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Aug 10, 2016 3:17 PM ET

Archived: Armando – Cromyo Farms: Our goals are to create a sustainable farm in which kids and the community can hear about agriculture, farming and eat fresh products.

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United States
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Armando’s story

My name is Armando, I was born and raised in San Lorenzo in beautiful Puerto Rico. I grew up in a rural area with lots of animals and farming for family usage. Weekends around peaceful nature inspire me in starting a business in agriculture.

For the past 4 years I worked with a great person that taught me right, my father. With him we constructed a hydroponic at home for selling to small businesses. This experience prepared me for starting my own farm and leave the hydroponic to my father.

Agriculture is a necessity in our economy, and more than ever in Puerto Rico with the current economic crisis. This is why I decided to start the farm, to contribute to the island economy, while making a living and being an example for my two kids. 

This loan is special because:

It helps a sustainable farmer expand his business and support his community.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

I have 50 acres of land rented in San Lorenzo Puerto Rico. It will become a farm for yam, sweet potato, avocado and lemons. We are going to sell the products to retailers and directly to customers, the farm will have around 5 acres dedicated to organic farming of various products with the intent of starting a community market in conjunction with other farmers.

I took the decision of starting a agriculture business due to the low agricultural production and the need to import our food. We need healthier and fresher products that does not travel thousands of miles before consumption.

My customers are the people of San Lorenzo, supermarkets, restaurants and low income families. The biggest challenge I am facing is the process of being recognized as a farmer to be able to access government programs, I need to farm at least 1 acre on land and sell its products before I get the farmer license.

Our goals are to create a sustainable farm in which kids and the community can hear about agriculture, farming and eat fresh products. For this to happen a plan is structure to five years, our first goal is to received funding for our first acres. My business will contribute to our economic recovery and to improve the health the country.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Loan will be spend in buying and installing irrigation system in four acres. Cost of the system is $2,000 per acre. The rest of the loan will be used to purchase seeds. This will increase our revenue in $30,000 with a profit of $15,000. This will be used to increase the number of workers in the farm and to continue supporting our families.

About Cromyo Farms

Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 3 years – 5 years

A loan of $9,675 helps to buy an irrigation system for 4 acres and install it.

Contact Information:


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