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Aug 11, 2016 12:45 PM ET

Archived: HERO NEW YORK: Bold backpacks to inspire confidence, We make bright, eye-catching backpacks that carry confidence, designed to inspire your inner hero.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

HERO NEW YORK: Bold backpacks to inspire confidence.

We make bright, eye-catching backpacks that carry confidence, designed to inspire your inner hero.

About this project

Backpacks are used daily to carry necessities. But what if they could do more? What if they could carry confidence?

We make bright, eye-catching backpacks that carry confidence, designed to inspire a child’s inner hero, and an adult’s inner child. 

We have two sizes. Our small is designed for elementary school. Our large is designed for middle/high school, and young-at-heart adults! 

The large backpack is 16″ height x 12″ width x 6″ depth. It has a laptop sleeve pocket for a 15″ laptop, and fitted cellphone/charger cable pockets. 

The small backpack is 13″ height x 6″ width x 5″ depth. It fits an iPad, school folder, and has fitted cellphone/charger cable pockets. 

Our founder, Alissa Lentz, models the fit of our large and small backpacks on adults.
Our founder, Alissa Lentz, models the fit of our large and small backpacks on adults.

To pre-order a pencil case, small backpack, or large backpack; select your color from the options below. Then select the matching color name and item from the list of rewards on the right. 

To order, find your color name on the right!
To order, find your color name on the right!

HERO NEW YORK is designed to inspire a child’s inner hero and an adult’s inner child. 

Looks great on kids...
Looks great on kids…

We noticed fashionable parents holding backpacks for their kids. So we designed an aesthetic that both kids and adults could love! 

Looks great on adults!
Looks great on adults!

Each backpack comes with a collectible trading card of a hero from history with a unique story.

Each backpack purchase gives back to schools to support education.

Our heroes come from all walks of life, all around the world. We want to show that you can make history, no matter where you’ve come from.

Being a hero can get rough. Our backpacks are built to last with a military-grade, water-resistant 14 oz cotton canvas and ripstop nylon lining. 

For nighttime safety, we added reflective details to the front, sides and straps.  

For daytime design fluidity, reflective material is tastefully incorporated into the piping and forward zipper.

A padded top handle, padded straps and a padded back add to comfort. A back slip pocket protects small valuables.

The large backpack fits a 15″ laptop and the a small backpack fits a school folder. 

All colors and patterns are gender-neutral. We use digital printing, which creates long-lasting, vibrant colors and zero water waste.

 All of our colors and patterns are limited-edition and collectible! 

Our first-ever collection features eleven eye-catching, bright and bold colors and patterns. 

Our campaign supporters will receive the reward of their choice, from the options below. 

For $25, our pencil cases are available. For $49, our small backpacks are available. For $99, our large backpacks are available. The first 50 backpacks in our signature geometric print are 25% off! Select the “Early Bird” reward on the right. 

The color options are outlined below. To order, select a reward from the list of options on the right hand side of the Kickstarter page. 

To order more than one backpack, select “Back This Project” at the top of the page. Add together the reward levels, and pledge the total. We will message you to ask your item/color preference, or you can leave us a note. 

(For example, for two large backpacks, pledge $198 + shipping). 

Each backpack or pencil case ordered on Kickstarter will come with a specialty, Kickstater-only logo showing this is from our FIRST-EVER production run!


The collection was born out of the childhood story of our founder, Alissa Lentz. A first-generation immigrant from Russia, Alissa struggled to fit in, but when a friend drew a cartoon superhero inside Alissa’s backpack, a hero ignited in her. Now Alissa wants everyone who might think they don’t fit in to feel like a superhero. So in every HERO NEW YORK backpack, she places a collectible trading card of an hero from history to inspire and empower today’s youth.

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Special thank you to Dariana Zina Sub of City Models, LLC. All studio photos and styling by City Models founder, Dariana Zina Sub. All studio models represented by City Models. Special thank you to Kenta-Thomas Naoi for our video and graphics! Special thank you to Kenya Thomas of Story Bridges NYC productions for our Brooklyn lifestyle shoot (photo on location with brick wall). 







Risks and challenges

Risks are minimal. We spent the last year perfecting our prototypes and testing the product. All of our designs are ready to go. We’ve selected a great manufacturing partner, and are scheduled to receive our delivery from them mid-August, allowing us time to product test the production run and ship to our backers in September.

We do not anticipate this, but potential challenges that we may encounter could be delays in product testing. If these occur, we’ll tell our tribe of backers right away and use a faster shipping method (we’ll cover the increased cost) to get the backpacks out in time for the start of school!

Contact Information:

Alissa Lentz

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