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Aug 11, 2016 1:20 PM ET

Archived: Omatrix – Hubezoo G-Net is the first smart global search hub network. It is quantum technology for the global economy, designed to morph the landscape of the Internet.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

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90250, United States
Information Technology Services

Hubezoo G-Net is the first smart global search hub network. It is quantum technology for the global economy, designed to morph the landscape of the Internet.

Hubezoo G-Net is the world’s first smart, global search hub network. Our advanced breakthrough technology creates a dynamic social and global impact on the future economy of the globalopolis. With the power of quantum technology, Hubezoo introduces the most advanced technology infostructure which organizes big data for government, business and society with a global interlink network, or G-Net. Hubezoo G-Net creates maximum interactivity between local – national – global interfaces through a hub network.

Hubezoo Is Quantum Technology For the Global Economy.

The Hubezoo G-Net creates a smart global technology infostructure, linking all data from the physical world and cyber world into a techno global network. Just as the global society’s structure is dependent on central banks and central governments, our hub portals are designed to organize all information in a new technology infostructure which greater serves, protects, and creates maximum local – global interlinks. Hubezoo offers:

A holographic technology infostructure for economic acceleration
1 billion gig opportunities and $1 trillion in revenue
Technology structures for governments to organize, monitor, protect and capitalise on their big data
Search hub internetwork which reconfigures and organizes all big data into niche portals via local – national – global interlink hub network platforms
Hyperspeed searches, up to 100xs faster
Quantum information processing systems for an effective technology infostructure
Software development for businesses and institutions that integrates and updates in real time into the Hubezoo
Mobile Apps for consistent and accurate big data information
Hubezoo Hardware, including physical automated machines which run on Hubezoo software for governments (AGM), shopping malls (ASM) and banks (ABM)

The smart creation of technology with quantum applications that address every social and economic factor can produce immediate global impact. A new technology foundation.


President Executive Officer
Babaji Maharaj

Babaji MaharajBabaji Maharaj, founder of the Omatrix Center, and creator of the Hubezoo, has worked as a consultant for over 30 years. He has worked as a personal advsior to state officials in America, India and Europe. He has specialized in mentoring and guiding top celebrities, producers and directors in the Hollywood circle, as well as U.S. military, State governments, global corporations and three top universities. He was the startup manager and consultant for Akal Group, which now does over $1 billion in contracts yearly in the Homeland and Cyber Security Division. He has been consultant to the largest hospital in the United States, Lovelace Medical Center, and has offered innovative programs and lectured at three major universities. He has been instrumental in impacting thousands of people and improving their quality of life, health and wealth. He currently works as founder and director of Omatrix, which offers global consultation to G-20 countries and emerging markets.

Managing Director Business Development
Brooke Hart

Brooke Hart, Director of Omatrix, is responsible for strategy, Internet business development and global marketing. She is also co – founder of Hubezoo G – Net. She is also a global consultant, strategist and marketing expert for companies.

Hart began working as an enterpreneur over 10 years ago with the launch of her Internet Marketing business, On Target. She assisted in the launch of hundreds of entrepreneurs at an international level. She extended her services to offer a complete support systems and boosters to create a distinguished brand identity while supporting this with Internet marketing. She managed the On Target team, designed to provide extensive services and support for unique entrepreneurial needs.

In 2012, Hart partnered with Omatrix in Maui, Hawaii. Within the first year, she was presented with the award of “Best Marketing Strategy” for her efforts. The dynamics led to partnering to create Hubezoo, extending the connection to research and development phases.


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Babaji Maharaj

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