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Aug 10, 2016 2:03 PM ET

Archived: Cerealus Holdings LLC: A product development company focused on biomaterials.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2016

Cerealus Holdings LLC Logo

Cerealus Holdings LLC

Waterville, ME 04901, US

Cerealus is a product development company focused on biomaterials. We are seeking a total of $250,000 with the instrument being convertible debt. 5 yr maturity, guaranteed by the State of Maine 12% return for 5 years.

Cerealus has three patents issued. Cerealus focus of development has been centered on cellulose as a substrate and as a raw material for new product development. We are currently pursuing a go-to-market strategy over the next 12 months. The funding we are seeking will be used to enhance a network of market representation, tools and equipment for carrying out this market introduction, and continued product development at the University of Maine.

The market for biomaterials is growing at a tremendous pace as efforts to reduce fossil fuels, and fossil based materials is being driven by large and small companies alike. The platform chemistry is evolving from sugar to replace many of the current chemical raw materials and intermediates. In fact, the US Department of energy has submitted a list of 12 important chemicals that should be derived from biobased materials. This space is an exciting sector to be, as developments are occurring at an exponential rate. Cerealus has an early entry into this space with its work with cellulose, corn starch, corn protein, and nano-cellullose. Cerealus envisions a range of products based upon these raw materials beginning with our current offerings.

Products / Services

Ceregel – Cerenano

Encapsulating agent for filler modification in paper making. This patented (China, Korea, pending in the US, EU, and Brazil) technology is used in paper making to reduce costs by improving the strength of the base paper. The added strength is then leveraged to utilize less expensive raw materials or reduce the weight of the product.
The use of Ceregel along with nano-cellulose is expected to be an integral part of our growing business in the packaging sector. It is projected that by 2025 all packaging will be bio-based rather than petroleum based. We are working with several clients developing the technology and would expect sales to begin in 2017.



Managing Director Executive Officer
Anthony Jabar, Jr

Tony Jabar founded Cerealus in 2004 and has over 20 years experience in specialty chemicals, biotech, agrochemical and life sciences.
Tony started his career with Monsanto in St. Louis, MO. He has also worked for National Starch and Henkel. From 1998 until 2003, Tony was Director of Development at Global Protein Products, an early stage biopolymer company located in Maine, where he developed a biodegradable substance to preserve vegetables.
Tony was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the USDA for his work in agricultural research in 1999, and in 2005, was awarded a patent (US 6,844,181) entitled, “Method of Increasing Crop Yield.” He currently has two additional patents for agricultural crop protection and barrier compositions. His patent for encapsulation has been awarded in Korea and China and is pending in the US, EU, Canada, and Brazil.

He is a graduate from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, as well as the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Institute.


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
12 years, 6 months 3 Specialty Chemicals


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Contact Information:

Tony Jabar

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