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Aug 10, 2016 4:56 PM ET

Archived: Capital Filtrations Inc is a small custom filtration distributor. We supply generation 2 filtration bypass filter systems and Skywater water making generators.

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Austin, TX 78753, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

Capital Filtrations Inc is a small custom filtration distributor located in Austin, TX since 2009. We supply generation 2 filtration bypass filter systems and Skywater water making generators. In addition, we provide Recycle Cleanse Wash service.





CAPITAL FILTRATIONS INC launched in mid-2009 as a Texas incorporated sub-chapter C Corporation and is currently 100% owned by Michael White. The current company headquarters is locally located at 111 Congress Ave 78701, suite 400 Austin, TX. We help supply and distribute Generation 2 filtration lubricant reduction filter technology and Skywater atmospheric water making equipment. Capital Filtrations Inc products and supplies are primarily used for Trucking, Marine, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Cement, Aerospace, Military, Utility, Turbine and Oil, Gas & Shale sectors.

CAPITAL FILTRATIONS INC is a customized suppliers company distributing custom filtration equipment for combustion engines, automatic diesel transmissions and any type of hydraulic application. We help continuously filter lubricants to less than one micron (hair particle). This helps remove liquid and gaseous contaminants, thereby maintaining the oil’s viscosity and safely and significantly extending oil drain intervals for 100000 one-hundred thousand miles or 10000
ten-thousand hours.

In addition, we supply Skywater atmospheric water generators that make drinking water from humidity in the air. The atmospheric water generators or AWG’s can extract more water vapor in varied climates than most air to water devices worldwide. However, in mid-2011 we added a water conservation wash service called RECYCLE CLEANSE WASH. This is our environmental method to provide a self-sustainable service to wash bus, car, truck and equipment.

Products / Services

Skywater Water Making Generators

Skywater products alleviate dependence from the local water supply, by harvesting enough fresh water from the air to supply a single-family home, office, and much more. The Skywater 14 home / office machine may be the most convenient kitchen appliance since the refrigerator. No more lifting heavy water bottles for your water cooler, simply plug in Skywater products and enjoy fresh, great tasting water for pennies to the liter.

Mobile Recycle Cleanse Wash Service

However, in mid-2011 we composed a water conservation wash service called
RECYCLE CLEANSE WASH. This is our environmental method to provide a self-sustainable service to power-wash or wash bus, car, truck and equipment with-out water touching the ground. Our procedure can be applied continuously and is very effective. All of the electrical tools we use are plugged into our solar- generator. This helps conserve water and electric while helping decrease or own carbon footprint as well.

Generation 2 Filtration Bypass Filter

Generation 2 bypass’ filtration has the ability to polish small volumes of oil at slow flow rates, down to 1 micron, through the precision wound multi-ply ‘axial-flow’ cellulose element. This removes ultra-fine contamination and water normally missed by standard full-flow filters. With 4 stages of filtration, Generation 2 filtration elements are designed to meet the contamination levels associated with the new generation of engines equipped with sophisticated emission control hardware, including all types of Exhaust Gas Recirculator’s (EGR’s), diesel particulate filters (DPF) and ACERT technology. With the G2F’s ability to work efficiently in these highly contaminated engines,



President Executive Officer
Michael White

I am an executive level management leader with a clear vision, integrity and iconic values that will change the filtration and purification industry forever. At the current, I help provide self-sustainable, true value products and services with rapid turnaround operations of Eco-friendly equipment sales and recycle water services.

In addition, I help with new product development, review and evaluations. I support competitive analysis, sector forecasting and help Identify growth opportunities in all sectors. I also help create and define new products and services with formula for pricing and positioning.

I work with several teams in parallel including engineering, technology, production, sales and service. I help align product release schedules and product capabilities for achieving the best ROI of the R&D budget in the correct markets. I also help assist with company data, models and field analysis for overall market opportunities and market sector share for yearly projections.


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
6 years, 9 months 2 Industrial Equipment & Components


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Michael White

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