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Aug 10, 2016 6:49 PM ET

Archived: TV Pilot: Nurry Brothers World animated sitcom by Tim Andrews – Following the modern-day tale of Blake “Nuzza” Nurry, a graphic designer who inherits a run-down, out-dated and derelict theme park – staffed by a bunch of run-down, out-dated and derelict characters

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2016

Nurry Brothers World – TV Pilot

Nurry Brothers World is an animated sitcom by Tim Andrews, following the modern-day tale of Blake “Nuzza” Nurry, a graphic designer who inherits a run-down, out-dated and derelict theme park – staffed by a bunch of run-down, out-dated and derelict characters.

Nuzza must decide whether to cash in on selling the property or restore the park to its former glory. From the politically incorrect “Gaytime Mini Steam Train”, to the Roller Coaster Simulator on VHS – Nuzza has a whole lot of restoration work ahead of him.

Hilarious, hearty, distinctly Aussie and sometimes a little “colourful”, Nurry Brothers World is set to be the answer to Australia’s lack of primetime animated entertainment that we’ve all been waiting so long for.

The duration of the program will be 22 minutes and is due for completion by mid 2017. The pilot will be used to attract interest and funds to produce further episodes. Join our Facebook community to keep up-to-date and give input into the series.

What incentives are there for pledging?

Digital Episode – Available in HD High Definition, will be sent to you after the premiere screening (date TBC)
Tickets to the premiere – Venue to be confirmed, but it will likely be a location in Western Sydney / Blue Mountains. If you’re too far away, you will also be invited to watch the premiere through an online live stream.

Custom Cartoon Drawing – I’ll draw a little cartoonised version of you, and you are free to use the digital image however you please! These will be delivered to you ASAP after you make your pledge.
Cartoon extra or Cameo – We will be in touch after the campaign to discuss your role in the cartoon.

Producer Credit – Producers are the first people credited on the show and will be credited at the beginning and end of the program.
Major Sponsor – Your company or organisation will be one of 3 sponsors of the live premiere event. Your logo will be splashed on everything, including emails, tickets and promo material.

Who is involved?

Tim Andrews – Director, Writer, Animator, Voice Actor
The mastermind behind Nurry Brothers World, Tim has been working for over 10 years in the animation industry. Tim was contracted to create the animated series, Glen At Work at the young age of 19, before working on a number of productions including Disney’s Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, Disney’s Wander Over Yonder and the feature film, Santa’s Apprentice. Tim has also dabbled in animation for video games and apps (see Caveman Craig) and written several animated series for children.

Josh Hawkins – Voice Actor, Writer
Josh is an entertainer best known for his popular YouTube videos, and his various television appearances (Australia’s Got Talent, Sunrise, Wipeout). Josh has written a list of his greatest achievements:
– Kicked a ball in a basketball hoop once
– Best and fairest in under 8’s soccer
– Over 50 million video views (that’s so many internet points)
– Been on Sunrise three times, two of those times I was invited
– Someone just emailed me saying I look like Michael Schumacher
– Already had a first kiss and I’m only 31


Jake Nauta – Music / Theme Song
Putting his hand up to create the Nurry Brothers World theme song, we can have full faith in Jake’s abilities as a genius musician and sound engineer. Known for his lead in the band, Playjerise, and more recently in his self-titled music, Jake has also produced music for Jhoanna Aquila (The Voice), Levi McGrath, Eden and John Newsome. Jake creates his music magic from the tranquil Queens Road Studioin the Blue Mountains, NSW.


Sonya Pascolini – Voice Actress
Sonya is a passionate performer, having undergone intense studies in dance, acting, and singing. She was a final graduate of the Bachelor of Dance course through Excelsia College, with credits from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) where she currently works. Sonya has also completed acting courses through NIDA and Wesley Institute. Sonya has been free-lancing as an actress and dancer working on live entertainment with the likes of Greg Page (original Yellow Wiggle) and Philipino-born entertainer, Brian Lorenz. As well as involving herself in musical theatre, Sonya has stepped onto the screen, landing roles in short film, commercial, and voice acting.


Carly Andrews – Voice Actress
With a beautiful iconic singing voice and a passion for performance, Carly has plenty of experience using her voice for a number of animated productions. A qualified music teacher, Carly has also completed a course in Music Theatre and once played the role of Belle in Beauty & The Beast.
As well as this, she has also acted in short films, animated series and children’s apps.


How The Funds Will Be Used

The good news is that I already have most of the gear I need. I’m using Toon Boom Harmony for the animation, as well as my trusty Wacom Cintiq Companion. Some of the budget will go towards enhancing the recording set-up.
The funds will go towards paying all the wonderful humanoids who will be involved in this crazy-fun production. This includes voice talent, music/theme song, character designs as well as the many man-hours of animation production. Some funds will also go towards the show’s premiere screening.


What happens if Nurry Bros. World receives more than the set target?


$12,500 is generally not enough to make a half-hour animated show, but it’s a bare minimum that I believe can get this over the line. The show will be fantastic – no doubt – but if the goal is exceeded, then the show will benefit immensely as I can afford more time and involve more talented people. If the goal is smashed by a country mile, then we can start talkin’ Episode 2 and beyond!


The Challenges

Animation is gruelling, yet rewarding. While 22 minutes might not seem like a long time when you watch your favourite toons on TV, the time, skill and snacks-supply it takes to CREATE that 22 minutes is immense.

The next challenge is getting the finished show out there! One episode just won’t be enough, so the future of this series is truly unknown.


Contact Information:

Tim Andrews

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