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Aug 10, 2016 7:48 EST

The Clayers – We manufacture the greenest skin care to assist healing of most injuries and skin issues. 100% Organic, Chemical Free, Made in the USA … we have studies and exclusivity

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2016

The Clayers

San Diego, CA 92109, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

We manufacture the greenest skin care to assist healing of most injuries and skin issues. From bruises, cuts, abrasions, insect bites; To acne, eczema, burns,…
100% Organic, Chemical Free, Made in the USA,.. we have studies and exclusivity.

To resume what we have:
– The Clayers website is www.TheClayers.com
– Our French green clay ingredient is really pure (>80%)
– We have exclusivity from our supplier for the USA territory.
– All of our ingredients our Organic (Cosmo-Ecocert which is the international label for Organic products, so we are USDA approved)
– Our products are non toxic
– Everybody who tried our samples gave us positive feedback about it. From X-Games Athletes (PLG, Jake Brown,..) with injuries to women for skin issues and face mask.
– Studies about French Green clay and our own green clay have been done.
– We have sales distributors and rep with a network of + 3,000 stores in North America in the Tennis, golfing, spas and Action sports industry.
– We already have orders on our website from customers with NO marketing budget:
300 visits for USA in the last 15 days = 17 orders of 20 products total.
– The Clayers name and logo are trademarked and the registration is pending.
– There is labelling opportunities, co-branding,…
– Cost prices <$2
– MSRP from $24 to >$150
– Social medias already built up (@TheClayers).
– Product shelf life: doesn’t expire at all !
– The Clayers is recommended for kids, sensitive skin, and works on animals.
– More products will be developed (organic toothpaste, drinks, shampoo, soap,…)
– The Clayers is also the first French Green Clay ready-to-use paste brand !
– The product cannot be in contact with any kind of metal, steal,… but we have our manufacturing sources and exclusive tools to make up to 4,000 units an hour.
– We have samples available if needed.

We are seeking a minimum of $50,000 to launch the production and be able to sell the products to those who ordered already.
Maximum seeking: $400,000.
We are open to a negotiation about equity, royalties,…


Products / Services


Only composed with our high quality French Green Clay and Alkaline Water.

This product assists healing of:
– Wounds (Cuts, bruises, inflammations, sprains, cramps, abrasions, psoriasis, burns,..)
– Skin issues (Acne, eczema, insect bites, sunburns,..)*, and can also be used as a facial mask.

– Organic French Green Clay composed of Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite.
– Alkaline Water

7 FL OZ – 207 ML



Chief Executive Officer
Thibault Parise

A professional skateboarder (www.tibsparise.com) from France living in California for over 3 years.
Not only an professional Athlete, Thibault is a young entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing.

After 2 years in North America, he struggled finding the product he used to have for healing his injuries. So he decided to study why the french green clay in ready-to use paste was not in the USA.
Working on the idea, 6 months past and he finally started the company with a partner. Together, they agreed to provide only the best products for the brand.
The proof of this high quality products is the studies we have behind, and the feedback from people with skin issues and athletes with injuries.
From all of the people who got samples, only positive feedback. Everybody noticed the difference after the first application.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Thibault Parise

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