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Aug 11, 2016 8:41 AM ET

Archived: Gravity Powerplants – This is an alternative fuel company involving several new ideas for power plants

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

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Gravity Powerplants

cleveland, OH 44140, US
Electricity Generation & Utilities

This is an alternative fuel company involving several new ideas for power plants. The patent info for my idea can be viewed by clicking on “patent info” under external links on the right hand side bottom of this profile. The basic idea for the company is to create alternative fuel through one of six methods and two different fuels (fusion and fission). The most original inventive step is the pre-cutting/drilling method which can be read about in paragraph 27 of the body of the patent. Any use of this method of digging, for example to build the type of power plant described in the drawings, would be prohibited without our permission, and we could therefore collect royalties from its use to create other systems and the profits those systems create. You may recall that cratering for energy was attempted in the 1950’s in the sedan experiments and abandoned because of disappointing results. Two methods were attempted, one was underground the other surface. The efficiency’s were .1% and .4% respectively. The earthquake caused by underground blasts and the ugly amount of radioactive material thrown into the air by surface blasts, ended these experiments as viable sources of energy. The method of pre cutting is entirely new and the primary selling point of this whole patent. I HAVE done the experiments and I DO KNOW THAT IT WORKS. Underground blasts caused earthquakes because the expanding “balloon” of energy if you will, had no place to escape and spread out like a wave through surrounding rock. My experiments with pre-cutting PROVES, without a doubt, that the expanding bubble of explosive energy will push that pre-cut piece of material out, with very little energy being transferred into seismic, most into weight displacement,and some into heat, and some into sound.

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Using the methods in the patent, we would sell electricity directly to the public, and/or make hydrogen fuel using electrolysis to sell to power plants. There are three methods of using fission and fusion listed. Fission, in very small amounts, could be used in the cannonball method described in the drawings of the patent. By using fission in the cannonball power plants, we would use up to 40x the amount of useful energy in the fuel then conventional nuclear power plants do. The method of pre-cutting, which my experiments with fireworks shows to be 5% efficient, and possibly higher, like 20%, could be used alone to generate energy or to build a reusable design. A thermonuclear device, making use of 97% fusion and 3% fission, would blast a pre cut monolithic piece of rock from the ground. Fusion lasers are also going to be a very important in the future. Currently, it seems, they aren’t running yet, but very close and I expect them to be the primary source of ignition some day




I m really just a self made inventor, if I could afford to, or had the time remaining, I would probably seek the assistance of a financial adviser to communicate more intelligibly. The thirty month deadline to file for national stage has PASSED for my patent on 08/07/14, but there is still the 31 month deadline and China and Canada which have a 32 month and 42 month deadline respectively. I thank anyone who regards my efforts with respect and hope that at least one person reads this who expresses the same interest in science and energy and creativity it takes to invent as I do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_energy_consumption_and_production

Trevor Borocz-Johnson


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4 years, 9 months1Other Electricity Generation & Utilities


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Trevor Borocz Johnson 4403766166 jtrevor49@yahoo.com

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