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Aug 11, 2016 8:04 PM ET

Archived: Paula – The Love of People (TLP) is a natural hair product line that was developed for the love of the curly girls but with all people in mind

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United States
New Orleans, United States / Cosmetics Sales
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Paula’s story

The Love of People (TLP) is a natural hair product line that was started in 2009. At that time natural hair products were no where near being stream line. The concept of “going natural” was still very vague to so many women and men who had never truly experienced their natural hair texture. TLP was developed to meet a demand: affordable and simply made natural hair products that service most curly haired individuals. Although, the need for natural hair products is not by far a short commodity anymore, products that truly benefit the hair are still very needed. Being natural myself, it is still very difficult for me to find products that do what they say by working with my hair texture, aiding in hair growth through hydration, and help with easy manipulation. TLP is a company that really takes what the consumer says to heart and involves them throughout the process when developing or perfecting a product. We involve the consumer in a way that makes the consumer feel as though their hair needs are really being taken into consideration with certain formulations. Most people that are natural, thinking of becoming natural, or have taken the plunge, want their hair texture to be accepted and also look good while wearing their hair in its natural state. TLP has and plans on continuing to help guide these individuals throughout this journey with the help of our product line, and other future services such as consultations and salon services. By being able to help the consumer in all areas when it comes to their hair care needs is how TLP plans on helping the consumer feel more secure with the hair that she was born with. 

This loan is special because:

It supports a woman-entrepreneur who provides affordable, natural hair products in New Orleans.

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Business Description

When The Love of People was created, having products that was geared toward naturals was far fetched. You couldn’t just walk into a drug store and pick up products off the shelf; salon services were even less diversified. Even though these things have improved some, they still are not where they should be. The one thing that I have learned from customers as well as my own 8 year natural hair journey is that products and maintenance can encourage or deter someone along their natural hair transformation. Add something about self image or confidence.

TLP is currently a natural hair product line that was developed for the love of the curly girls but with all people in mind. The ability to supply natural hair products and services is TLP’s focus. It is truly a hair care line that is environmentally conscious and aims on servicing every race and sex. ….touch on how hair loss or skin disorders…..

The Love of People will be relaunching its product line at the end of 2016 with a new look and logo via an online platform and also with the help of several local salons as vendors. The success of the product line will help with the expansion of services over the next coming months to help with filling the gap that so many naturals complain of between hair product selection and services.

The ultimate goal for myself in regards to TLP is to see it expand into a natural hair hub where multiple hair services such as classes, consultations, salon services, and product selection can be met. Natural hair is no longer a fad. The cosmetic companies out there have shifted their approach to hair to cater more to the conscious curly girl in recent years. For example, between 2009 and 2011 sales of chemical straighteners decreased by 12.4% and the number of natural women in America increased by 36%. With a whooping $684 million spent on hair products and accessories in 2012, needless to say, we as women like to look good.

This natural hair hub plans to aid in this conscious trend by taking on a holistic approach to hair care. The plan is to use my products and my clinical practice as a nurse Practitioner to educate the community on how internal as well as external factors aid in the health of our hair; a licensed formerly trained cosmetologist(s) will also be apart of the team to help our customers with hair styling and maintenance. By offering the people education, knowledge, products, and services that are specific to their hair in one physical and/or virtual place will be how TLP continues to spread the LOVE!

What is the purpose of this loan?

I plan on spending these funds on finishing up my label design and for production of my product labels. I also plan on using these funds to help with website development and hosting. These things will help mainstream my product line and make it available to the masses so revenue will increase 50-85%. This loan will make it possible to allocate monies toward other parts of the business that are needed to function such as purchasing raw materials and possibly hiring one other employee that could help in production. This loan will set me on the path of mass producing products and make my product more available and easy to be found by many.

About The Love of People

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: More than 5 years

A loan of $5,000 helps me to obtain labels and start up a website.

Contact Information:


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