest in what’s going on.

Here are a few more features and benefits that the use of our technology enables:


We’ve come quite a long way since first starting work on our prototype.  Though we know there’s quite a bit of work left to be done, we’re extremely confident of where we’re headed – thanks in large part to the success we’ve enjoyed so far.  Here are a few impressive accomplishments that echo this sentiment:

Our working prototype can be applied to a variety of industries.  In fact, it’s already established a proof of concept in the trucking, energy supply chain, courier operations, and food production industries.

2016 marked our first period of revenue generation – earning $80,000 from our consultancy efforts.

This year, we filed a patent for our fully featured, commercial grade workflow platform on mobile devices.  This valuable asset protects us against competitive attacks while also serving as the versatile foundation for future innovations.

Ingenia, our software development partner, is a proven low-cost solutions provider that can scale our production as needed.  We’re also in discussions with two of the world’s largest consultancies about integrating our tech into their service offerings.

For a little glimpse into the future, don’t forget to request access to this profile’s private side!


Our founding team is comprised of an international mix of proactive, forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have experience doing business together (and against each other).  Upon one Founder’s relocation to the US, the three execs finally banded together under one shared vision – to develop beautiful technology that enables multi-party collaboration for every mobile service.  The result, just a few short months later, was PreVisionX.  Let’s meet the trio tasked with leading us!

A Board placement at HP UK is just one of our leader’s many impressive career accomplishments.  Frank was also a Partner at PA Consulting and has headed up numerous tech startups, as well as being responsible for managing over 2,500 people and responsible for over $1.4 billion sales per year.  He’s our unquestioned day-to-day leader, and also steers the ship in terms of future development.

A versatile software engineering expert, Hamid recently served as Founder and R&D Director at vNext – a firm focused on mobility innovation.  He also enjoyed a stint as a Software Architect for KPMG.  He’s the guiding force behind the creation of our simple, sustainable technology.

Craig’s background and expertise lies in the logistics industry and technology. His outstanding sales abilities have previously been on display at numerous tech startups, as well as in the corporate sector with Walmart.  For PreVisionX, Craig handles the logistics and supply chain industry where he has an outstanding record of product development and solving complex supply chain issues.

Contact Information:

Frank Lee

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