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Aug 10, 2016 8:28 PM ET

Archived: Cyanable : We came up with a simple app idea to motivate people. How? What’s better than an aesthetic looking motivational quote?

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2016

Cyanable – cyanable





We are cyanable! We believe that nothing is impossible in this wicked world. But do you have the guts & determination to succeed??
We came up with a simple idea.

Our idea was to motivate people. How? What’s better than an aesthetic looking motivational quote? Thats it. That was our eureka moment! We started an instagram account in the name of @cyanable( go check it out) and started posting quotes. We are a bunch of minimalist people. So was our quotes. It was very neat and not sophisticated at all. We didn’t expect our page to be a great one.
But to our surprise, we got 700+ followers in just 2 span of days. Isnt is great. We received messages from many people that they really like our posts.

That’s when we decided why dont we make an app? It will be a very convenient idea. But the problem is that we don’t have the financial freedom to do that. That’s our biggest constrain. We have talked with some really good developers in India. They are pumped up to do our project and will charge for minimum.

So it’s our humble request to you folks, that please support our cause and be a source of motivation for us!

Abhishek Mishra
Co-founder, cyanable.

What makes this app so unique

  • This wouldn’t be any ‘to-do tasker’ app, neither it will be any ‘quotes- only’ app. This app will be a journey. A milestone that people can achieve actually. The only competition we have on android play is ‘Fabulous: Motivate me’. But that’s so different from ours.
  • If you are curious, do send us an email at: mishraabhishek.mishra1994@gmail.com

Why we need your support

  • 700+ instagram followers in just 2 days. People responded in a positive way, some even messaged us asking for more.
Contact Information:

Abhishek Mishra - cyanable

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