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Aug 11, 2016 2:01 PM ET

Archived: THE ANTI- FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM PLATFORM. DreamStarter allows real people to get real about real life.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2016

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New Orleans, LA 70119, US
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THE ANTI- FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM PLATFORM. DreamStarter allows real people to get real about real life.

Our mission at DreamStarter is to create an online network where people thrive, rather than fake. Connect with other users on DreamStarter around specific issues, goals and dreams and even receive expert guidance along the way.

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DreamStarter is the “anti” Facebook/Instagram social media app where instead of all the faking and “comparison” that goes on, users can connect with real people going through real life with real experts.

As an expert, coach, tastemaker or content creator, being on DreamStarter is like having your own social media app accompanying your courses/material!

– Social media feed between expert and their clients only
– $2.99/month user subscription-based, reduces trolling creating a true, healthy online community
– Allows new clients to find expert and their offerings on the DreamStarter app
– Book clients and/or sell material directly in-app
– Experts receive 15% commission on each user brought to the platform

Over $75m/year revenue stream.



President Executive Officer
Arielle Jordan

Arielle Jordan“I was tired of seeing the same ‘white picket fence/staged happy family’ posts on Facebook and Instagram and constantly feeling bad for being in my 30s, single, still renting, and basically broke. I’m still trying to figure out what I really want to do with my life and how to make that happen. There’s no social network for people like me. So I’m making one.” -Arielle Jordan, Co-Founder

Arielle has two rescued dogs that she’s crazy about (Pablo and Frankie), an obsession with sushi, and a dream of helping the world become a slightly more fulfilling place. She has a BA in Mass Communication and a minor in Art History from Louisiana State University. Arielle has over five years worth of advertising project management and creative direction experience.

Contact: arielle@thedreamstarterproject.com, 504.250.5970


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